Maxine Waters Asks For Money Back From Homeless Woman on Skid Row

While visiting LA’s poverty-stricken Skid Row, Congresswoman Maxine Waters made sure to ask for her $10 dollars in change back after buying a book from a homeless person.

The optics weren’t great.

“Waters visited the desolate on the corner of 5th and San Pedro in the heart of the city’s Skid Row, where she touted a $13 billion bill known as the “Ending Homelessness Act,” reports the American Mirror.

Along with Rep. Al Green and a gaggle of her staff, Waters visited a “tent protest” organized by homeless activist Stephanie Arnold Williams.

“I put all these tents here, with my own money,” Williams said. “Free sewing for the community. I do high-blood pressure readings. I give shade … and a place to sit.”

After purchasing a book from Williams and forgetting her name, Waters seemed overly concerned about getting back the $10 she was owed by the homeless person.

“And she’s so creative. She set up a really nice environment here, but she’s got all these educational books. And guess what? I bought the … Langston Hughes book, $10,” Waters said, waving around a $20 bill. “I need change.”

Well, that was awkward.


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  1. Mad MAX’s (IQ of 64) is about to go the way of DINOSAURS. Pathological derangement syndrome and spewing hate is her daily rhetoric. Perhaps jumping-in the Presidential arena with Sharpton is the REAL ticket to GALACTIC travel. I’m betting she soiled her UNDIES visiting Skid Row. Delusional sort. (OUCH)

  2. WHO did SHE KNOW to get her into congress? SHE needs to be INVESTIGATED for fraud along with her DAUGHTER that took CAMPAIGN MONEY funneled through HER MOTHER, MAXY. rubber-faced clown with ZERO class/dignity/polish.

  3. She could have bought 2 and given one away instead of expecting change. She is the most corrupt person in Washington now that Hillary and Obama are both out of office.

    1. Waters should have given Ms Williams several hundred dollars out of her pocket. Her H.R. proposal of $13 million will never trickle down to the homeless. After all, she has been their representative for over 20 years and there are more homeless constituents not less. Shame on you Congresswomen Waters!

      1. One trait if a sane person is flexibility of mind & heart. Mental-emotional ridgidity is a trait of mental illness.

        What the Left, criminals & Islam all have in common, & makes them such allies:

        Narcissism has been an epidemic on the Left from the start. If you are involved with a narcissist it will destroy you (PTSD) unless you know all the sneaky tricks & lies & how to deal wIth them, if you are forced to, as in politics.

        YouTube has –

        Narc ology unscripted,

        Michele Lee Nieves, (esp. Leaving A Narcissist: Biggest & Most Common Mistake),

        Surviving Narcissism,

        Why You Are Lonely. Stefan Molyneux,

        Alice in Wonderland & Thru The Looking Glass, Lewis Carol.

        JIHADIST PSYCHOPATH: How He Is Charming, Seducing & Devouring Us. JAMIE GLAZOV.

        TIPPING POINTS: How to Topple the Lefts House of Cards. LIZ WHEELER (news & commentary, OAN Network.)

        MAKING LOVE GREAT AGAIN: The New Road to Reviving Romance & Winning at Relationships. DEANNA LORRAINE.


        See also: Bill Warner,

    2. I think she is tied with Adam pencil neck Shifless, Jerry Nadler, Nancy, Shumer, and Al Green, just to name a few more. Wonder why we haven’t heard much out of her lately?

  4. this old bat-crap crazy fool needs to stay on the streets PERMANENTLY. she is nothing but a crooked political idiot.

  5. Have the feeling that she will ask for change even if was 99 cents. And you think all that government budget for the homeless will be spent for the homeless or diverted to corruptions. 😆😆😆

  6. Stephanie Arnold Williams and her friends should have MOONED Maxine Walters! It should be legal for anyone to MOON Maxine!


