Maher Says 2020 Democrats 'Blowing It' , Wishes (Again) For Crippling Recession To Unseat Trump

Bill Maher thinks that 2020 Democratic candidates are ‘blowing it’ – and he’d begrudgingly accept Joe Biden as his next president. 

“All the Democrats have to do to win is to come off less crazy than Trump, and, of course, they’re blowing it. Coming across as unserious people who are going to take away all your money so migrants from Honduras can go to college for free and get a major in America sucks,” Maher said On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time.” 

“Now, do I want Biden to be president? Not really. But Biden’s the only Democrat who beats Trump in Ohio. He’s like non-dairy creamer. Nobody loves it, but in a jam, it gets the job done,” Maher added. 

Maher also slammed 2020 Democrats for heaping criticism on former President Obama – mocking the candidates for saying the ex-president who remains highly popular with Democrats “is not woke enough.” 

“The Democratic candidates went after the president hard. Unfortunately, the president was Obama. … The guy with the 97% approval rating among the Democrats, his shit is not woke enough now. Trump saw that, he called Putin. He said, I got this one,” joked Maher. 

Maher wishes for recession

During the guest segment of the show, Maher – who makes $6 million per year and has an estimated net worth of $100 million, revived his 2018 wish for an economic collapse in order to unseat President Trump. 

“I’ve been hoping for a recession – people hate me for it – but it would get rid of Trump,” said Maher – to which New York Magazine business columnist Josh Barro replied: “Recessions are really bad. People lose their jobs and homes and we shouldn’t wish for it.”

“I know. It’s worth it,” said Maher. 

Maher, of course, would hardly be affected if the economy crashed – unlike tens of millions of low and medium income Americans whose lives would be immeasurably worse his dreams come true. 

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  1. Maher ,the little brown shirt puppet for the nazi regime. Will say anything to keep his name at the top of list for nazi officer of the year. He needs kicked of for crimes against humanity and America. A traitor to the constitution. Money is all he loves. Not America.

    1. I wish Mayher would be snatched up flown by helicopter out over the most shark infested area on the ocean and dropped into the mist of them !!!

  2. “I’ve been hoping for a recession – people hate me for it – but it would get rid of Trump….I know it’s worth it.” said Maher. This is his love towards his countrymen. Most importantly, he doesn’t know that if it really happened the country would never recover, for socialism is already the greatest generator of poverty.

  3. Maher I am hoping it will be your economy and the democracts that comes crumbling down wind up broke. I don’t see what people see in the phony Maher he doesn’t deserve to be where he is. Only reason you have all this money is by the lies you tell people and your lips on the democracts but they do anything to get people like you to back them up. Your a sad little mad Maher that hides behind the walls and guards

    1. I agree with you. Maher needs to be unseated from his vile spewing position. His Trump derangement is so drastic that he really has no credibility. He only wants to hurt the American people and for what? Socialism, the systems that’s works so well that every country that has ever tried it goes bankrupt within 10 years. Even the Scandinavian countries admit that they are actually capitalist or else their system would not work.

  4. Funny how some that come from ‘not much’ and “nothing” grow up to be so forgetful, crass, and careless.
    It’s so easy for someone like this clown to break the bank for others when he’s sitting on the bank.
    He’s a good example of why people should just keep their opinions to themselves . . .
    He was a class clown when he should have been studying economics. Then he would have known that even the kings of Socialism eventually loose too. Their supply might last a little longer, and their hired support might hang around a while; but unless someone is really prepped and stocked, it all fades away without capitalism.
    “Socialism is nice until you run out of everyone else’s money”. (MThatcher)

  5. When it comes to Politically Motivated Reprobate Catholics he’sin Good company !
    As a practicing Catholic under the LATIN Rite I’am quit aware how dangerous
    they are. Example : Former ALTER boy, failed artist, butcher of Millions and renown
    SOCIALIST, Adolph Hitler. My all time favorite Joseph Vissarionovich Jughashvili, failed Monk and butcher of 50 Million of his own people, renown SOCIALIST and founder of ANTIFA that man of STEEL , A.K.A. Poppa JOE STALIN. Those are some big shoes to fill Bill, are you up to it . God HELP America/ G.B.A.

  6. I don’t even know what to say about someone who wishes ill on other people so that his political candidate can win. “It would be worth it”, he says; to whom? Not to this country nor to the economy, which will tank if a Democrat is elected. Trump has done more for the average worker than any Democrat President in history. They (Democrats) all pander to the “common people” but leave them stranded when they get elected. I don’t know how many people listen to Maher but statements like that should turn them off for good.

  7. Bill Maher, You are nuts. Do you even come close to realizing what senior citizens went through while Obama was in the WH? I have a sick husband and he left us broke, all medical went up, food and utilities also. We are just starting to come out of it. I can guarantee you you don’t want we wishing what happened to my husband to happen to you. He had a bad Hemorrhagic stroke at 51 because he has over active adrenal glands, his body kicks out all of the potassium and keeps the salt, so his BP went sky high and blew a hole. Well when you have that kind of stroke, you have PAIN from the blood touching the brain and it was damaged because of the blood touching it. PAIN meds don’t work, Big Pharma isn’t trying to find anything that will help, they don’t give a damn. So before you want a recession think about other people, instead of just yourself.

  8. People with money don’t have to worry about recessions hurting them. This man doesn’t care about anyone but himself. His hatred for Trump makes him blind to how recessions hurt people. People lose jobs.

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