Comedian Says Facebook Is “Coming After Him” In Wake Of #ClintonBodyCount

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Actor and comedian Terrence K. Williams says that the social media giant Facebook is coming after him in the wake of the popular hashtag Clinton Body Count. Facebook has been flagging his posts as “fake news” after his take on Jeffery Epstein’s death went viral thanks to US President Donald Trump.

In the aftermath of President Trump retweeting his post, Williams says he has been bombarded with death threats. He also accused Facebook of trying to police his opinion by telling his followers that his page and content are “fake news. Williams said it is absurd to fact check comedy.

I am a comedian. How can you fact-check a joke? I have never in my life heard about someone fact-checking a joke. What happened to free speech? Please, President Donald Trump, do something about that free speech stuff.

According to a report by RT, Williams’s profile description on Facebook describes him as an actor, comedian, and Twitter commentator. Many of Williams’ subscribers have confirmed receiving notifications that some of the man’s posts they shared were “fake news.”

“I received’ a fact check claiming the post I shared was false. It was the video of Terrance questioning the Clinton involvement on Epstein,” a commenter wrote. Yup, I shared one of your posts and also got the Fact Check: False News notification for FB as well. Didn’t know opinions could be fact-checked. Crazy,” another said.

Williams argued that Facebook’s crackdown on him is part of a broader anti-Trump and anti-conservative bias practiced by the major social media platforms. Big tech has been censoring information and Google has a list of websites that are blacklisted and will no longer show up in a search. (This website is blacklisted.)  This problem has been made vocal by many prominent Republicans, including Trump himself.

They are coming after conservatives and Trump supporters because 2020 is around the corner and they are trying to shut me down. – Terrence K. Williams

Things have gotten so bad that Williams is now fearful something could happen to him. He told his supporters that: “if anything happens to me, just know, somebody on the left did it, somebody who did not like Trump did it.”

This is not the first time Williams has been censored by Facebook either. The comedian was briefly suspended last year after he posted screenshots of threats he received.

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  1. Seriously, the left are off the chart and left unchecked of every social injustice they perpetuate upon society, the problem will grow exponentially. They have become too brazen, bold and behind it all, unhinged and crazy. Within a few years of trump being out of office is when all hell will hit the fan with our economic collapse and civil as well as global war…. Mark my words.

  2. I SO agree that the left has gotten way off the charts and something needs to be done in ALL levels of society. How glorious it would be for them to show some class and let America continue to thrive, thanks to President Trump. Just sit back, left, and watch this man in action.

  3. All of our comments are basically USELESS because the major electronic communication outlets are mostly LEFT LEANING…..and the BIG PROBLEM is with Facebook. They can block or not accept certain COMMENTS that are posted (or at least attempted to be posted). There have been time that I have posted a comment that NEVER MADE THE PAGE I POSTED IT ON… HOW DO WE GET THE WORD OUT????…….

  4. Libertards are too sensitive to take a joke. It’s not that they don’t understand the post was meant as humor, it’s that they DO. You are not allowed to laugh about their idols.
    They can do it, but we can’t.
    There’s an extremely simple way to deal with Facebook . . . turn it off. Delete your profile. It’s all run by Socialists and Communists.
    The ‘social media’ companies should be regulated just like the telephone and television companies.

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