Duke University Shrink: Trump May Be Worse Than Hitler, Stalin, And Mao

Authored by Dave Huber via The College Fix,

The former chief of the Duke University Psychiatry Department went on CNN this weekend to claim President Trump is mentally unfit for the office, and proceeded to up the hyperbole quotient to unprecedented levels.

Appearing on “Reliable Sources,” Dr. Allen Frances said comparing Donald Trump to the mentally ill is “an insult” to the latter.

While he differs with Yale’s Bandy Lee regarding the so-called Goldwater Rule – the American Psychiatric Association’s decree that “members never publicly discuss the mental health of a public figure” – Frances’ diatribe fit in well with Lee’s crusade to convince anyone who will listen that Trump’s mental state is endangering all Americans.

According to the Washington Examiner, Dr. Frances said

Well, I think ‘medicalizing’ politics has three very dire consequences. The first is that it stigmatizes the mentally ill. I’ve known thousands of patients, almost all of them are well-behaved, well-mannered good people. Trump is none of these. Lumping that is a terrible insult to the mentally ill and they have enough problems and stigma as it is.

Second, calling Trump crazy hides the fact that we’re crazy for having elected him and even crazier for allowing his crazy policies to persist.

The kicker: Trump “may be” culpable for “many more million deaths” than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, Frances continued.

“Trump is as destructive a person in this century as Hitler, Stalin and Mao were in the last century. He may be responsible for many more million deaths than they were,” Frances continued.

“He needs to be contained but he needs to be contained by attacking his policies, not his person.”

“It’s crazy for us to be destroying the climate our children will live in,” Frances continued.

“It’s crazy to be giving tax cuts to the rich that will add trillions of dollars to the debt our children will have to pay. It’s crazy to be destroying our democracy by claiming that the press and the courts are the enemy of the people.”

With such insane comparisons, Frances sounded like he needed to lie down on his own couch.

“There is absolutely no doubt that Trump is dangerous,” Frances claimed, arguing that Trump was “dangerous because he’s a bad, evil con man” rather than because he was mentally ill.

He then suggested that it would be acceptable to lie about Trump’s mental state if there was a way to use that false narrative to get him out of office.

“I think it’s very clear that he’s dangerous because he’s evil, he’s not dangerous because he’s mentally ill, and the mentally ill argument, if it would get him out of the office, I would say go with it even if it’s inaccurate,” Frances continued.

“Anything to get this man out of office. But it won’t work, so piling on inaccuracy, stigma, the press will get people who know nothing about psychiatric diagnosis spouting off at the mouth, it won’t add to the discussion, it will distract from the political stuff and we have to focus on how evil…”

But all host Brain Stelter could muster was this odd facial expression…

(Stelter later claimed on Twitter that his show was suffering from technical difficulties and thus did not hear Frances’s statements.)

Dr. Lee sat quiet during the Frances segment; nevertheless, a month ago she and several peers testified in an online gathering that President Trump was psychologically unfit for the presidency.

In that testimony, James Merikangas  of George Washington University said Trump’s campaign rallies are like the “Nuremberg rallies that Adolf Hilter had,” while NYU’s James Gilligan added the president is “dangerous to an unprecedented degree in our history.”

Dr. Frances’s Twitter timeline is chock full of material like this:


Read the Examiner article

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  1. why are people listening to this human trash francis? these scum bags just want to make a name for themselves
    bad mouthing the president.

    1. Dr allen francis physically resembles Bernie Sanders and is busy spewing the same medical lingo garbage. He hides behind his M.D to impugn the President of the USA. If the shrink is just name calling–he is highly unethical. How dare he diagnose someone he has never seen or tested. He should be censured by the Medical Society his disgraceful behavior. He has gone too far in his effort to eliminate President Trump from the oval office. It is just another attempt at a coupe and we all see how the first one worked. Indictments are coming from the A.G.

      1. I agree completely. This so-called doctor should be brought up on charges of slander and libel and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. His comments call into question his suitability to evaluate and diagnose anyone. This blatantly biased over-the-top rhetoric must stop, it’s untrue and it’s dangerous!

