“In Greatest Political Scandal In US History” Documents Turned Over To DOJ

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Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne delivered to the Department of Justice a number of documents, including emails and text messages, in April, regarding both the origins of the Russian investigation, and an FBI operation into Hillary Clinton with which he was personally involved during the first months of 2016, according to a U.S. official who spoke SaraACarter.com.

Byrne has also confirmed the account.

Byrne claims the documents, which have not been made public and are currently under investigation by the DOJ, are allegedly communications he had with the FBI concerning both the Clinton investigation and the origins of the Russian investigation. SaraACarter.comdid not review the documents, which are now under review by law enforcement.

He approached the DOJ and met with lawyers on April 5th and 30th. The first meeting was without counsel in Washington D.C. A source directly familiar with the interviews confirmed Byrne’s account of the meetings.

DOJ officials said they could not comment on Byrne’s allegations.

“I gave to the DOJ documents concerning both the origin of the Russian probe and the probe into Hillary Clinton, both of which I was involved in, and both of which turned out to be less about law enforcement than they were about political espionage,” Byrne told SaraACarter.com Monday.

He noted that the communications will prove that the FBI also had an operation into Clinton Foundation that he was directly involved in.

“This is going to become the greatest political scandal in US history,” he said.

“If we survive it, and if Rule of Law returns to America, it will be due to one man: Bill Barr.”

Several weeks ago, FBI officials told SaraACarter.com that they declined to comment on Byrne’s allegations.

Byrne said the investigation into Clinton was one of the main reasons he came forward. This reporter first published Byrne’s story about his relationship with now convicted Russian gun right’s activist Maria Butina. She pleaded guilty in 2018 for failing to register as a foreign agent in the U.S. and is now serving out her sentence, which ends in October.

Byrne’s claims regarding the Clinton Foundation investigation are not without parallel. According to numerous officials the FBI had an ongoing investigation. Whistleblower and former government informant William Campbell was interviewed in 2018, by bureau agents from the Little Rock, Arkansa’s field office. According to Campbell, who first spoke to this reporter in 2017, he was asked by FBI agents whether donations to the Clintons charitable organization from Russia were used to influence U.S. nuclear policy during the Obama Administration. Specifically, he was asked about the sale of 20 percent of Uranium One.

As also reported in 2018, by John Solomon with The Hill, the “agents questioned him extensively about claims the Russians made to him that they had routed millions of dollars to an American lobbying firm in 2010 and 2011 with the expectation it would be used to help President Clinton’s charitable global initiative while major uranium decisions were pending before Hillary Clinton’s State Department.”

Byrne, told SaraACarter.com that the FBI was also investigating Clinton’s charitable organizations in the first half of 2016, and that he was directly involved in one of the operations being conducted by the FBI. He did not give details regarding the operation saying but said it directly dealt with Clinton and whether or not there was pay for play.

On Monday, Byrne appeared on Fox Business Network with David Asman, revealing his claims about the Clinton investigation.

“I ended up in the center of the Russian and the Clinton investigations,” said Byrne.

“I have all the answers. I have been sitting on them waiting for America to get there. Last summer I figured out… what they all are is all about political espionage. It had nothing to do with law enforcement, it was all political espionage. Here’s the bottom line. There is a deep state like a submarine lurking just beneath the waves of the periscope depth watching our shipping lanes. And a nuclear ice breaker called the USS Bill Barr has snuck up on them and is about to ram midship.”

“That’s about to happen and I think we’re about to see the biggest scandal in American history as a result. But it was all political. Everything you think you know about Russia and Clinton investigations is a lie,” Byrne told Atman.

“It’s all a cover-up. It was all political espionage.”

Connecticut attorney John Durham, who has been appointed by Justice Department investigator Attorney General William Barr is probing the FBI’s handling of the investigation into Russia probe, and according to several sources is investigating the full extent of Byrne’s claims and the documentation he provided in April.

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    1. We can only hope and pray that our real ag and crew can show just what the libtards have done to our great country. The obuma years nesrly destroyed usa.

      1. Gretchen
        I agree with you.
        The Obama Administration nearly destroyed the United States of America. He travelled the world telling each country that all their problems were caused by the United States.

    2. Every fairy tale needs a wicked witch or an ogre. You all should be thanking the Clintons for letting you use their names to represent these characters.

      1. The actual fairy tales made from whole cloth are “Guccifer’s Travels,” and “Goldilocks (Hillary ) and the Two Russian Bears.” If you read the hilarious farce that is the “intelligence community’s” (oxymoron) January 2017 report titled “Russian Interference in the 2016 United States Elections,” or if you happened to read Crowdstrike’s no less humorous report on the hacking of the DNC (which, of course, was what the former report was based upon), you would know precisely what I mean. The only fairy tale is that Trump colluded with Putin to steal the election from Clinton. That is now proven to be the mother of all conspiracy theories. Good luck, leftie, in 2020.

  1. OHHHHHHBOYYYYY Here it comes…….Finally TRUTHS about the Clinton Uranium deal with Iran ANNDD the ORIGIN of and purpose of the SPECIAL INVESTIGATION BY MULLER……let the chips fall….

