Epstein’s “Madam” Found: Ghislaine Maxwell Living With Tech CEO In Multimillion Oceanfront Mansion

Jeffrey Epstein’s former “best friend” and alleged procurer of underage girls, Ghislaine Maxwell, has been found after three years of speculation.

The 57-year-old British heiress was discovered laying low in a $3 million “secluded oceanfront property at the end of a long private road” in New England with her boyfriend, 43-year-old tech CEO Scott Borgerson, according to the Daily Mail.

The socialite’s New England hideaway is an imposing three-story colonial property with five-bedrooms, wraparound terraces and sweeping grounds which reach to the ocean. The property is owned by tech CEO and maritime academic Dr Scott Borgerson.

Borgerson was seen by DailyMail.com in July running errands in the affluent community of Manchester-by-the-Sea, a half-hour drive from Boston.

The former Coast Guard officer, is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He was married and is believed to have two children. –Daily Mail

She’s become a real homebody, rarely ventures out” of the house in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, said the Mail‘s source, adding “She’s the antithesis of the woman who traveled extensively and partied constantly with Epstein.”

Little was known of Maxwell’s whereabouts since she was last seen publicly three years ago as a multitude of reports claimed she had been living abroad, perhaps in London.

Her former townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan was sold for $15 million in 2016, by a company with the same address as Epstein’s New York office.

The spotlight has now swung to Maxwell, and other alleged co-conspirators of Epstein, following the convicted pedophile’s apparent suicide in a Manhattan jail cell on Saturday. –Daily Mail

Maxwell has been accused by at least three women of procuring and training young girls to perform massage and sexual acts on the Epstein and his associates. Maxwell was said to have hired, supervised and fired household staff, while directing the visits of dozens of “massage therapists” to Epstein’s residence, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell and Virginia Roberts – who claims to have seen Bill Clinton on Epstein’s infamous island while she was being sex-trafficked. 

Her father was publisher Robert Maxwell – who himself faced accusations of being a Mossad double (and possibly triple) agent and a “bad character” who was “almost certainly financed by Russia,” according to the British Foreign Office. Robert Maxwell died in 1991 when he fell from his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine – however the circumstances surrounding his demise have been rife with speculation (including that it was a Mossad assassination).

Epstein and Maxwell reportedly met and began dating around 1992 shortly after her father’s death. In 1995, Epstein renamed a now-defunct Palm Beach company “Ghislaine Corp,” which was dissolved in 1998 per the Wall Street Journal. In 2003, Epstein described Maxwell as his “best friend,” who was not on his payroll – yet “seems to organize much of his life.”

Maxwell also attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding – and has been linked to other prominent people such as Prince Andrew, Donald Trump and Alan Dershowitz.

While Maxwell hasn’t been charged in any of Epstein’s crimes, speculation has swirled that she is an unnamed co-conspirator in the case against him. 

And according to Attorney General Bill Barr, “…this case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with Epstein. Any co-conspirators should not rest easy,” adding “The victims deserve justice and they will get it.”

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  1. Seems as if no one who could harm Clinton or the Democrats live very long. While suicide in the general population is going down among Clinton operatives its steady and rising. Anyone who knows anything about the left has a short life. There are certain agencies who are experts at making a hit look like suicide.

  2. They better put her in the Witness Protection Program or they’ll find a ”floater” in the Ocean near heer home. Another ”suicide”……..?

  3. Now not being a detective but thinking like a detective I might want to talk to the substitute guard that was put on duty that night! The problem is we the
    People may never hear the end of this simply because there may have been so
    many high ranking individuals involved it would be like a shockwave hitting America! Sadly our justice system has failed to date unless the new AG Barr
    can restore what should be that isn’t, that’s holding people accountable for their actions! Only Time Will Tell!

  4. Keith Raneri and his Nexium cohorts got this ball rolling. Jeff’y is in witness protection.we are not as stupid as they would like to believe we are.

    1. I’m with you…Show me the body…Where is the Funeral? Seems too ‘pat’.
      All of a sudden, NO one knows nothing?1. Asleep guard, 2.”Guard” who is NOT guard. 3.No cameras? 4. I saw the first Breaking News on the Internet…2 hours before the news stations picked it up. Report said
      ” Epstein found dead in cell from apparent cardiac arrest!”5. Hours later, “Epstein apparent Suicide…” 6. Hours later, “Epstein hung himself”
      Yeah….I have swamp-land in Arizona

  5. You all seem to be forgetting that Epstein was being held in a Federal facility. This means that responsibility for what ever happened to him rests with the people currently in charge of the Federal Government; that’s not Bill or Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is the POTUS. Bill Barr is head of the Justice Department. Chris Wray is the head of the FBI. Both Barr and Wray are Trump appointees. These are the people in charge, the people in power. These are the people responsible for whatever happened to Jeff Epstein.