    2. So many of these so called Psychiatrists and Psychoogists are severely emotionally disturbed to put it mildly. People of sane mind and high intelligence can see through these phony bastards right away. The reputation of the medical establishment at DUKE UNIVERSITY is great doubt, sadly.
      Any person who subjects himself to analysis by this wacko will never see straight again.

    3. What a bunch of morons making themselves look just like what they are. They are even too stupid to see how they are perceived by the majority. Like the fools they are. And they just keep on proving it. Making us love Trump more and more. He’s way too smart to let you idiots bother him and you’re way to stupd to see it. You bring me laughs daily.

    1. Yes, indeed. Trump is hated by the Criminal Left because his spine is not made of Play-doh, as was Kenyabama’s…

  2. This imbecile should be put in a padded room wearing a straightjacket. OMG! He rants and raves under the delusion that he is THE SUPERIOR ONE! He has the ability to not diagnose as mental or to call the diagnoses mental without ever speaking to the person he is supposed to be able to diagnose. This is the caliber of idiots that are teaching at our colleges??? He needs to be fired immediately from Duke! What a complete fool!

    1. Yes Gayle I absolutely agree. I don’t know whether a former head of the Psychiatry Department is a M. D. or not, but any reputable physician never tries to diagnose someone not a patient and never having examined that person. He is not credible and brings disgrace on Duke for ever having him on its faculty. S

    2. Totally agree with Ms Clay…I, too cannot believe that a University with the status of Duke would allow someone like this to represent them?! …I believe this is just a perfect example of the level of incompatence that Duke and so many of our colleges and universities have fallen…one huge reason the educational level of our country has fallen out of the top five down to the mid twenties or thirties….!!

  3. Let’s get this straight. CNN has a “psychologist “ who can diagnose an individual as mentally unfit without ever having spoken to that person, but by using second and third hand statements about the person. This is the definition of a “Quack’. Secondly, they bring on another so called “Psychiatrist” to speak authoritatively about climate change, mass murder, and ascribe to us a form of Government we do not have. Then, CNN expects us to believe their reporting. Dishonest Egotists beyond measure!

  4. I have one question for this individual. Are you an IDIOT!? You know, I really did not like having Obama as president. But, I prayed for him & didn’t go around bad mouthing him like the left is doing to President Trump. If anyone dared talk about Obama like they do President Trump, they would have been arrested for treason. What’s up with that?

  5. Giving Duke a bad name. It is amazing what lengths people will go to disparage a great President — in the name of climate change. Using, no, weaponizing your medical license for politics. I guess if you cannot win any other way ….. Unfortunately, he won’t put his psychiatrist coat on and give it a whirl on Obama, Hill and Bill. And, pray tell, what kind of damage do you think Obama did?

  6. Here we go again, people that don’t take the time to understand president Trump’s methods and motives attack his character. Have they not considered his past achievements? Have they achieved anything close to what he has? What are they so afraid of? These are people with advanced degrees that are acting very unprofessional and unethical. Are we to accept them as authority? I think not. KAG Trump 2020.

  7. “Those who can ,do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can’t teach, teach college.”
    President Trump is a “do”.
    Aren’t you better off than you were 3 years ago?
    Vote Trump.

  8. Why does any normal person allow their children to go to these indoctrination camps knowing that wack jobs are teaching there? We allow “professors” like Bill Ayers to get hold of our kids while they’re so easily led it’s pathetic. Is that sane? Look at these campuses – there is evidence of criminal activity by these people and they hire them. Our whole education system is broke and needs to be torn down and started over. Homeschool your young ones if you can. Make sure they need a degree before paying for a college education that’s not needed. Vote out the anti-american violent communists that are trying to take control of our country. I can’t believe these people are allowed around our young people. Disgusting.

