Report: Portland Antifa Planning to Dress Up in MAGA Gear, Attack People

With clashes expected in Portland today, some are suggesting that Antifa is planning to dress up in MAGA gear and attack strangers to make Trump supporters look bad.

The Proud Boys’ “end domestic terrorism” rally is now underway in Portland, with the city’s mayor Ted Wheeler acknowledging that “violence is almost guaranteed” as the two groups face off.

According to sources in Portland,
ANTIFA is dressing as LEO and in MAGA attire.

This is very bad and I can only imagine what the media will do with footage of people in MAGA gear attacking strangers.

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— Anna Paulina (@realannapaulina) August 17, 2019

Speculation is raging that Antifa radicals are scheming some kind of false flag where they dress up as Trump supporters and stage violence in order to demonize the other side.


“According to sources in Portland, ANTIFA is dressing as LEO and in MAGA attire,” tweeted Anna Paulina. “This is very bad and I can only imagine what the media will do with footage of people in MAGA gear attacking strangers.”

Both sides are expected to be armed with weapons. Whether or not Portland police decide to stand down and let the two groups engage in violence as has happened in the past remains to be seen.

President Trump also tweeted about Antifa earlier today, remarking, “Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an “ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.” Portland is being watched very closely. Hopefully the Mayor will be able to properly do his job!”

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  1. Didn’t happen. Love the right-wing hate propaganda…. the self-named ALT-RIGHT (KKK, Nazi’s, White Supremacists, and religious extremists) GOP have a long history of violence and terror campaigns…. that are still going on. VOTE BLUE!

    1. Gary – You are a lost soul.
      Find Christ in your life, you will become a better person as the hatred subsides and LOVE takes over.

    2. you are mixing up the democrats with the republicans. You would be better of reading and watching what is going on rather than spewing your garbage only based on democratic lies.

    3. You follow an organization that was started by an admitted and unapologetic Nazi collaborator. Progressives have been seen bullying women and children.

    4. EVERY TIME: a Democrat is POTUS, My husband gets laid off. In the last 4 years, my husband had gotten 2 bonuses and 4 raises. WE ARE MIDDLE CLASS.

  2. Arrest them all and horsewhip every one until their skin falls off. If, after recovery, any jackass tries again the punishment should be life in prison with a horsewhipping every day until death do us part.

  3. Anti-Fa are domestic TERRORISTS but the BIASED and DISHONEST mainstream media won’t report it because they both have the same AGENDA…

  4. Your right Pat for Gary does have a choice to serving Jesus and this will get him to consider that, “Love is patient and kind. Love is not envious or boastful. It does not put on airs. It is not rude. It does not insist on its rights. It does not become angry. It is not resentful. It is not happy over injustice, it is only happy with truth. It will bear anything, believe anything, hope for anything, endure anything. Love will never die out.”

  5. Why aren’t these radicals already in jail, thus preventing them from pretending to be far-right individuals committing their normal antifa mayhem?

  6. Antifa is exactly what they look like: demons straight from the lowest pit of hell. This also what they sound like. Their allies are Leftists-commies of every type, & worst of all Islam. They THE HORROR itself. Of you want to find the truth about them Google has removed it from search except for CNN & MSNBC type edited favorable coverage. Good luck.

  7. Why don’t someone shoot these idiots in the legs – then their covered faces will be taken off when they go to the Emergency Room!

  8. I am sure I am not alone in my feelings involving self, personal or family safety. There are many roads legally one can take and self defense is one of them! I carry a lot of ability!

  9. What the counter REALFA demonstrators need 2 do is put on some type facial paint. It needs 2b applied @ the last minute b4 grouping, thus they will b table 2 tell who the imposters r & kick their butts & take pictures of faces 4 later exposure.

  10. Gary I will pray that God forgive you and all who have murdered 60.000.000 + innocent helpless babies. God will ask you about the hate in your heart, and why you followed the heathen left to hell. In Chicago this month more than all the mass murders will be eclipsed by black on black murders. Where is your tears and hate of this group. Antifa pack of cowards.

  11. I don’t think this report was based on any real evidence. Its just a report of speculation of a twitterer who has to post their emotions or live on-line to feel alive or noticed.
    There’s no way ANTIFA would take off their masks . . . Their mommies and daddies might see what they’re up to, and take away their credit cards . . .

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