BREAKING: President Trump Reaches Historic Trade Deal With Japan

President Trump has announced a historic trade deal with Japan on Sunday, in a major blow to China.

Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made the joint announcement during their G-7 joint meeting, where Trump said that Japan, America’s third largest international market, was ready to make a deal.

“We’ve been working on a deal with Japan for a long time, and we’ve agreed in principle,” Trump told reporters.

Details of the deal are still unclear, but it’s believed that the deal will open up about $7 billion in products.

Trump said the deal would likely be ratified at the U.N. General Assembly meeting in September.

The news comes on the heels of escalated trade tensions with China, who raised tariffs on $75 billion in American goods last week, prompting Trump to retaliate by hiking tariffs on $550 billion of products from China.

Gerald Celente explains his analysis of the economic warfare happening between the US and China.

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  1. Ratify USMCA & along with this treaty the farmers will get some relief. That would debunk BUTTG”s claim of non -working Trump policy, then he/she/it will have 2 run mayoral accomplishments.. Fat chance of that!

  2. Standing up to China is a necessary process. Many presidents have ignored the Chinese and allowed them to take advantage of the US. We should not see “Made In China” on 90% of what is sold in Retail Shops. Go to Hobby Lobby sometime and try to find something not Made in China. I tried and could not except for gum etc at the checkout counter.

  3. China’s plans for Americans are not so good it seems, as China continues to ship massive amounts of Fentanyl via Mexico and other countries to the US.

  4. The only thing this shows is that a lot of the things President Trump & his administration ( the Executive branch of government ) have negotiated, like the USMCA, is how SLOW the Legislative branch
    ( Congress) is in reviewing what has been negotiated & move on it to either add or subtract from it, reject it or ratify it. This has been negotiated months ago, but Congress has yet to move on it, BUT they have time for a 25+ day break to do what. Nothing

    1. …Congress is too busy to do their jobs, gotta do other stuff like figure out ways to fuck up the country, impeachment, find mindless women to agree to make statements of sexual assault against conservative judges, push New Green Deal that will send us into a tail spin and the dark ages, etc., etc., etc., ad in infinitum…

  5. Same for Walmart & many pet food stores. If a lot of stuff would be made here, it might cost a little more to buy, but it might also put many more people to work & put more money in the Treasury. BUT with this additional money coming in, HOLD Congress into NOT pissing it away on more dumb programs, but use it to pay down the debt.

  6. Keep up the great work President Trump! The best President ever! Not to mention the first lady she’s the best too! Now that America is great again, let’s keep it that way! Trump 2020!

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