DOJ Inspector General Issues Comey Report

The DOJ Inspector General has finally issued the report on James Comey’s conduct while FBI director.

The results are not surprising.

Comey was found to have violated multiple FBI policies with his conduct.

According to The Daily Caller:

The Justice Department’s inspector general sharply criticized James Comey on Thursday, saying in a report that the former FBI director violated bureau policy in the handling of memos that he wrote after conversations with President Donald Trump.

The report details how Comey handled seven memos he wrote between Jan. 6, 2017 and April 11, 2017, following interactions he had with Trump. The inspector general’s office determined that four of those memos contained information classified as “Secret” or “Confidential.”

The inspector general’s report is harsh towards Comey, saying that he “failed to live up to this responsibility” as a former FBI director, “by not safeguarding sensitive information obtained during the course of his FBI employment.”

The 83-page report also faulted Comey for leaking one of his memos in order to “create public pressure for official action.” Doing so “set a dangerous example for the over 35,000 current FBI employees — and the many thousands more former FBI employees—who similarly have access to or knowledge of non-public information,” the inspector general’s report said.

Comey famously testified in front of the Senate Intel Committee that he actually directed his friend to share information he had on Trump with the New York Times.

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      1. Go ahead and begin naming what is treasonous that Trump did? Do you even know what constitutes treason? It’s not a policy…

      2. They all used information from a foreign dignatary. Which is used to remove our dulliy elected president. The Constitutions describes that as using a Transnational Treason, punishable by death. All participents involved could be put to death Like The Rosenbergs that sold secrets to the Russians. They got the electric chair, 1947 for treason. Period.
        They conspired to over throw our elected president, the Chief Exucetive Officer.

  1. Sick and tired of seeing the criminals employed by our Federal Gov’t. get caught and yet, not prosecuted and jailed.

  2. Again the sitting president LIED. Comey did NOT break any laws. Policy and Rules violations in response to an abuse of power and attempted Obstruction of Justice are well within reason. The focus of the report should be noted to be disproving the LIES of the sitting president and adding to the list of IMPEACHABLE offenses. VOTE BLUE!

    1. The Truth went right over your head , didn’t it ? Start with Naming Lies and Impeachable Offenses that are actually Factual eh ?

    2. “Policy and Rules violations in response to an abuse of power and attempted Obstruction of Justice are well within reason”
      Not according to the FBI . . . The head of the FBI is under oath to be neutral.
      Narcissistic demigod Comey WASN’T neutral!
      He had an agenda to save Hitlery .

    3. Garry keep drinking the poison cool aid put out for you and all others like you socialist ass wipes commies antifa cowering fools can t handle the truth
      there are no impeachable offenses committed by Donald Trump but a great amount by the demon craps

  3. Agree 100% with response that their aren’t any impeachable offenses. Even forgetting that the response falls into two wrongs make a right and the majority of Comeys transgressions were before Trump elected. Typical idiot response that it’s ok to break laws, policies, etc as long as they are against Trump. If those are the rules Trump should be offered the same “rules” allowing him to break any rules, etc to get to the real facts. Tarmac meetings, announcing innocent before even interviewing ( all under Obama) seem ok to you if somehow a linkage in your mind it attacks trump. Are laws written that’s they are mere suggestions and breakable if your ends justify the means? I would love to see you in court using this as your defense for breaking a law. It’s ok to speed in school zone as long as going to anti trump rally. Think for one second how nonsensical your argument sounds. Can soldiers disobey orders because they don’t like them?

  4. This is “Two-strikes”. There is more to come . . .
    Hope his ‘third-strike’ gets him out.
    There is no logical reason why he should avoid prison time, when he has put people away for doing the exact same thing.
    If he does not go to prison, there will be such civil unrest. Conservatives have had enough of the two-tiered Demonrat system of justice in this country . . .

    1. This is NO STRIKES against Trump. The strikes are against Comey and his co-conspirators against Trump—one of whom promised after Trump’s election that he would never take office. That sounds to me like a plot to assassinate him!

  5. What can I say. Comey and McCabe and Brennan and The whole Clinton regime and the Obama orchestra, Holder, and on and on…… Why do these people not serve time and show our citizens that government does work and there are penalties for wrongdoing????? Get tough A.G. Barr!!!

  6. The double standard has to cease now! Either we’re a nation of laws, or a nation of men, such as the rest of the world has been. These traitors are not above reproach! Look around you people. The elites want open borders. They allow illegal aliens (not undocumented immigrants), to go free after committing Capital Crimes, they allow themselves a pass for committing blatant felonies, all while insisting that we need to surrender our 2nd Amendment to the Government. I don’t think so! We need to become the un-silent majority, and we need to do it now!


  8. It was from the very beginning DEM’S eyed TRUMP as an ET for the Apprentice series not a viable candidate, but an entertainer. Hillary’s very poor performance and her criminal back ground lost her the election as this country could not take 4 more years with lying O telling her what and how to do his bidding, So just in case Trump should win a plan was needed and that plan was to conduct a CI against Trump and his team, so without proper predicate Comey sent in a spy to the WH to work in cyber security as a cover, he had complete access to the WEB, and sent in other spies over seas to entrap Halper Turk Mifsud, Downer, and Steele, any one paid by the usa was a us asset not foreign where they may have worked. So Steele and B Ohr coordinate on the DNC/HILLARY FUNDED Russian Dossier, that Ohr’s Russian speaking wife Nellie worked on which could not be verified it was just a pack of lies signed off by the FBI/DOJ, leadership to obtain FISA warrants in the coup plan to oust POTUS. Comey got off on FBI PROTOCOL VIOLATIONS LYING AND LEAKING BROUGHT NO CHARGING INDICTMENTS, BUT FISA IS STILL OUT and that maY bring charges due to his non predicated spying on POTUS. LYING TO a FISA court is a 10 year jail sentence plus fine. all who signed off verifying the Dossier was complete and true should be treated as TREASONOUS culprits with a willful desire to take down the president so the set obstruction traps knowing Trump is quick witted to respond but that too failed. Therefore, Senate Dem’s continue to investigate for a crime they can use against POTUS and John Roberts does nothing to curb/stop them can we say blackmail, the highest court in the land is moot knowing this whole this is a sham coup plot and he allows it to go on? One has to wonder why he does not push back on the FISA COURT JUDGES he over sees. The only help so far has been AG Barr but thats looking weak now from his non prosecution of guilty people. Hes doing a Comey, giving him an attaboy to brag about unless he indicted on the FISA abuse. Only time will tell but as it has been going some of the IG reports needed more teeth for Barr to bite on, they need to know FBI correction won’t happen until someone goes to prison for the attempted coup.

  9. Deferring criminal action against our duly elected President is a poor excuse for an argument. Comey is guilty. He lied, leaked and took numerous actions against our elected President. NO excuses will nullify what he has done. Prosecute, and when found guilty incarcerate Comey.

  10. I agree fully Ted and if these traitors are not prosecuted to the full extent of the law don’t be surprised if a civil war breaks out in the U S A


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