    1. Glad you mentioned Bill Ayers–Obama became his protégé–Bill and his wife both taught in higher education –Universities. Bill’s wife Bernadette went to jail for setting a bomb on a police station window sill that killed a young cop.. Schrapnel took out his carotid–he bled out before they could help him.. She became an attorney but could never practice law.. She got a professorship to teach law school.. Bill’s Weather-Undergound organization was a communist gang of thugs who killed, set bombs, killed cops and set fires. One of his fires destroyed Millions of veterans records in what is known as the St. Louis fire. Many thousands of veterans and their families were denied veterans benefits due to the records being burned. Bill never served a day in prison because his father was a wealthy executive for a gas company in Chicago. But Bill and Bernadette could indoctrinate our children on the University level. I wonder how many of the 9th circuit judges came out of classrooms taught by these two.

      1. Just an old grenade with the pin pulled out 90% and set in the drawer of B&B’s master bath. should set the record straight. It is time to fight evil with the tools necessary

  9. Three worthless individuals ranting and raving. Who sounded like the insane ones? These “people” or President Trump? Even when CNN tries to make Trump sound anything but sane, they fail miserably and then go off sulking. Acosta, Stelter, Ryan, Cuomo all at time appear much more unhinged than Trump.

  10. This guy is a psychological soup sandwich! It is frightening to think that these are the people shaping the minds of our kids in the re-education camps that we call colleges and universities, and we pay huge sums of money to send the kids there. He’s a fool and so is Brian Stelter! The Communists on Communist News Network (CNN), have been exposed. Now lets take them all down!

  11. The liberals frame of mind has gotten so deranged that it is scary. If this school stands for this without a comment condemning him then I hope enrollment suffers. It is one thing to not like someone but another to have liberals and the media be so cruel and hateful. They are the ones inciting racists thoughts. If those of us who did not like Obama acted in this way I can tell you the liberals would be calling us hate mongers and racists. They really need to get a gripe on reality. They are spreading evil and someone of you liberals better wake up and stop this insanity.

  12. It’s always hilarious to watch the completely insane guests on CNN or other MSM propaganda outlets taking about other people’s sanity…
    The leftist MSM projection propaganda machine never disappoints!

  13. Duke must not have paid Frances enough that he sells his soul to the biggest lying news coverage in the world CNN, More money will get you nothing Doc! or maybe it will?

  14. You mother fuckers have lost your damn minds! Hell, anyone who doesn’t like Trump can get on CNN and say anything! Not everyone can get on CNN and say good things about Trump! So blow it out your liberal asses! That Doctor is a fucking quack! Trump has to murder 6 million people before being compared to Hitler! However some sick sons of bitches friends of CNN murdered women and children in Vegas, several shooters! Cowards, all of them!

    1. Rob, I understand your frustration and empathize with your anger, however, I feel as though you should consider that you are, perhaps, doing yourself and others who share your beliefs a disservice. To those who may happen upon these various articles but are oblivious to the obvious and readily apparent “false flags” that have occurred in Vegas, Sandy Hook, Boston and elsewhere, and who are exposed to your somewhat incoherent and profanity-filled ravings about them, will likely say to themselves “gee, I guess (fill in whatever leftist MSM talking head you wish) was right. The right-wing is replete with crazy conspiracy theorists. Yes, there was indeed multiple shooters in Vegas (I have heard the audio from the cab parked outside the Mandalay Bay), and, yes, the hero of the Boston bombings would have bled out in minutes had his legs actually been blown off (I saw the photos of him propped up on his elbows casually reviewing the goings on – I’m a RN and this never could have occurred if his injuries were real), but there is only an infinitesimal number of readers here who have investigated these false flags as you and I have, and the vast majority of readers are clueless. My suggestion, and I suspect it will fall upon deaf ears but I’ll posit it anyway, is to ratchet the rhetoric down a notch. Make it factual and concise and skip the m-effers and Negro slanders. Hopefully, then, you and I can plant the seeds necessary for a great many people to do their own investigating and reach similar conclusions. As to your multitude of challenges to the FBI and others to “try shooting men with guns,” we both know that will never happen. However, as I am at the range training weekly (from 100 yards I can take an eye out with iron sights), I urge you and everyone else to prepare themselves adequately should that day ever come. In closing, the most difficult task for people like us to achieve is getting the “normies,” for lack of a better word, to understand who their real enemy is (hint: it’s not the talking heads or the politicians, but rather a certain “tribe” about which no criticism is allowed). Rob, save your anger for when it’s going to be needed. Keep a low profile and your powder dry.
      Who is John Galt?

