Former FBI Official: ‘Trump Supporters Are Like Terrorists’

Former FBI official turned MSNBC analyst Frank Figliuzzi, who sees Hitler in everything Trump does, stated on a live broadcast this week that Trump supporters are a lot like terrorists rallying around a figurehead.

The former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI, was discussing racism (shocker) with MSNBC host Chris Jansing, when the pair suggested that it would be a good idea for Democrats to keep accusing Trump supporters of being racist.

Jansing spewed:

“I think one of the things, Frank Figliuzzi, is that this president has always, from anyone who was around him, Anthony Scaramucci knows this as well as anybody else, demanded this blind loyalty, right? ‘I say it, it must be so. Or even if you don’t think it’s so, you don’t criticize me for it.’”

And Figliuzzi responded:

“Well, this is why it’s so important to look through the lens of radicalization when you look at this president and then apply counterradicalization techniques. Because you’re right, attacking his followers is going to be counterproductive. He demands that loyalty, and they are loyal. So if you call Trump followers racist en masse, they simply coalesce around each other and become even more defensive and protective of the leader, just as they would in, say, a terrorist organization …”

That was enough to get the attention of Fox News analyst Dan Bongino, who said “I can’t believe this guy is still allowed on the air.”

“MSNBC is willing to put complete lunatics on the air who will say absolutely anything at any time, as long as it makes Trump look bad,” he added.

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  1. Time for me to say “it” again, …….Dems will do anything to anyone anytime they have an opportunity to advance their goals and agenda!
    They accuse of us of wrongdoings to deflect from the wrongdoings “they” are are perpetrating against us! Pay no attention to jerks like this, HE is a lying phony!
    Fake News Alert!

  2. And us Trump supporters are just “OVER” all their tactics..were just sick of it..Im not even paying attention to polls or participating in them anymore…Were waiting for 2020 and our favorite president will with by such a landslide..History will be written again.
    Love my President ..Keep America Great!!

  3. And us Trump supporters are just “OVER” all their tactics..were just sick of it..Im not even paying attention to polls or participating in them anymore…Were waiting for 2020 and our favorite president will win by such a landslide..History will be written again.
    Love my President ..Keep America Great!!

  4. Let me get this straight, just because I support Donald Trump it makes me a terrorist. I guess that makes this POS a traiter, anti-american communist. I hope they round up all you traiters and hang you, put you before a firing squad, or pull out the old guillotine either way you have no place in America. TRUMP/PENCE2020

  5. The MSNBC analyst has a platform that allows him to say what he really thinks without any constraints.

    This is the level the left news and analysts have gone. There is no respect at all on their side. The majority of their analysis is emotion and not based on fact. Their should be libel law against the news agency and analyst. There has to be a limit to the damage people are allowed to inflict on others with words over and over every day. Take them to court and let’s see what a judge says all the way to the Supreme Court.

  6. Msnbc, what a joke. They go down to the bus station, pick someone up, give them a shave and a haircut, put a suit on them, then ask about something stupid, wait for an answer, then broadcast it to their many viewers, both of them, and claim it is the gospel truth. Pay the guy a bottle of ripple wine and an Arbys sandwich, and send them on their way. Great way to report the news.

  7. Almost as funny as Joy Reid the ignorant racist asshole taking about discrimination, I sit and wonder how could someone this stupid by hosting her own discussion show? The ignorant asshole could not hold a real job outside of the fantasy land msnbc which is almost as bad as CNN where lunatics interpret the actions of the President. If the democrats win in 2020 this nation will return to the Obama path to self destruction by being led by pathological liars and thieves again. Open borders will excel our total destruction in their first four years as hundreds of millions of undocumented pour a ross the border seeking welfare. Only democrats could be that ignorant. Unless, that is the original plan for Global communism under the UN and their new world order plan Obama endorsed. God save the Republic.


  9. Marxist logic = whatever is true, makes sense & is logical just deny it then reverse it then bury it under a pile of word salad aka jabberwocky.

