Trump Accuses Google of Election Interference

    President Donald Trump claimed Monday that Google “manipulated” millions of voters ahead of the 2016 election in an effort to help Democrat Hillary Clinton win.

    “Wow, Report Just Out! Google manipulated from 2.6 million to 16 million votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016 Election! This was put out by a Clinton supporter, not a Trump Supporter! Google should be sued. My victory was even bigger than thought! @JudicialWatch,” Trump tweeted.

    According to The Hill, Trump was likely referring to data from researcher Robert Epstein of the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology.

    Epstein detailed some of his conclusions in an opinion piece for USA Today nearly one year ago.

    Google has dismissed Epstein’s research, telling The Washington Post in 2017 that it amounted to “nothing more than a poorly constructed conspiracy theory.”

    Trump won the election, 304 electoral votes to 227. Clinton, however, won the popular vote by roughly 3 million votes — a point Democrats and other Trump critics have continually pointed out since Trump’s victory.

    On Monday the chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission reiterated her call for Trump to stop making claims of election fraud unless he can show evidence it happened.

    “Facts matter, and people of America need to be able to believe what their leaders tell them,” Ellen Weintraub, a Democrat, said on CNN’s “New Day.”

    via newsmax


    1. Since when do Democrats believe in the facts. Fake News is their motto.
      Anything goes as long as it agreeable to their agenda.
      Just look at the Obama administration and how it hurt our country. He gave away our jobs, our military defenses, our economy and the world lost respect for our country.
      Look at the things border wall that Pelosi and Schumer adamantly fought for in those years and now they say it’s inhuman to have a wall. Look at the double standards that the Democrats cherish. Look at the discrimination that they condone against Christians, Jews, and Republicans. Look how they want to take away our free speech and second amendment rights that are in the constitution.
      What proven real facts do the Democrats honor.

    2. No need to worry about Russian involvement, we have enough left-wing Democrat supporting outlets to create enough havoc in our elections!

      1. AMEN to that! Google loves helping the Chinese gov’t., but won’t lift a finger to help the Pentagon. I say it’s time to break up these tech giants, and in fact perhaps jail time for some of their top execs.

    3. Trump may be wrong but, we know that many congressional districts have more enrolled voters than there are actual people living in the district. We also know that dead people are voting. We know that there are votes being recorded by the same individual in more than one state. We know that many states are refusing to give their voter information to the commission that Trump empowered to investigate voter fraud and it was shut down because of this.

      1. I agree with you 100%, as a former poll worker I witnessed many fishy things happening but the demonrat poll workers were good at covering up allot of it. One time someone tried to vote under my dead neighbors name, I was able to challenge that ( she was a republican ) and the person impersonating her was a demonrat.

        1. Thank you Yvonne. I have family members who said the same thing when they worked the polls in Florida. They all noted how those working for the democratic polls ‘found’ ballots, some of which were of people who had died nearly 100 years ago.

    4. Like any normal and sane person is going to listen to this Democratic-Socialist Chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission (Ellen Weintraub). She is a tool of the left. She is the new ‘Wizard of the Federal Election Commission’. She tells everyone to ‘Pay no attention to the person behind the curtain’, as she works as a tool for democrats…afterall…she is a Democratic-Socialist.

    5. Thank you Yvonne. I have family members who said the same thing when they worked the polls in Florida. They all noted how those working for the democratic polls ‘found’ ballots, some of which were of people who had died nearly 100 years ago.

    6. Rusia collusion, russia collusion ! Was nothing more than a distraction between the leftist pigs and their google, facebook, twitter, youtube, irs conspirators to commit election fraud, collusion to turn the U.S.A. over to the most vile, evil beast hillary. They all need to be investigated, let the whistle blowers have their day.

    7. the last thing the democrats want the public to know are the FACTS. Who does she think she is kidding? Trump should have her entire department investigated starting from the top.

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