  8. If you are still a demon-rat read this stupid, Rewrite Hillary Clinton 2005, said the average democrat voter is just plain stupid, they are so easy to manipulate, that’s the easy part, What did Hillary have to hide? why didn’t she give all her emails to the FBI? she ,and Obama colluded with Russia, and got millions from the 20% uranium deal, she’s an alcoholic, drug addict, can’t walk, can’t talk, and pedophile Billy boy had to talk for her, we voted for a non politician that is not stealing, and wasting our tax money, you wanted them to be our president, what a stupid retarded idiot you are, you have shit for brains. The democrats are murderers they had Seth Rich murdered for Hillary, and they had the water to hydrogen auto inventor murdered for the oil company’s and they have covered up cures for cancer with the criminal Vatican. The only thing that will bring us out of this depression is free energy, hydrogen from water, you can make all the hydrogen, as you drive from a tank of water, you know our space shuttles,are powered by hydrogen / oxygen made from water, and home power plants run from water. There’s a 200 mpg carburetor sitting in the patient office collecting dust, called the Porge vapor carburetor, liquid gas does not burn, only the vapor, look at the gas wast that our cars, and truck get 20, 30 ,40 mile to the gallon, boycott the auto company’s owned by the oil company’s don’t buy a new vehicle, and demand water to hydrogen kits to change all autos to water power with 2 switches to shut off the fuel pump, and fuel injectors, and fill your tank up with water, free energy

  9. God has a throne in Hell for Devil Maxine Waters…so ugly, hateful, deceitful. Shame on those who follow her.

  10. It is only proper that Ms. Maxine Waters should receive the $10.00 change. However a bit of class here would be better if she gave Ms. Williams a $10.00 tip. Decency is not in Ms. Waters vocabulary as far I have observed. Greed is prevalent though !!!

  11. Maxine Waters goes to ‘Skid Row’. She should feel right at home then. Trash visiting trash. Only in America! Did she clean any side-walks while she was there? Shovel any stalls? What the hell is she good for then?

  12. The Rich Are Rich because They Are Greedy, They Are Selfish & They wouldn’t think about Giving ANY of “Their” Money Away, Aka Their GOD Away. They Can’t Help themselves, They ARE this SICK. Yet Our President Donates His “SALARY” Since Day One & HE SPENT His OWN $$$ to Run for President & For what? To be Attacked, Every Single Day & Night? To be Obstructed, have Consistent Resistance Put in His Way With Anything & EVERYTHING He’s Tried to Do, For ALL of US? While the Dems Continue Their Canned BS, Their LIES, they Spew to Their Foolish, Foolish Supporters? They Make Promises they know they’ll NEVER Keep. If they did, all these Areas where Demonrats have been IN CONTROL for Decades Would be Better Off…They are NOT. There’s a Common Sense Reason for that..Insanity..DOING the SAME things Over & Over again, Yet, Expecting a “Different” Result. INSANE..Any ONE Who VOTES For a DEM? Also, Insane, they just Keep Feeding, Greedy POS like her & ALL Her Cohorts, aka the POLITICAL PIMPS..Some are Politicians, some Media, Hollyweird, Silicon Valley “People”, More Rich, Elitists, who Say One thing & DO Totally the Opposite. Especially if it Dips in to “Their” Fortunes. True Narcissists. Make More Promises, Spread More LIES, “Con” More People & Commit More Fraud, Guilty of Most Corruption Ever in the History I believe of Our Planet. Can’t have been Worse. That would Truly be Unimaginable.

  13. Maxine Waters is a P.O.S. & just proved it . She has some BRASS BALLS asking for change back from the homeless woman . Maxine is a millionaire , how dare her .Just proves she cares more about money & power than her own people ( californians)

  14. This behavior displayed by Maxine is typical of the democrats. They are greedy, and like to show off. We the people have to demand to be a term limit in congress. It is now or never. The demos come to congress as middle class and in few years are rich. How??? MMM You take a guess. Just follow the money.
    Trump 2020 clean the swamp!!!!

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