MSM Ignores Mass Shooting at Football Game Because Shooter Is Black

The media has been strangely silent after a 17-year-old was arrested for shooting nine people Friday at a football game in Mobile, Alabama.

Deangelo Parnell, 17, has been charged with nine counts of attempted murder after turning himself into police on Saturday morning, according to a spokesperson for the Mobile Police Department.

“This is a cowardly act by an individual who didn’t know how to deal with a situation,” saidMobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste.

Footage from the stadium shows hundreds of attendees scattering as multiple shots are fired.

 Users on social media were quick to point out the media’s silence on this attack.

It’s also notable that current gun control proposals would not have prevented Parnell from illegally obtaining a firearm.

Congressional Democrats have vowed to bring forward gun control legislation to the floor when they return from recess in September.

Could the red flag laws used to keep “mentally ill” citizens from attaining firearms be used to deem President Trump unfit to serve under the 25th Amendment?

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        1. I think Mesaman was being factious…parroting “ebonics” (why is that even a word in our lexicon now???) to further illustrate, that there are glaring double standards where race, gender, political agendas and orientations are concerned.

          To Mesaman’s credit, he seems to have nailed the spelling, context and application of the vernacular. Well done!!

          1. Before I get called out by the spelling police…insert “facetious” in place of “factious” above.

          1. Well said! I was going to point that out, but figured someone else would. Seeing that misspelling in meozzie’s comment was like watching the video of Bernie getting smacked by the speed bag…instant justice!!

        2. meozzie, Excuse me! That should have been, “Learn how to speak and “write”. Sorry, that was the wrong “write”, right? If you are going to be the grammar police you must learn correct verbiage also……….. 🙂

        3. Meozzie, I think you should curve your desire to instruct others to learn how to speak and, (what), did you say “right”. The correct word is, to learn how to ( write ), you idiot. So maybe you should follow your own instructions.

      1. MAGA
        There have been 110 mass shootings since Columbine high school 96 of the shooters were white men
        Try again
        Gun reform
        It’s time has come

        1. While I think a certain amount of gun law reform is required, the problem is that bad guys will still find a way to get guns!! This little bastard is a high school kid, no different that Ryan Harris and Dylan Klebold all those years ago at Columbine. They got the guns through their parents. The Lanza kid at Sandy Hook! His MOTHER KNEW how screwed up he was and still bought the gun for him. HE KILLED HER WITH IT!! Before killing all those kids. (awful) and then himself. A HS classmate is the mother of the brave teacher who was killed at Parkland HS letting a locked out kid into his class room. The shooter had been identified as a dangerous person. It is also a mental health issue. A lot of crazy people walking around loose who shouldn’t be.

        2. James F Barry, I think all the black mass shooters in Chicago mowing down and killing black innocents (and anyone else in their way) with AR weapons would certainly go a long way toward the total number of black mass shooters there have been, don’t you think?
          Also, I would remind you that Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in America. Just proves bad guys can and will get guns no matter what gun reform intends. So, law abiding citizens should give up their weapons, which would only be used for protection, so bad guys with guns can drive by and mow us down? I don’t think so!

        3. It’s a dangerous time of course…. but you nor any Dems and or Liberals have the right to prevent me from being able to protect myself and family. Especially now that shootings are now an everyday occurrence…. do like Israel …. carry and learn how to shoot.

        1. Your comments, Jack, are nasty and pathetic.

          Incidentally, it appears that no one died in the shooting this article talks about. In the same time period there was the Midland-Odessa shooting where 8 people died. Is it surprising that the media covered the Texas story much more exhaustively?

          1. So by your reasoning it’s alright to go out and randomly shoot people as long as nobody dies and it’s a black person doing the shooting.

  1. Not surprised. After all, they, MSM, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, WaPo, NYT, etc…. are NOT ‘news’ outlets, they are simply propaganda outlets. Nothing more. They will do the bidding, follow the orders of their masters and handlers, like the obedient dogs that they truly are.

    1. You’re exactly right. They do not report real news. Their only aim is to manipulate the public into getting aligned with their agenda. This is NOT journalism.

    2. I totally agree! What little I do watch of them is only to keep up to date with their lies. As my granny taught me, keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.

  2. It doesn’t fit the Leftist narrative. The perpetrator was black, no one was killed, despite gun laws in effect the individual obtained a gun – they can’t create the mass hysteria of which they’re so fond.

