Joe Scarborough Slams Dems For Attacking Obama’s Policies More Than Trump’s

MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ complained in a tweet last night that the Democratic contenders onstage last night for Pt. 2 of the second Democratic debate spent more time attacking President Barack Obama’s policies than they spent attacking President Donald Trump.

He added that this is “politically stupid and crazy.”

Though Scarborough also inadvertently admitted something important: The Democratic Party of today isn’t the same party from 2016. Instead, even candidates who once believed themselves to be part of the mainstream have embraced policies that are much further to the left, largely thanks to the influence of “the Squad” and their fellow progressives, who have been gaining influence in Washington since the mid-terms.

Scarborough is probably also referring to the fact that Biden and Harris, the two front runners who participated in Wednesday night’s debate, were lightning rods for criticism.  Bill de Blasio and others got into a huge debate with Biden over health-care reform, even prompting Biden to declare these criticisms of Obamacare “malarky”.

Biden was also attacked over the 800,000 deportations that occurred during the Obama Administration, which seemed to support the Trump Administration’s argument that Trump’s supposedly “draconian” border policies are merely a continuation of the Obama years.

While the “you’re playing into Republicans’ hands!” argument is certainly compelling to some, they should probably tell Scarborough not to say the quiet part out loud.

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  1. Well ‘Morning Joe’, There’s no question of your love for Former President Barrack Hussein Obama, but even Barrack admitted himself that he may go down in history as our WORST countries president. Democrats onced kissed where the sun seldom shined and now Democrats don’t wish to be associated with his failed policies and former vice-president Joe’s.

  2. Personally, I don’t give a sh*t what Scarborough thinks. He and the other clowns on MSNBC and CNN, for that matter, are irrelevant. If Barry truly thinks he may go down in history as the worst president as Nate suggests, all it shows is that Barry is finally right about something. He may have not gone as far left as the current crop of socialist dems have, but he still when given the chance, weakened our beloved country.

  3. The Democratic party, no matter which contender is running for the presidency, is disgraceful .. it has no real effective policies..just pie-in-the-sky promises that young voters will embrace only to learn later that they were scammed. I am angry..wake up American citizens. Can you honestly say you believe in and can live with supporting free this and free that? I would save how naive if it weren’t for such stupidity.

  4. Wow Honest Democrats for a change. Barrack Obama’s presidency was a disaster for America. Seeding refugee Muslims in the US and giving them citizenship status was traitorous. Refugee is a temporary status not permanent.
    How do you condemn Trump policies that are working for America and its people. Dufus Joe needs to find another country to live in if he dislikes this one so much.

  5. Joe Scarborough is the crazy one. His head seems to be firmly stuck up Obama’s rear end. What he doesn’t understand is that even Democrats come to the conclusion that Obama was a failure. Scarborough is a loser that has always had a problem with facing reality!

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