  15. Bloomberg spends millions and he gets something for it! But it will never be gun confiscation shooting unarmed women and children! You smug mother fucker, get you some armed men to fight then bring that shit like men! Cowards! Murder children to gain support for gun confiscation, You a big man Bloomberg! FUCK YOU!!

  16. Comey get you some men, mother fucker, bring them to fight armed men! Then investigate that shit! You fucking coward! Kill Republican Children to gain support for gun confiscation! You pussies think we bought that shit? Country Folks Can Survive!

  17. You see when no RAP Concerts get shot up, it’s telling on you! If you dumb sons of bitches could investigate anything, you would know that! That poor bastard y’all murdered in that hotel room, didndnt kill anyone! One of you mother fuckers shot from the pirch not him!

  18. President Trump slowed the NWO progress, promises made, not delivered, Obama played too much shitty golf! No Tranny POTUS Barry!

  19. What did they promise you Barry? Do you actually believe Rothschild is not just using you? You stupid hood rat nigger! Where did your money come from Barry? Uranium1? Mother Fucker!!

  20. Why is this guy a FORMER head of Duke University Psychiatry Department trying to diagnose someone he’s never met or had personal interaction. Sounds like he’s lost his integrity or never had any.
    Anyone that appears on any Left Wing MSM should be considered a gag bag of propaganda.

  21. More “STUPID TALK” from a massively STUPID individual (who has a case of the TERMINAL STUPIDS anyway). Someone needs to PERMANENTLY “Yank” his credentials away from him. He’s ugly too, POOR FELLA. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  22. The Government should cease immediately at providing tax money funding to Universities and Colleges across this Nation that Employ Nutbag People Such as our Good Doctor, who Claims to be a Mental Health Expert!,especially when it is clear that our dear doctor is the one who needs Professional Mental Health Help!,Sad Thing that there are many so called Professors across the Country that are employed by Our Universities that are Subsidized by Tax Dollars, That are Presently Brainwashing and Dumbing Down are Next Generation of Young People with Total Nonsense and Made up lies!,and Doing Nothing but Spreading their Leftist and Progressive Socialist Views to a Captive Classroom Audience!,Its up to Alumni across this country to start to withhold money donations until our Universities start to make both sides of the political aisle heard,and to discharge nutty Professors and Physicians such as This Man!

  23. I crack up…. Worse than who??????LOL. But not worse than, Clinton, Sanders, Warren, and a whole bunch of assorted politicians…….

  24. Another crazy Marxist libertard psychic psychiatrist who thinks the world would be better off under Socialist rule. Where did he learn to diagnose an individual remotely?

  25. After a careful evaluation of Dr. Allen Frances’ comments concerning POTUS Trump. It is certain that Dr. Frances has lost his marbles. He desperately needs an early retirement as he is obviously unfit to competently judge anyone.

  26. Liberalism is a mental disorders:Pelosi,Cummins,Hillary,Waters,the squad are just some of the poster girls in the godless deranged Satanist NAZI Commie Demoncrat party!Stop these traitors from turning the US into shit holes like the lib run cities..

  27. Take psychiatry with a grain of salt. Keep in mind that many people in the field of psychology have psychological problems themselves, and their comments are affected by their problems.
    Most modern university personnel are effete intellectuals who live in their ivory towers and have no practical sense or realistic down-to-earth viewpoints.
    Most of the great leaders of the past, including Abraham Lincoln, would be judged unfit by today’s effete psychonerds. Great people often have problems, but so does everyone else. We judge leaders by what they accomplish, not by their personal quirks.
    Trump is a strong leader who is doing an excellent job of solving our nation’s serious problems. He is taking definite and strong actions, which is why the effete intellectuals don’t like him.

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