    1. you must not be informed of the multitude of people that had found and were in the process of informing the public as well as authorities to the depth of corruption and murder that had been discovered . I believe there are approx. 32 so called suicides and murders related to the Clinton clan!

    2. I suppose you believe that the clintons and the obamas have no influence in the federal govt? Really? Do you honestly believe that the media is NOT pushing far left propaganda? Can you recite any time or place in history when the media was controlled by the government when it was in the peoples best interest? When the media pushes a political platform, you can bet your last dollar that the platform they are pushing, owns the media and it is NOT GOOD FOR THE PEOPLE. History has proven that over and over again.

  6. with new york being the communist shi*hole that it is ,the onius is on the local socialist in charge. the federal bureau of prisons has their own command structure, the commander is ultimately responsible ,BUT,,, the local residences ,the working ,daily sloggers that are employed there, have the entire facility at their disposal. camera glitches, door maintenance, audio equipment maintenance, all under the local employees. the chance of collusion is extremely likely. and with enough money flotating around ,,,,GUARANTEED…..

  7. The person that was in charge of the present was not appointed by Trump. So let’s look and see who appointed this these people let’s see if they are Democrats or Republicans and then make a decision on what has happened.Too many of you people want to go off half cocked and blame everything on Trump. But if there is a connection between any of these high-priced people that they could have paid for this. Then let the Atty. Gen. find out. I would like to know exactly what you Democrats are afraid of? Is there something that the people of the United States of America should know?

  8. Ya know………The pictures that I saw of Epstein, while “EMS” was “attempting” to resuscitate him, he did NOT look dead! I am in healthcare, involved in direct patient care, and I have seen my share of dead people. IMO, that “corpse” had a lot of color left in his face! I was actually shocked that a photo of a “deceased ” individual was actually made public. …………JUST SAYIN…..

  9. Only time will tell, unfortunately. We’ll simply have to wait and see.
    I guarantee this ‘madam’ actually WAS trying to keep a very low profile. I’m sure she knows what happens to Clinton associates. People don’t say “Birds of a feather” for nothing . . .
    I indulge in conspiracy theories too, and admit to allowing the notion that he really ISN’T dead. Thanks to Hollywood tech, what people “saw” may not have ‘been’ Epstein.

  10. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬!

  11. That’s right. But Bill Clinton is not in office. The orange flatulence is. If you or anyone thinks that muddying the waters by getting the drop on Clinton and coming out in front with accusations and conspiracy theories like a QANON asshole, you’ve got another thing coming. I wouldn’t doubt that Bill Clinton wet his wick with Epstein’s children as he is a sleaze. I don’t think, however, that this “what aboutism” strategy is enough to clear the orange flag dry-humper as he is as sleazy or maybe more so than Clinton. It was with Epstein that the orange fat-fuck was accused of raping a thirteen-year-old child and then threatening harm to her and her family if she brought up charges against these two impugned pedophiles.

  12. I admire President Donald Trump for all he has to put up with from the dems and their left patsies. I do not know anyone who can do such an admirable job in the presidency, and still deal with these over inflated, hateful, lying *ricks! I have no doubt that GOOD will overcome EVIL! You go, President Donald Trump. There are multitudes who are on your side who can’t wear their MAGA hats for fear of lefties harming them!

  13. I am really getting sick and tired of all this crap, be it Russia, taxes, this Epstein thing etc, etc. Barr needs to put his foot down, and clean this up! We all know the left will do anything to derail DT, so what! He has proven his ability to handle the Schumers and Peloses of the world. They have had their day! It is now our at bat, let’s let justice do its work, and put this to an end! Good show DT, keep up the good work

  14. 56 Close friends and associates of the Clintons have committed suicides, crashed their private planes, jumped from balconies, burned in house fire with bullet wound in top of their heads, heart attacks?…
    48 Clinton Body Guards Dead
    Ambassador Stevens + 3 Benghazi(What did he know about the yE\F4Clintons, and when did he know it?)
    76 Murdered in Waco Texas when Clinton was President

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