Watch: NYC Subway Riders Apprehend Man Who Shoved Commuter Onto Tracks

A group of New York City subway-riding good-samaritans grouped together on Thursday to bring what the Post called a “crazed subway maniac” to justice after he allegedly stole a cell phone and then shoved a person onto the subway tracks, breaking the victim’s hip.

Video of the incident shows about six commuters calling for police and preventing the man from leaving the subway platform after the incident, which occurred at about 10 AM on the F train platform at the Broadway–Lafayette station.

The attacker was identified as 41-year-old homeless man Nathaniel Brown.

The video shows him after pushing a man onto the tracks, agitated, trying to elude riders. At one point, he rips off his shirt and then tries to trade blows with a passerby. He tries to bull-rush his way up the stairs and off the platform, but another commuter makes his way down the steps and body checks him back onto the ground. As he tries to get up, another rider sweeps his ankle and knocks him back down.

Police showed up at about 10:15 AM and apprehended Brown, who wound up injuring an officer’s wrist during the confrontation.

Brown, meanwhile, was shouting “Allahu akbar” while he was being arrested.

Brown first robbed somebody of their cell phone on a No. 6 train at Spring and Canal streets earlier in the morning. Police recovered the phone on him and tracked it down to its rightful owner. Then, at the Broadway-Lafayette station, he got into an argument with a stranger before shoving him onto the tracks, fracturing the man’s hip. Brown then spat on a 25-year-old who tried to help the first victim. The man that was shoved onto the tracks was taken to Bellevue hospital.

The Post confirmed that the 30 year old works as an illustrator for the New York Times. He was wearing a full neck brace when he was visited in the hospital on Thursday.

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