Dan Coats Out As Top Intelligence Chief After Series Of Public Clashes With Trump

The New York Times has reported that Trump’s Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats is expected to step down in the coming days, with Texas Congressman John Ratcliffe  an outspoken supporter of the president  as Trump’s top pick to replace him. Minutes after the NYT story hit, Trump confirmed via Twitter that he has nominated Ratcliffe to the nation’s top intelligence post overseeing America’s seventeen intel agencies.

Admin officials close to the matter said Coats spent his time as DNI clashing with Trump over issues ranging from Russian meddling and US-Moscow relations to the president’s well-known attacks on members of the intelligence community.

Coats’ own criticisms and public contradictions of Trump had at times reportedly sent the president to privately rant against the former Indiana senator and diplomat in front of White House staff, especially when during congressional testimony early this year the media gleefully seized upon Coats’ words to point out glaring policy contradictions among Trump’s cabinet.

Coats had told Congress at a sensitive and stalled point in White House-North Korea dialogue that Pyongyang was unlikely to ever “completely give up its nuclear weapons and production capabilities”  words which had angered Trump.

Texas Congressman John Ratcliffe, left, and exiting DNI Dan Coats, right.

Coats has also been deeply critical of Trump’s meetings Russian President Vladimir Putin in the past, which the Times report notes as follows:

Mr. Trump has weighed firing Mr. Coats since he took issue with the president’s assertions, after a 2018 meeting in Finland with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, challenging the intelligence community’s conclusions that Moscow interfered in the 2016 presidential race. Mr. Coats also questioned the wisdom of a potential White House meeting between the two leaders.

Some of the president’s political advisers have encouraged him to oust Mr. Coats, but he had been shielded by Vice President Mike Pence, a longtime protégé. Mr. Coats served as a senator from Indiana, and Mr. Pence was the state’s governor.

Also interesting is that during a July 2018 interview with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Coats was informed of plans for the White House to invite Putin to Washington, something which never materialized.

“Say that again?” a visibly perplexed Coats had asked NBC’s Andrea Mitchell at the time. “OK. …That is going to be special,” he said sarcastically to the laughter of the crowd. This and other instances reportedly set Trump off and assured Coats’ days as DNI were numbered.

As for Rep. Ratcliffe, now slated to replace Coats, the loyal Trump ally had publicly slammed Mueller and his politically charged investigation during last week’s testimony.

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Meanwhile, here’s the newly tapped future DNI in action last week…

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  1. I agree with TRUMP, if you are NOT LOYAL to the President, they why work for him? I can understand having your OWN VIEWS, but when he is working so hard with North Korea and others, no one needs to come out and say NOTHING WILL EVER WORK. How does Coates know, it’s worked so far. TOO MANY RINO’S IN D.C. which is hurting our President. TRUMP had Congress last year and what did they do about the Illegal crisis? NOTHING….again I say too many RINO’s. That damn PAUL RYAN did NOTHING FOR TRUMP. He was not loyal to our President. But, they do the damage.

  2. Another deep state denizen bites the dust. It’s amazing that a group of people who have been in government for untold years and have never had a diplomatic victory, but are still looked up to as experts on the subject. They tell our leaders what they should and should not do, but their suggestions have never been successful. They don’t believe we should talk to Putin, or Kim Jung Un or Xi. I guess we’re supposed to ignore them until they start sending bombs our way, then we can put together large groups of our kids and send them off to be killed. Then, if it looks like we might win, pull them out and apologize for bothering the enemy. I voted for Trump because I was tired of this losing plan, but Trump gets to DC and the “experts” say keep doing what we’ve been doing.

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