Former FBI Official Raves That Trump Ordered Flags Flown At Half-Staff "To Honor Hitler"

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Weirdo counterintelligence guy seems to be feeding alt-right with conspiracy theories

In another bizarre performance on NBC news programming, former FBI Assistant Director for Counterterrorism Frank Figliuzzi claimed that President Trump may have ordered flags flown at half staff not to honor the victims of the Dayton and El Paso shootings, but rather to celebrate Adolf Hitler.

Figliuzzi explained the reasoning behind his conspiracy theory, claiming that the date the flag is to be at half staff until, August 8 (8/8), is a neo-nazi calling sign because the eighth letter of the alphabet is H, which stands for Hitler, and 8/8 means ‘Heil Hitler.’

Yes, somehow it is even a white supremacist act now to have flags flying at half-staff in honor of victims of a white supremacist murderer.

Lets skip over the fact that Figliuzzi looks downright creepy, and blinks about a million times in that clip, as if he’s attempting to hypnotize the audience into believing his crackpot nutbaggery.

Remember that Alex Jones is BANNED from all social media, while Figliuzzi is PAID to spew this droolstack on a platform owned by NBCUniversal, one of the largest companies on the globe.

And it isn’t an isolated incident. Figliuzzi vomits out this kind of bile pile every day.

Earlier in the week, Figliuzzi described Trump as a ‘radicalizer’ for white supremacists, and directly compared him to an extremist Islamic cleric inspiring Muslims to commit acts of violent Jihad.

Meanwhile, NBC chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel was literally flown to a neo-nazi festival in Germany, where he concluded that Trump is inspiring hate and the ‘inspiration to murder’ among white supremacists in Germany.

Anyone would think that these former intelligence officials now working in news are deliberately feeding real white supremacists with such theories in order to rile them up.

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      1. That whole damn bunch of socialists (communists would be a better word) crawl out from under their slimy wet rocks to tell their lies and show just how disloyal they are to the U.S. and what it stands for. Personally, I feel they’re on the payroll of that socialist (communist ex Nazi) George Soros. That SOB hates this country and it’s government so much he should leave and never come back. I’d gladly contribute a couple of buck to a one way ticket to Iran or some other ‘great vacation spot’.

      1. little dick Tonge: Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “…the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits…”. You, moron, are clear evidence of the wisdom and accuracy of his words.

    1. Rick,
      Just more nonsense from the left. However, there is an interesting book callled , The Third Reich by Jim Marrs that shed some light on what happenned following the demise of Hitler. some Nazis fled to south Ameriac and some unded up in the US. The Nazis tended to shift to the Republican party and some Communists infiltrated and tended to shift to the Democratic party. Marrs’ book is well supported but somewhat questionable.

    2. WHOA!!!!!
      Where do they find these COUNTERFEITERS?????
      Can you come up with something better!

      ANTIFA visit the South!

  1. Who the h_ _ _ _ came up with this 8/8 theory??? They must be working overtime to concoct this theory…..had to go all the way back to pre WWII to some how invent it……WOW DESPERATION DELUX…… AMERICA, VOTERS GET OUT AND VOTE FOR TRUMP!!!!!

    1. I wonder if he was one of those who saw the light and retired before he got caught with
      several other FBI agents who will be going to jail for their attempted coup of a sitting
      President. This utterance requires investigation into what he was doing before he left
      the FBI and now!

  2. That guy needs a welfare check visit from law enforcement. Take him in on a 72 hour hold for psychiatric observation. JMO

    1. What do you bet this guy still has a permit to carry? The Dems would like to take the right to carry away from the average citizen.

  3. This guy is a nuts nut where do they come up with this stuff no matter what Trump says it’s going to be now a White suprents remark and this bull about flags at half masks is really way out people if your smart get out and vote Trump

  4. oh! oh! , This guy must have escaped from the same nursing home as Robert Muller and now he thinks that anyone gives a shit about his off the wall conspiracy theory . Next he will be telling us that Trump is funding an outer galactic Martian invasion and that Trump has been seen hosting little green men at the white house for dinner .

  5. In the Orient and Asia the number 8 is a very LUCKY number. So this Idiot and the news media broadcasting company who aired this drivel actually impugned, denigrated and disrespected an important norm/tradition and belief of the Asian and Oriental cultures all over the globe. They have an approximate total population of about 2.55 Billion people which is about 30% of the world’s total population.

    Talk about stupid, disrespectful and RACIST, the Former FBI person is a CLASS A idiot and the Host who helped broadcast this Drivel should be FIRED before a world wide Class action suit is filed for RACIAL and cultural denigration and disrespect all over a projection of someone’s twisted opinion

    1. Figluzzi’s comments are mild compared to all the conspiracy theories I see constantly on right-wing sites and (in fact) in the responses to articles published in this site.

  6. Where do these people come up with this stuff? At minimum this guy needs a Psychiatric evaluation,he seems to me to be paranoid schizophrenic I worked in a Psychiatric hospital for two years and he would fit right in

      1. Yeah and he looks like some outer space alien with those black eyes. Weirdest looking guy I ever saw. he is scary looking, downright evil like the devil. he is crazy as a lunatic

  7. Sheer lunacy!!! The left is mentally ill. They work hard at changing everything Trump says or does, to make him look bad. The only way we can win is with divine intervention. Jesus purge this great nation you bestowed upon
    us, and bless us with peace and order. Conquer the hate with your everlasting love. Amen

  8. “Figliuzzi is PAID to spew this droolstack on a platform owned by NBCUniversal, one of the largest companies on the globe.”