    Antifa prides itself on creating riots where there are none & hell for towns & cities by blocking streets, harassing drivers, & hatred for police, even those who are told to stand down & let them riot & destroy shops & other property, spit on people, punch & kick people, knock people down, curse at,,swear at & call name at people just an inch from their faces & imagine people they attack are nazis to justify jistify themselves. Obviously Antifa is a mob of fascist-commies. The fly communist flags on the streets during their riots.

    It’s way too late for constitutional revival. But anything can happen. We can try. Most likely we will be reverting or resorting to the actual document most relevant to our current situation, the one that started it all & set the tone for a successful republic: DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.

    Yes there are the 3 unalienable God given rights of life liberty (includes pursuit of happiness) and property. But without the 4th God given right there is no freedom & no republic. You find that fourth right & it’s justification when you read further on down the page of the DECLARATION. This 4th unalienable right supersedes all other rights & ‘bill of rights’ as well.

    This book is not like anything you have ever read unless you are an ‘anti-federalist’:

    CATHOLIC REPUBLIC: Why America Will Perish Without Rome. TIMOTHY GORDON.

    ‘Rome’ being the Catholic intellectual tradition epitomized in St. Thomas Aquinas & used sereptitiously & incorrectly by our protestant & enlightenment founders without due acknowledgement, mainly in the DECLARATION. Also very practical:

    TIPPING POINTS: How to Topple the Left’s House of Cards. LIZ WHEELER, OAN (One America News Network). The conservative’s manual covering all aspects of the Leftist war on American culture & how to fight & win against its distortions, lies, deceit , bullying, threats, cheating, and cultural sabotage.

  10. Fig is the 88 nut. You know, flags flown half mast until August 8th are a secret Hitler code for neo-Nazi’s. My father’s initials were HH. He fought Hitler in WW2. My great grandfather, who fought at Gettysburg had the initial HHH and he enlisted as a volunteer in a company that started at 800 men and ended up with about 70 at Appomattox where he witnessed Lee’s surrender. He was a Republican who subscribed to Lincoln’s views on emancipation. So all of my contributions to the Republican party will henceforth be in 8s–88, 888 etc. so take that Fig.

  11. Frank Figliuzzi is a dumb ass motherfucker with shit for brains. This is the cocksucker that said Trumps plan to fly flags at half mast until 8/8 was equivalent to Heil Hitler. Stupid fucking idiot.

  12. I believe Mr. Fugliuzzi is reacting to the huge rallies that Mr. Trump holds. Mr. Fugliuizzi is bewildered at seeing such large crowds. So, he wants to do something to dissuade people from attending Trump’s rallies. He tries calling them Nazis. But, we’re not buying his BS. Because we know he is full of it. Now, why the hell did the FBI hire Mr. fugliuzzi in the first place ? He appears to me to be a little more than biased. Apparently he had the credentials that MSNBC prefers. But, just exactly what were those credentials. MSNBC won’t hire you unless you’re a dyed-in-the-wool crazy lefty. Apparently, MSNBC knew his leanings. Could it be that he was one of the ‘back-ground’ people Bureau that we hear little about ? Does he know Strozk ?

  13. Assistant Director of “counter-intelligence” — says a lot right there. This clown needs to look into his former agency to see what’s wrong with this country and it is NOT President Trump and his supporters. This clown is just another parrot — repeating and repeating and repeating what he heard some other leftist/libtard/demoSCUM repeating what they heard from a different repeater. His insanity makes him ideal for msnbc,cnn or I guess — the fbi.

  14. Well, we are looking into the FBI . . .
    With this nut as an example, is it any wonder they are now ‘suspect’ in one of the biggest scandals in U.S. history?
    The ‘news’ outlets and ‘pundits’ that promote these nuts will not be around forever. With the exception of CNN — who is owned and run by foreign interests who hate America, the rest are ‘governed’ by ratings, and profits from advertisers.
    I just watch FOX . . .