    1. Deborah: It COULDN’T really have ever happened because it’s against the law already, and the only way to fix it is to make more laws against the victims, instead of the perpetrators, because the victims are more likely to obey the laws, and legislators can then get re-elected for making effective laws … at least according to MSM reportage.

      1. Don’t diminish the role of 17 y/o perpetrator. He is the one who shot innocent students.
        And don’t mix apples with oranges.

  3. Was this a racist crime? Is he really African American or was he white made up to be black? Is he a Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Carrying out a plan to make people want to remove the 2nd amendment? Is he a Black supremacist and part of that movement? These are the questions the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party does not want answered. They tell the News Media what to report And if it doesn’t meet their objective they will not allow it. They use the entertainment industry to promote and encourage violence to help their cause. This party wants power, wealth and no one will stop them from meeting that goal. This party already has the wealthiest most Powerful People supporting it but they now want complete control over our country and to dominate all people. They have people do these acts of violence and then claim mental illness, stress, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, Black, White,Hispanic supremacy to excuse these acts. This is why they have no penalty or accountability in Demoncrat Controlled states and Liberal Demoncrat Judges. No matter what the excuse regardless of age if anyone commits a crime they should be charged as an adult with maximum penalty.

  4. “after turning himself into police on Saturday morning” Good thing he turned himself in, or it might still be “another unsolved, probably white supremacist, attack.”

  5. My local news covered it in Iowa. And the reason the big news outlets are over covering it like the other shootings. Is the same reason they do not cover all the daily gun violence in Chicago.

  6. No Top Headlines or Investigations if your a Liberal (which covers) Muzz, Black, Socialist, Communist, antifa member, Illegals, & 90% of Mexifornia.

  7. Many people in America love their second amendment and love firearms, guns, and rifles. Those of us who love guns usually have proper training to safely handle them. I STRONGLY URGE all Americans to force their senators and representatives to stop the current wave of gun control measures. We all know that one person with a concealed carry permit and proper training would have prevented multiple injuries in this case. Clearly “gun free zone laws” did nothing to prevent this. We all know that criminals and those would perpetrate a crime such as this would not be deterred by any laws or restrictions. “Common sense gun laws” only mean additional prohibitions on law abiding citizens. More people are killed with hammers each year than firearms. More kids die in bicycle accidents than mass shootings. Making it more difficult to obtain ammunition will only prevent legal owners from being able to stop this type of crime. We Americans must stand together and protect ourselves and each other from those who would harm us or remove our rights.

    1. Common sense is ABSENT in the democrat-controlled Congress. Laws never deter the lawless ones who are determined to commit their destructive acts of violence. Your points are right on the mark. I just wish congress would get their act together, but they, too, have an agenda and that is to make themselves stronger by exerting more control over the citizens of this country and their assets.

      1. Unlike 40 years and prior, there are two sets of “common sense” today.
        1) Common sense right (right)
        2) Common sense wrong (left)

    2. I don’t think this guy was a safe gun owner. I’m sure he wasn’t trained on handling a gun for mass shootings. That being said, the left’s silence is deafening in this shooting. Fake news at its silent best.

    3. I don’t love guns. To me they are a tool for a purpose. Much the same as my electric drill. But I started carrying one when I was a 16 year old Military Policeman in the US Army. After retiring I seldom carried one when I was “volunteer” (that’s unpaid), Town Marshal and Special Deputy Sheriff. But times were different 50 years ago.

  8. Every time – and I can’t recall an exception – some lunatic criminal who obviously does not obey laws goes on a killing rampage the Progressives propose more laws with the purpose of disarming law abiding citizens – who didn’t do it. Note the recent report of an eleven year old girl in Montana, home alone, who used a twelve bore pump shotgun to terminate the existence of two home invaders. If the Progressives had their way, she wouldn’t have had access to that shotgun if it were even allowed to be kept in the house.

  9. It is not politically correct for the news media to report on any crimes committed by minorities or illegal immigrants because it does not fit their agenda that every white person is racist and every black person or illegal immigrant is a saint. if the shooter had been white the headlines would be in every paper and news show saying ” White man shoots up stadium ” I notice the color of the criminal is mentioned sometimes when the person is white but they never start the story by saying black man shoots up stadium. Racists come in all colors and the stigma that you can’t be a racist if you belong to a minority group is just a free pass for people of color to hide the fact that some of them are racists also.

