Civil Rights Legend Charles Evers, 96, Defends Trump On ‘Racist’ Charge

As Donald Trump is under steady fire as a “racist” from Democratic presidential hopefuls, the bearer of one of the best-known names in the civil rights movement came out swinging Wednesday in defense of the President.

Former Fayette [Mississippi] Mayor Charles Evers, 96, told Newsmax on Wednesday he felt Trump “was getting a bad rap” from fellow civil rights leaders and that his economic policies “were creating jobs for people of all colors.”

“I love Donald,” he said without hesitation.

“When Trump came to Jackson [Mississippi] in 2016, he came to my office,” recalled Evers, brother of slain Mississippi civil rights leader Medgar Evers and himself the first black politician to seek elective office in the Magnolia State since Reconstruction.

Evers told us he especially liked candidate Trump’s “plain way of speaking and I liked what he had to say.  He’s a businessman, not a politician, and we agreed that if you create jobs, you are helping people of all colors.”

Asked if he ever felt Trump was a racist, Evers shot back: “No more than anybody else.  We’ve all got a little bit of racism in us.”

The Mississippian went further by defending Trump’s controversial tweet to the four U.S. House Members of color known as “The Squad” that told them to “go back” and “help fix the totally broken and infested places from which they came.”

“There’s no racial thing here,” Evers insisted, “He’s telling them to go back to their districts and fix things there.  Then come back and show us how, instead of criticizing [the Trump Administration].”

John Gizzi is chief political columnist and White House correspondent for Newsmax. For more of his reports, Go Here Now.

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  1. Here is what it is like far too often in this INSANE country…

    If you know and believe that East is the geographic opposite of West,
    you are labeled: “racist”; “sexist”; and “homophobic.”

    If you know and believe that males are the natural and normal opposite
    of females, you are labeled: “racist”; “sexist” and “homophobic.”

    If you know and believe that UP is the gravitational opposite of DOWN,
    you are labeled: “racist”; “sexist”; and “homophobic”.

  2. The dems throw alot of manure hoping some will stick. The word racist has been thrown so much that the second its spoken it falls on deaf ears. Also the word white supremacists uttered by blacks has no meaning any more.

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