Epstein In Danger Of Being Murdered By “Powerful People” Before His Trial, Says Victims’ Lawyer

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit.news,

A lawyer for one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims fears that a “hit” has been put out on Epstein’s life that will prevent him from implicating powerful people who are complicit in the sex trafficking of girls and young women.

Spencer Kuvin doubts that Epstein’s recently sustained jail injuries were a suicide attempt, telling the Sun:

I question whether or not it was a true suicide attempt that Mr Epstein was involved in in jail or whether or not there may be some powerful people who just don’t want him to talk.”

Kuvin questioned how Epstein could have choked himself, adding, “There’s no doubt in my mind that no jail will protect you when there’s powerful people that want to reach you – wherever you are.”

Even if Epstein is kept away from the general prison population, “there are still people who can get to him, ultimately,” warned Kuvin.

Kuvin speculated whether Epstein would “survive” to make his upcoming trial, comparing the situation to the 1959 Profumo affair, where socialite Stephen Ward was put on trial for procuring young women for the British elite but killed himself before the verdict was announced.

“We know that Mr Ward, who was involved in that affair and the procurement of women for some notable people, was given bail and committed suicide while out on bail – so it’ll be interesting to see whether or not Mr Epstein attempts again to get out on bail and if he does whether he survives between now and the date of his trial,” said Kuvin.

The lawyer also noted that Eyes Wide Shut-style sex parties attended by masked men had been taking place for over 50 years.

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  1. I guess the Clinton machine will be looking for another hit man before his court date, this was news about a island in the Caribbean where a guy brought young kids for sex and that was 10 years ago.

    1. Hire a hit man? Hillary does it now, she doesn’t want to pay someone, she just undresses in front of them, and they die instantly!

  2. If Epstein dies suddenly, I hope that Hillary will finally be investigated.
    This guy has the goods on the Clintons and their hold on our country.

    1. And Supreme Court Justices, Federal Judges, Attorney’s, Ex-POTUS’s, Politicians, Hollywood self described stars, Domestic Terrorists, Chicago Anarchists, Harvard Law Review Board Members, FBI, CIA, ATF, Pro Athletes, etc…

  3. Should Epstein spill the beans on Bill Clinton, he will most likely commit suicide-Vince Foster style-two bullets to the head.

  4. He needs protection around the clock. Someone needs to find out what he knows now don’t wait for a trial. The corruption is so high in our country it’s not funny anymore. People in high places are pure evil.

  5. Maybe Epstein has a document, exposing all participants to the public and courts, for release upon his untimely death. It is possible that Epstein is one step ahead of the game regarding tell all and exposure.

  6. The Clintons just might have participated in more assisted suicides than Dr. Kevorkian, probably more than those where the deceased gave informed consent. Epstein was lucky–this time.

  7. I think his ‘accident’ was for show and sympathy. But, if he does have dirt or names, there’s no ‘protection’ for him. Our “deep state” is called that for a reason . . .
    He collected his fortunes and expensive toys through blackmail, according to some evidence; and he never really held a ‘job’. He must have something saving his ass, like a prepared doc or packet to be “released upon his untimely demise” . . . I mean, how else has he avoided Hitlery? She had to be aware of at least SOME of Bill’s “junkets” on the Lolita Express . . .

  8. Lordee, lordee, I wonder who could possibly want Epstein dead? Too many to mention but they know who they are.

  9. Epstein will be rubbed out —- Too many dems – judges and lawyers re in his records….
    More than a big baby and like them all —— a LYING POS….. Hmmmm – the INA through 96 ACT has set the president for millions of cases which activist judges and lawyers have NO INTENT to abide by and attempt to make law from the bench at every turn.. Asylees MUST BY LAW apply for asylum at contiguous democracies and countries they transit though. NO WHERE does it spell out that they can apply for most reasons and economic circumstances that they have…. Well – it was dems claiming that “No one is above the law” – NOW that it’s coming back to bite them in the a**——- THEY DON’T LIKE IT…… Is this the same cummings and wife – under investigation for charities fraud…..people and orgs donated to in order to receive FAVORS……. Mueller was set-up and used by them – but it’s his own mistake to allow himself to be used….. If the doj under barr fails to prosecute this gang of traitors then it’ll be up to Americans to do….. Thanks for copying the report and ya still fail like the hit-team put together by weissman…..mueller didn’t write the report – weissman and the hit-team did…. . Hmmmm – How come I share the same feelings as a lot of those people at the rally…… Could it be that the dems have VIOLATED their oath of office…. FAILED to represent the people of their districts….. CRY – racism at every turn…. VIOLATE every law on the books…. PLANNED and Implemented a COUP against a duly elected president….. SUPPORT attacks on LEO’s – CBP and BP officers

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