Fake News CNN Hires Confirmed FBI Liar McCabe As Contributor

On Friday, CNN announced it was hiring Deep State operative Andrew McCabe as one of their contributors.

The hiring decision was immediately criticized on social media as yet one more example of how the “Fake News Network” has been colluding with Deep State elements this entire time.

One person highlighted the irony between CNN criticizing Fox News for hiring former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and their own decision to hire a Deep State snake.

As Infowars and other media outlets have reported, McCabe was instrumental as deputy FBI director under James Comey in helping mislead the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server, as well as turn a blind eye to the dubious origins of the Steele dossier which kicked off the Russia-gate probe.

Below is one example of the type of propaganda McCabe is sure to be spreading on CNN in the near future:

via infowars


  1. Of course, why not! This way McCabe and CNN may continue they’re lies and live in their own little make believe world.

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