  2. Have watched the Clintons since the 1990’s. Had many customers from Ark… I would asked who is Bill Clinton… And the answer was almost to the person… one of the crooked people in ARK… the only one worse was his enforcer…Hillary. Would you vote for him??? I asked… certainly they would say. Only because that is the only way to get rid of the Clintons. One supporter said they believed in all the stuff Clinton was spouting. He won. Their family went to the celebration party in Lil Rock….. where Billy hit on her 16 year old daughter. Never again would she be fooled ….

    1. An old timber faller buddy of mine from Arkansas originally told me that his friends and family wanted slick Willy out of Arkansas so they were glad he was elected president. As you saw, we all had to deal with them. Hillary should be put on a heavy chain out in a field like those dogs on the ads on TV. She cares about animals like herself but not babies.

  3. We indeed live in interesting times. Read the biblical story about King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. The reign of evil Queen Jezebel was finally terminated by a brusque and sober-minded general Jehu. That story is relevent for US today in this way:

    Think of Bill and Hillary as modern America’s equivalent to Ahab and Jezebel. Trump is the equivalent of Jehu. It is both that simple and that profound. Trump has been accused by (open and covert) Clinton allies / supporters of doing the kinds of things the Bill and Hillary have actually done for decades (aka, the Clinton “Body-Count List” and other corruption and dastardly deeds).

    Extreme “control freak” personalities are born in every people group and generation in history. They are those who become the classic tyrants that make their mark in history by doing very audacious things, often destroying thousands or millions of other lives — just to get their own way controlling other people. It’s all about Ego and serving the Self. Super-Ego types Always see themselves as more important than everyone else. Those become the Caesars, the Hitlers, the Mussolinis, the Stalins, the Castro brothers of Cuba, and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Nicholas Maduro — plus a large host of other ancient and modern despots.

    But, in regard to Bill and Hillary, they are just like Ahab and Jezebel: the Queen was/is the power mover behind the King — the arch-manipulator, who is the most craven for control, while the Kings just were the libido-needy “drones-on-a-leash” followers of the Queens’ political and sexual whims.

    (Side note: both queens in this little essay / parody furnished their husbands with veritable harems of other and nubile females to feed their husbands’ sexual needs, which the queens themselves were not able to satisfy. That’s because those queens used their femaleA attributes only for political manipulation and power gain, not for real and normal human love.)

    1. Time Stamp Note: I find it curious that the time stamps on my posts are for 4 hrs later than the time zone where I live. That makes me think this website runs through a server located in Iceland, perhaps(?): four time zones later (farther east) than US Eastern Daylight Time. Hmm!?! The UK is 5 time-zones earlier. Very Interesting…

    2. “Extreme “control freak” personalities are born in every people group and generation in history. They are those who become the classic tyrants that make their mark in history by doing very audacious things, often destroying thousands or millions of other lives — just to get their own way controlling other people. It’s all about Ego and serving the Self. Super-Ego types always see themselves as more important than everyone else. Those become the Caesars, the Hitlers, the Mussolinis, the Stalins, the Castro brothers of Cuba, and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Nicholas Maduro, the U.S.’s Trump — plus a large host of other ancient and modern despots.”

      Come on Herb…the individual attributes you’ve described above are a mirror to the Donald…his mindset and his behavior. How can you sound so insightful and have so little insight? We’re in a Trade War with China that no one can win, the deficit is out of control, our economy is on the brink of a recession and all this guy is worried about is how much he and his friends can profit from being in the office he holds. He’s running this country like he ran his businesses…into bankruptcy. This lack of insight seems to be a common characteristic among Trump supporters.

    3. Herb Branch,

      Not to mention the fact that both Bill and Hillary are bi-sexual Herb and that explains a lot of things.
      They go both ways as the saying goes.

  4. Our law Enforcement Agencies need to win back the trust of the American People! The shock of the most storied agency the FBI, having leaders who threw their integrity out the window and kissed Obama’s ring still stings and may never again have the trust and admiration it once had!
    The Vegas shooting and murder of predominantly republican concert goers leaves a bunch of questions to be answered! Why eyewitnesses who stepped up and told authorities that they saw 4 or 5 different gunmen shooting people are being found dead? That’s a big question, and why isn’t HRC in jail, after the leader of the FBI publicly stated she was guilty? Was he threatened?

      1. If he is one Bill at least he isn’t completely brain dead like you seem to be.
        Along with the corrupt fake news media MSNBC & CNC!
        Both Bill & Hillary are bi-sexual and that explains why they have done what they have done.
        Mainly, evil deeds.

        1. Any proof of that Mark? Or are you just another one of those “Well, many people say” kinda guys. And by the way, what exactly have Bill and Hillary done? Can you please illuminate me with your wisdom?

  5. Bloomberg, Soros, The UN, DNC, all want to confiscate our guns, what better way to get that than have corrupt leaders of ATF and FBI shoot up a bunch of people, blame one guy, the dead one! FBI rooks in, takes over investigation, sends local law home, badabing badaboom!

