Judge Closes Case Against Epstein, With a Nod to the Accusers

A judge has formally ended the criminal case against financier Jeffrey Epstein .

U.S. District Judge Richard Berman on Thursday granted prosecutors’ request to dismiss charges against Epstein after he killed himself in jail Aug. 10 while he was awaiting his sex trafficking trial.

The judge’s action was anticipated after Epstein’s death.

It comes after an unusual hearing Berman held Tuesday where sixteen women detailed how Epstein abused them. The women said he used his financial power and connections to famous people to make them vulnerable to sexual attacks that sometimes went on for years.

The allegations mirrored the criminal charges in which prosecutors said Epstein repeatedly assaulted women and teenage girls in the early 2000s.

Attorney General William Barr has promised the Justice Department will pursue those who enabled Epstein to carry out sex attacks.

via newsmax


  1. Perhaps Judge Berman AND the prosecutors had more than a passing interest in seeing that the VICTIMS of these criminals did not get their day in court! Perhaps these men were friendly with not only Epstein but Clinton as well!! As for this judge and the prosecutor(s) involved…..they all make me sick!!!!

    1. When a person dies before a trial, judges will dismiss the case. There is no “perhaps” about it; common sense tells you that a dead person cannot be present in a court of law or work with the defense attorney to ensure there is a fair trial. As for the victims, they will still have their day in court if they file suit for damages against the estate.

  2. He has to be dead first. Has anyone looked in Israel for him. What about the pedofiles he did business with. They have prosecuted John’s before. Filthy judge and the whole system. Hey Clintons and bushes and obamas. I pray for the day you are in a peoples court to pay for your crimes against children and all humanity. You are all satan’s spawn.

  3. Sounds more like a wink and a nod to other who might be “Persons of Interest”
    in this matter who will breath a sigh of relief since they will no longer be brought
    up on Charges or Charged as accomplices in the sexual abuse and predatory
    action on minors by high ranking individuals. There is still a question about
    the suspicions circumstances surrounding the death of Epstein while in
    custody of the Dept of Correction in New York.

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