A Shocked World Reacts To News Of Epstein’s Impossible ‘Suicide’

Americans awoke Saturday to some truly surprising and disturbing news: Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy financier pimp of underage girls to the world’s rich and famous, had somehow managed to kill himself inside his cell at the Manhattan Correctional Center, despite being on 24/7 suicide watch following an alleged suicide attempt a few weeks back.

After the New York Post captured photos of Epstein’s body being wheeled out of the MCC, the online rumor mill immediately swung into hyperdrive, with distinguished journalists like NYT editorial board member Paul Krugman and many others questioning the official narrative of what happened.

Though, amazingly, NBC reports that Epstein wasn’t actually on suicide watch anymore when he was found dead in his own cell which sounds…suspiciously convenient. There have been other unsubstantiated reports of camera malfunctions at the prison.

Notably, his death came just days after a lawsuit document dump revealed a number of notable individuals, from late MIT professor Marvin Minsky, to New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, hedge funder Glenn Dubin, late MIT scientist modeling company founder Jean Luc-Brunel, all had been serviced by Epstein’s haram of underage girls.

Now, many are looking at Epstein’s suicide under  a veil of suspicion.

Even a former FBI agent is questioning the official narrative.

As it turns out, a cartoon shared by us a few weeks back has proved eerily prescient.

Whatever happened, as one reporter points out, MCC is covered in security cameras, so the truth of what happened should come out…at least in theory.

Joe Scarborough certainly has some thoughts, and unsurprisingly, Russians are involved.

Now, will the investigation of Epstein’s suicide at least temporarily overshadow the investigation that might have revealed the names of all of his clientele (including those that traveled with him on the Lolita Express?

Anne Coulter has some thoughts…

Earlier we noted that WSJ reporter Ted Mann questioned how the guards waited until 7:30 am to check up on Epstein, which seems surprisingly lax for a high-profile prisoner who is on suicide watch. He’s not the only one who wants to know more about thesee supposedly ‘incompetent’ guards.

And John McAfee, of all people, was one of the first to put all the pieces together.

On a side note, the first Epstein suicide parody account has already surfaced…

So, was did Epstein use his MacGuyver-like ingenuity to spare himself from what would likely have been a ‘from now on’ jail sentence and the brutality that would have come with it (pedophiles are notoriously treated very poorly in jail). Whatever happened, the FBI is reportedly investigating.

Now, for a little black humor…

Or was Epsteein ‘Vince Foster-ed’ by a collective of powerful individuals whom he and his harem had serviced and/or blackmailed over the years? Especially after he offered to give up names in exchange for leniency?

One self-proclaimed corrections officer said on Reddit that Epstein’s suicide should never have been possible.

I’m a corrections officer. This should never have been possible. During the intake process due to the nature of his crimes and being famous he should have already been on special watch. Then after the first attempt he would have been in a special cell. He would be in what we call a “pickle suit” it’s a green suit that you can’t tear or tie to anything. His blankets would be the same material. He would only get hygiene products under supervision. Only thing allowed in his cell would be a book and court papers. Then we would be monitored more closely. This is a huge failing on the jail. I want a massive investigation on how this was able to happen.

Whatever the federal government’s investigation turns up, the true story might never be known.

Now, the big question: Will prosecutors let the case die with Epstein?

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  1. I am surprised the Clintons aren’t list in the guiness book of world records for having the most suicides of friends, assistants, staffers, and supporters. Such aa amazing statistic.

  2. Wanted: Dead or Alive or Both. Elitist need to be Ass1 1 1 1 1 1 11 d for they are the scum of the earth and yet protected by even more scum!

  3. No one actually believes this suicide. And to say that the abused women can still move forward with their complaint? I bet they are scared to death to do so, too many suicides have happened.

  4. #arkancide

    Wonder how much this cost the Clinton cabal?

    Someone should check out the jail staff to see who came into an ‘inheritance’.

    Amazing how someone could commit suicide with nothing in his cell to work with, and supervision around the clock (NOT!).

    What ‘should-have-been’ is a staple of Demonrat rule . . .

  5. This is no different than Vincent Foster. I read “The Strange Death of Vincent Foster” by Christopher Ruddy. There is NO doubt in my mind that the Clinton crime machine strikes again. I read about Slick Willie’s many flights on the “Lolita Express” (private 727 jet of Epstein’s) to his little private island in the Caribbean as far back as in the mid-1990s, for sex with underage girls (Clinton is on the flight log of that plane over 20 times!) The Clintons are crooked pigs! Hillary especially is a Crooked, Cackling, Communist Pig (CCCP – hm, doesn’t that sound appropriate?).

  6. I am certain the royal family had to donate HEAVILY to the clinton foundation in order to help pay for this assignment. These things are not cheap. Plus, it took at least 2 tries that we know about.

  7. To say that the people who think this was a murder, are paranoid, is ridiculous, nobody knows more about prison and it’s inner workings than prisoners! Vegas had a line on how long it would take before Epstein was taken out! This is 2019 and the Citizens Of America the majority aren’t stupid! What is stupid is the fake news to put out a story that calls people paranoid to think this was a hit! Which means, someone, editor sits down with his employees and says, so and so called, we need to spin this story in a way that makes it being a hit, sounds like paranoid citizens!

  8. Obama sat down with Justice Scalia with a folder of proof that Scalia and other prominent, friends of Scalia’s were involved in the “I belong to a club so secret, that that’s all I can tell you about it” Obama was set to blackmail Scalia, and all of a sudden he’s found dead, at a hunting lodge in Texas owned by a friend of Obama’s! (The racist America hating, White People hating, Obama, the Chicago, hood-rat, community organizer-Communist Obama) now I’m not a neuro-surgeon, but I grew up in a city taken over by racist, America hating, descendants of slavery, and one thing is for sure, they don’t have white, hunting lodge owner friends from Texas!

  9. A Supreme Court Justice, That is approached by America’s first Kenyan Born POTUS, with a folder full of pictures of the Justice doing bad things with underage children, who tells his buddies at the hunting lodge that Obama has us, he showed me pictures of me doing bad stuff, that Justice, becomes a liability to them! Obama didn’t have him killed, his buddies took care of him! Obama wins either way, but Obama didn’t come up with that plot, he isn’t that smart! DC is full of criminals with educations, the deep state takes care of everything, regardless of Party lines, as long as it lines up with the big picture!

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