    Globalism, a real conspiracy!

  9. Hello Frank
    Did you know ex federal employees are entitled to the best mental institutions and mind controlling
    medication? ( Or did you forget to take something this morning?
    Please forgive my humor- but allot of you are reading this 🙂 Thank You
    Not to lessen the terrible tragic killing’s in all parts of the world (10 percent) from guns in mass shootings. We must help the other 90 percent. (and .01 percent of world population)
    Red Flag laws should only apply to individuals with mental illness. (isn’t it obvious they still can buy guns)
    Government wins with less paper work- (.00001 percent of U.S. population)
    Young people – give it time believe me no one wants services rendered because you saw it on YouTube (but it is a great start and Thank You to all that have contributed well intended articles- all others go where Frank is going ). Things will get better- get off your ass.
    Learn a lesson from what Hitler did- red flag- disarming normal people then the grab of your freedom and treat you same as rest. End results – young people killed off and older people natured off- then the population.
    Conspiracy theory anyone?
    Learn a lesson from the business owners – first it is well intended – not regulated or heavily taxed- people come to celebrate, work hard and live . Then the Almighty $$ Grabbers come – and like and use every inch in the law to their advantage – they blame it on others that want instant gratification. (and this applys to both sides believe me not all Business owners are dirty)
    I was young a time ago and did not trust everything I heard until I saw it- that is called learning on the street. But much wiser now not believing that My Government is going to take care all of my freedoms. My ex-boss Marty said it You will only be told what the Government wants to tell You, ( so bitter was I towards him). Star Trekes – Assimilate or die.
    I am not going to just give up. Nor am I running for a gun shop. See something- say something. Things will get better only if you seek it and keep your eyes open. Benjamin Franklin said it best Trust no one. But respect them equally.

  10. For all those who say it’s only the leadership in the FBI that is bad, I say BS! The whole FBI is corrupt and needs to be gutted from top to bottom! The rank and file are just as bad as their leadership is!





  12. These nut cases were hired by the likes of Brennan, Clapper, Comey and Mueller, the real Traitors and Communists. There is a lot of disinformation around so things are confusing but Trump is no fan of Hitler, and for those who are because Hitler was at the core of so much power and change, they might want to read and learn. Hitler was possessed.

  13. How could this person have flown under the
    radar when he was in the FBI. Y don’t think like
    that overnight. Thank God he isn’t in the FBI
    Any longer.
    …………………….. TRUMP 2020………….. ………


  14. So he is berated because he has the flags at half mast????
    He definitely would have berated if he did NOT have the flags at half mast!!!!!

    Damned if you do and damned if you don’t!!!!!!!

  15. 8 is also the Chinese number for good fortune / wealth. So why Hitler the associated 8 which I for one have never heard of. More twisted news.

  16. The constant eye blinking gives credence of a pathological LIAR. How this mental midget got a job with the FBI is really scary when they are SUPPOSED to be the cream of the crop of law enforcement. This guy has been programmed too the extent of obsessive insanity.

  17. Look at the RED FLAGS this idiot is carrying. He needs to go see a PHYSCO to check his ass out. Call the FBI on him.

  18. Makes you wonder how this guy just happened to come up with this nonsense. Deranged minds have unrealistic fantasies and want to tie innocent acts to evil intent. Thank God this nut job is No longer in the FBI. Sounds like the FBI needs to have a sanity check for all that are in the FBI executive branch or senior leadership. Psych Exams may be warranted.

  19. Oh, I understand–the Demonrats & NBC are now propagating their theory that HITLER has been REBORN in the person of Pres TRUMP. My respond to the Demons–HEIL TRUMP!! MAGA 2020.

    Breaking news–the Demonrats are so desperate–Psychiatrists are HIDING OUT!!

  20. NBC is committed to the Demonrats and Loony-leftists-libertards. They are desparate to take back their deep-seated control of government. This clown shows they will in fact, do ANYTHING. Sad that there are people who will believe him.
    Thankfully, as the 2016 election proved, there are more conservatives than liberals.
    All conservatives should boycott the liberal media stations, like the NBC show that promoted this imbecile, and not shop or buy any advertised products seen on those stations. The only way to ‘hurt’ a liberal is in the wallet. Money is their god.
    They want us “fly-over deplorables” taxed to death to pay for all their bribed flock of welfare babies, and illegal ‘migrants’; and all those ridiculous “FREEBIES” they’ve been shouting about.

  21. OMG……What?? This crazy lying idiotic insane moron racist ex-FBI MUST JUST SHUT UP NOW!! Where did he get all this insane info that he is saying? He must be on drugs.

  22. The obvious connection to 8/8 is August 8th, but I suppose it could stand for Herbert Hoover or Helen Hayes, or who knows what other person? This statement from one of the left’s spokespersons is a strong contender for being the STUPIDEST thing they’ve ever said.

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