    1. Russian trolls are everywhere! But then when Nancy P and former POTUS travel to various countries holding elections they are intentionally INTERFERING IN THOSE ELECTIONS! According to my local Dallas, TX elections board 2020 will be the last election held in precinct specific polls! WHY? Because the Dems feel entitled to win elections by specifically denying conservative districts local control! We are holding a protest meeting in September. THIS IS INTERFEERING IN YOUR RIGHT TO A FAIR ELECTION PROCESS. You need to ask your own county elections department about this info! You may get NO answer or an outright denial. I am a PC chair so I am in the need to know or need to “deny me” loop!

  6. I sincerely hope all the allegations are true…If so…Grand Jury time is close…Then…If enough evidence…Indictments…And then…A public trial…And then…If found guilty…Time to lock ’em up!!!…I just laid in 20 pounds of popcorn, before the stores all run out…

  7. This is crazy town. Hillary Clinton did not approve the sale of Uranium to Russia.


    Get a freaking life guys. Forget FOX, CNN, MSNBC and anyone else making claims about Donald Trump. Just watch his actions, read his tweets, listen at the words rolling off his own tongue. If you can’t see and hear that this man (Trump) is completely Bat-Shit Crazy, you’re living in an alternate universe. I mean, he might as well be wearing a freaking neon sign….

    1. Thanks, William Winder, for injecting some common sense into this discussion. It is clear that Trump is a total fraud.

  8. It is way past time to put these Seditious and Treasonous officials who were part of the illegal spying and attempted Coup from the 2016 election in jail and hold them accountable for their crimes. Not holding my breath since the clinton’s and obama are walking around even though it is pretty well known all of the crimes they committed.

    1. No Mike, the only evidence that any of these people committed a crime are the claims that Trump spouts. These things have all been investigated and the only person going to jail is Trump after he’s voted out of office if he’s not impeached first.

      1. You are completely dilussional! Apparently, you didn’t even read the Mueller report or have any idea what is going on the DOJ? Is it possible you are only interested in CNN reporting and the HRC press ? Most of them live around Chappaqua………..oops!

        1. And yea, I read the Muller report cover to cover…especially the 8 verifiable instances of Obstruction of Justice committed by the Donald contained in the second half of the document. Clearly, you missed that part.

  9. This site is run through a VPN…as crazy and inciteful as some of the statements here are, I wouldn’t be surprised if the damn thing originated from a Russian Troll Farm.

  10. It’s good to hear that the promised investigations and the pursuit of justice is underway, but patience has never been a virtue I excelled at. At this point I am willing to settle for a thorough and accurate end, with each player sentenced to long jail terms or eternal sentences with the devil. Since the crimes committed started prior to Trump’s inauguration and continues through this date, there are lots of participants and I’m hoping they all get dug out and are meted the justice they deserve I’m talking now about the criminals in the House who have gotten their answer, but continue to do everything in their power to undermine Trump and his agenda. Working to undermine agendas is legitimate resistance, but this isn’t what’s happening-these criminals are diligently working at the business of elimination of the president and that is NOT acceptable.

  11. Side note: Did the Comey, Clinton cozy up occur during the Clinton term, did Comey get a comfy job with a major aircraft manufacturer, did Comey get paid several million dollars befor entering the Clinton-Obama cartel, did the Clinton, Obama, Clapper, Brennan, Lerner, Jarrett cartel operate unencumberd during the Obama administration????? Does the “Deep State exist? Is the operation a benefit to America? Can these questions be answered, as well as others, to the benefit of Americans? without regard to party affiliations?

  12. This info seems a little vague. But, probably only because it is still ‘under investigation’.
    Was Patrick Byrne part of some collusion or bedded down with someone who was?
    All these ‘document’ releases are adding up to an interesting 2020.
    The Libertards stubbornly hold on to notions of impeachment and/or imprisonment for the duly-elected President, simply because they lost power in 2016. They have concocted so much fake news and ‘reasons’ to justify their hate. It is absurd how the ‘left’ is acting. Spoiled brats on the playground; “If I can’t have what I want, I’ll just scream and make you miserable until I get my way” . . .
    From my perspective, as one of the ‘deplorable fly-over red-neck hillbilly’ people, I voted for the man BECUASE of all the despicable actions of former democratic administration. He was supposed to be ‘the savior’. Then Hitlery was supposed to continue his ‘good works’.
    My disgust for the ‘left’ developed as soon as I lost my health insurance. It has evolved into something just to the right of hate. All the disgusting things Demonrats love, do, and want to do to the rest of us and the U.S.A. makes me furious. They want a one-world government under Socialist rule. They think each one of them will end up as king or one of the elites rubbing elbows with the king. It amazes me how they can simply ignore history. “Socialism is nice until you run out of everyone else’s money” . . . (M. Thatcher).
    I hope this new AG will burn the clinton-cartel to the ground, and imprison and/or ruin all their minions.

  13. Low IQ answer. Most be a Devil-crat. Can not see the truth, only what you want to hear. DJT is no saint, but look at the last three Admins, he is trying to make up for their over spending, and how about our Congress. Get a clue Gloon-Berry…………….

    L. Griffith

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