CNN Anchor Urges GOP to Ruin Trump Nominee’s Nomination

President Trump recently nominated Representative John Ratcliffe to be the next Director of National Intelligence.

Now, a CNN anchor is urging Republicans to stop the nomination.

According to Town Hall:

Like many of his colleagues, CNN’s John King had a hard time hiding his bias against the White House on Monday. Trump wants Texas Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe to succeed his outgoing Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, but critics are concerned by the nominee’s lack of experience and his behavior at last week’s Robert Mueller hearings. During those interrogations, Ratcliffe confronted Mueller about his final Russia report for leaving open ended the idea that Trump had obstructed justice. To Democrats and some in the media, that suggested Ratcliffe is a little too cozy with the White House and a little too in line with Trump’s agenda.

“Which DOJ policy or principle sets forth a legal standard that an investigated person is not exonerated if their innocence from criminal conduct is not conclusively determined?” Ratcliffe demanded of the witness.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza was suspicious of the timing of Trump’s nomination, and shared the following take:

Trump isn’t wrong that the ability to perform when the lights go up is of real value for anyone in such a prominent political position. The problem — as has been demonstrated by his unprecedented Cabinet turnover — is that he appears to put stock primarily in the performative aspects of the job, rather than balancing experience, readiness, temperament and the ability to actually do the job. Judging from Trump’s picks as his first term has worn on, he prizes performance and personal loyalty above all else — including qualifications.

Ratcliffe’s problem isn’t that he is too ideological for CNN, the problem is he has the wrong ideology.

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  1. The nations BLTTS have to get their shit in our before they go out and make the reports of the day look like old dirty laundry on their front office doors!

  2. My understanding is that the “legacy media” will do anything to strip any GOP president of any conservative that is to be appointed, unless that appointee is a known closet liberal and/or closet DeepStater — then THAT person will get some token objections (to perpetuate the DC political ruse over the public about party rivalries), but WILL BE APPROVED…!!

    However, this disclosure encourages me because it exposes previously hidden political manipulations that used to exist outside of public view and knowledge. The hypocracy of alleged journalistic neutrality and balance within the “legacy media” has finally been revealed to be a carefully cultivated scam of public gullability., pursued for the benefit and agenda of one specific political party. That dynamic came into reality during and since the days of the Dynasty of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

  3. CNN’s Chris Cillizza values ‘experience’, ‘readiness’, ‘temperament’ and the ‘ability to actually do the job’ = really means; “Been in office too long”, “RINO”, “Willing to cow to Libertards”, “Able to occupy a position without accomplishing a damn thing” . . .
    MAYBE President Trump’s BUSINESS acumen is a Better model. Politics-as-usual isn’t getting the job done!

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