  10. MAGA
    There have been 110 mass shootings since Columbine high school 96 of the shooters were white men
    Try again
    Gun reform
    It’s time has come

    1. Men all over are carrying now. You don’t know who they are. They conceal their weapons and are law-abiding like my husband. He’s even written laws.

    2. Actually, why don’t you help out society by getting a concealed carry permit and actually carrying so that you could help stop a madman or madwoman? Quit being helpless.

    3. Illegal immigrants have the highest percentage of felony arrest, does that mean democrats who want to remove guns are going to secure the border? Hell no, only their opinion matters. It is like trying to impeach and arrest Trump when we have proof of a coup carried out with Obama having known. Does propaganda , press, magazines, and entertainment give a shit, once agin hell no. If has to fit the narrative, your either a near communist or a racist Nazi. How many of the loads calling us Nazis oppose antifa beating up innocent people, like elderly praying in the park? White supremacy is the claim as Communist openly plan our nation’s destruction in Congress as representatives. Yes we’re in a world of deep shit and disarming the legal law abiding citizens who fear the communist members of Congress is not really a good idea?

  11. I really DISLIKE the use of so many people using the slogan “PEOPLE OF COLOR” because I believe that we all are people of color. I think that is just a way for ALL other people to be RACIST against Caucasians. And please don’t give me that bull***t line that people of color cannot be racist because YES they can and I have seen it first hand. That is nothing but an excuse for them to behave that way and get a free pass to do it. If you look up the meaning of the word white it will say – 1. Having the color of pure snow or milk; opposite to black 2. of a light or pale color 3. pale; wan 4. lacking color etc. The color white is really not a color as it is void of all color. Therefore; the only true white person would be an Albino. The rest of us are all people of color, whether our skin is “ivory” or “coal black”. We all still bleed red blood.

    1. I am sick of that terminology, too, being half-white. Who cares about race that much these days? And the white people were nicer to me in my life than people of color.

  12. I think it’s a shame that we are not allowed to demand our money back from every single one of these idiotic stars who have shown themselves to be on the far left. I feel every single dollar they earned from their fame should be placed in a fund to go towards providing payouts to anyone who votes for Trump in 2020, that would burn their asses real good. I bet they would learn to keep their foolish opinions and mindless ideas to themselves from now on. Kathy Griffin and the likes of her ought to all be forced to live in our most impoverished areas in the country, let them actually experience what it’s like to live in those conditions then they would understand more of what it would be like to live under a socialist rule.
    When you strip away a person right to chose then you strip away that persons dignity and desires, which are the main strengths that make a person want to have better. These are the things people lose when you provide them with the ability to survive without any effort, such as welfare and free healthcare.

  13. The Obamas are proud. MAGABOMBER and Smollett’s Bad Acting could not do the TRICK – for their HATE CRIME HOAXES.

    And he is a “content” producer for Netflix.

    Now, what was that SCANDAL about on the “island” involving the Netflix head honcho’s wife, who acquired a US Ambassadorship, that the Islanders demanded Obama to remove her over?

  14. I’m with Bobbie! I’m really tired of this “person of color” nonsense. People are people and all of this “color” division just tugs us all further apart. There is absolutely no excuse for this. People are either God fearing, good people working and taking care of their family and friends, patriotic, or they are not. It has nothing to do with their color. I have friends of every color and religion and I am sick and tired of the democraps working so hard trying to devide us. I am grateful we have a president who feels the same way.

  15. Man, this is just getting pathetic. Has the main yellow stream urinalist dumbed down their marxist twit constituents so bad that they tell these leftist moron what to think and say? Talk about a zombie apocalypse. Who would have guessed it would be the enlightened left? that they were actually a lot more stupid than what they tell us they are.

  16. He’ll be tried as a chowl. He didn’t know what he was doing. The marxist left has been working feverishly to create the nation plantation. Free food, free obama phomes, You would think the blacks were unhappy with their lives, I mean, they are living the leftists’ utopia, they got what they vote for, elections have consequences. The leftists have dumb down the school system and taking our children into their premiere courses, how to put a rubber on a pickle, little mary and timmy are determining what gender they want to be as soon as they enter first grade, they have 2 mommies or 2 daddies, cats sleeping with dogs etc. how could anyone be confused with the 27 new pronouns?

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