  15. Agents like Former FBI official Frank Figliuzzi is exactly what gave the FBI a black face and bad reputation. The Organization is no longer impartial or with integrity and not to be trusted any longer. The DOJ has the same problem with formers like Lynch, Holder, Rosenstein, etc. I, along with millions of others, no longer have faith in the FBI nor the DOJ to be impartial, to do blind justice, or be with integrity… They will never get rid of all the swamp rats completely since it so infested thanks to Mueller, Comey & Holder, Lynch injecting both with hate and politics over the years in addition to the illegal acts all performed while in office which they were appointed to….

  16. For 2 years they said trump colluded with Russia…they were proved WRONG. It was a HOAX. They knew it all along. So then they started screaming TRUMP OBSTRUCTED JUSTICE….they were wrong about that too….they have a credibility issue….so now they are screaming trump is a racist who hates immigrants….Trump is married to an immigrant… i dont think you can say he is anti immigration. Racist? I dont see it and if i did, i would acknowledge it. I, personally, do not like trump….if my daughter brought him home for dinner, i would pull her aside and ask her if she is on drugs or have lost her mind. Trump is a rude POS. No doubt he is an A$$hole. But he seems to be doing a great job running the country. So maybe the socialists should call him what he is. I mean if they want their credibility back….call him what he is, a jerk. A cad. A meany jelly beany. Rude. Uncouth. Obnoxious. ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE TRUE. But he is also a very good president.

  17. I think that while the President is trying to get the swamp drained, he might wish to temporarily shift his focus to the Hoover Building. It’s too bad that Mr. Hoover isn’t still alive today, although he’d be sickened by the low caliber of people at FBI Headquarters such as Comey, Figliuzzi & the rest of the swill that occupy the cesspool. These so called Special Agents are no where near “special” as they seem much more at home with LaCosa Nostra than they do to being members of the once greatest law enforcement agencies on the planet. The field agents on the other hand, are the ones that are providing the real, meaningful leadership to the Bureau as they strive every day to maintain honor & dignity within the organization, in spite of the lowlife crap of some of their headquarters hierarchy . Figluizzi is only the latest blight on the headquarters crowd, who are fortunately in a minority, while the good people who remain there are having to constantly do damage control in an attempt to re-gain the trust & support of the public. It’s a terrible thing that & very many of the field personnel & headquarters folks who are mostly fighting the good fight in hopes that the shame will soon be replaced & hopefully forgotten, which they’ve had to suffer under while Hillary’s Puppet Corp remains free from custody. The one consolation that we can count on is that their illegal, amoral & unethical is all that n the wheel, as they say. What goes around surely comes around!

  18. “Former” FBI now working for MSNBC who is criticizing Trump. This seems a bit fishy to me. Was he one of those turncoats in the higher ranks of the FBI trying to bring Trump down, breaking laws wile doing so? Did he decide to bail before the SHITF or was he pushed out? Now that more and more background information is coming out about the intelligence agencies the more I can see why Trump doubted their loyalty, or legality of their information. I am tending to believe he is another hate Trump scumbag like many in the FBI at this point in time. Taking a job at MSNBC should be a bit embarrassing for him. But maybe it is a good fit. I just don’t trust him.

  19. I want Frank Figliuzzi to know President Trump and us supporters of his are not terrorist. 99% of us has never met a terrorist until we meet the cheating FBI who has cover up and still is covering up for Hillary and the rest of the dirty Democrats. The FBI should be arresting her and her gang then Democrat Omar for election Fraud and lying on her tax return.


  20. What an absolute lunatic! Supporters of President Trump (like I) are true patriots! It’s the Left (Democrats and worse) who are trying to destroy our republic. This guy needs to be fired and taken off the air! It’s astounding how people can be so ignorant and clueless! From a Veteran and Retired Airline Pilot

  21. Key word he us former so obviously he no longer works there die t iij his stupidity. 2nd weren’t the Dems the ones that ran people out if resyautanuts if you support trump or were MAGA hats, wasn’t it Maxine waters that encouraged people to be violent against trump supporters. The list could go on and on but yet they keep blaming trump for violence?

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