WashPost: Cities Booming Under Trump, Not Falling Apart

President Donald Trump has taken Baltimore and other Democratic-led urban areas to task for their disrepair and poverty, but a once-downtrodden city like Detroit is actually better off now than before, an expert told The Washington Post.

“Cities have turned around,” Penn Institute for Urban Research co-director Susan Wachter, a former HUD official during the Clinton administration, told the Post. “And it’s been a rather stunning reversal.”

The report comes amid President Trump’s tweets – “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess” – railing on the Baltimore district of Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., a millionaire whose home there was then recently robbed.

The Post report chronicled the rebirth of Detroit, Michigan, the site of the Democratic presidential primary debates this past week, spotlighting a pair of 30-something Ivy Leaguers who have bought into a city “in a death spiral” in 2015.

“We bought our first house here when Detroit was still in bankruptcy,” Andrew Colom –whose Century Partners has bought homes for as little as $500, flipping them for resale – told the Post. “People thought we were crazy. They said ‘Detroit is never coming back.'”

Detroit’s revitalization has echoed the nation’s economy after the city declared bankruptcy in 2013, during the last term of former President Barack Obama.

“This city was at a dead stop,” Michael Isabella, a local shop owner, told the Post. “Now everything’s happening. Guys in hard hats. Scaffolding everywhere. It’s like what you see in Manhattan.”

Mortgage and real estate billionaire Dan Gilbert’s investment in Detroit has been largely praised. He is the franchise owner of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

“You can’t give him enough credit,” downtown Detroit bar owner Patrick Springstead told the Post. “What changed Detroit? He changed it.”

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  1. Coming back? Yup, so is my youth, the only way fix the democratic controlled cities and bring them back is with jobs and incentives to attract businesses which is not crime, and urban blight scenery. A conservative plan that is responsible for spending and showing results.

    1. Yes! Detroit is coming back!! Not because of any Democrats. Trump is the one who brought back the jobs!!! Yes Manufacturing jobs and all the money that the employees spend in the stores and then it turned the local economy around. Trump is the one who took Detroit under his wing and told his friends about his efforts too!!! Trump is Detroit’s hero. A Republican President !!!

  2. WaPo is no friend of Trump’s, so if they claim that Trump is helping the Democrats downtrodden messes in cities across the fruited plain, you can almost bank on it. Normally, a media outlet like WaPo would take a Trump success and spin it to show him ruining those cities, rather than helping them. I just hope the people who live in these cities are smart enough to recognize their lives are improving and vote to continue the improvement. It isn’t a given, because the Democrat voter base is very low information voters and usually can’t fine their asses with both hands.

  3. Be careful of the dirty wine the liberals are serving up. Propping up Cummings by lying about Baltimore doesn’t work fake news media, so shut up with this BS>

  4. If the media would give credit to Trump that he deserves the economy and down trodden cities would be so much better faster

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