Ron Paul – Forget the Russians: It’s the Federal Reserve Seeking to Meddle in Our Elections

The US Constitution never granted the federal government authority to create a central bank. The Founders, having lived through hyperinflation themselves, understood that government should never have a printing press at its disposal. But from the very beginning of America’s founding, the desire for a crony central bank was strong.

In fact, two attempts were made at creating a permanent central bank in America prior to the creation of the Fed. Fortunately, the charter for The First Bank was allowed to expire in 1811, and President Andrew Jackson closed down the Second Bank in 1833.

But, unfortunately, a third attempt was successful and the Federal Reserve was unconstitutionally created by Congress in 1913. Americans have been living under a corrupt and immoral monetary system ever since. The Federal Reserve is the printing press that has financed the creation of the largest government to ever exist. Endless welfare and endless military spending are both made possible by the Federal Reserve. The Fed can just print the money for whatever the US establishment wants, so those of us who long for a Constitutional and limited government have few tools at our disposal.

Despite all the propaganda claiming “independence,” the Fed has always been a deeply political institution. Because the Fed is a government-created monopoly with key government-appointed employees, its so-called “independence” is a mere fiction. However, the US Congress created the Fed with legislation; it can also abolish the Fed with legislation.

Last week, the facade of Federal Reserve “independence” was dealt a severe blow. Ironically, the person who broadcast to the world that the Fed is anything but “independent” was ex-New York Fed President Bill Dudley. Dudley wrote that, “Trump’s re-election arguably presents a threat to the United States’ and global economy, and if the goal of monetary policy is to achieve the best long-term economic outcome, the Fed’s officials should consider how their decisions would affect the political outcome of 2020.”

The timing of Dudley’s threats to use Fed monetary policy to affect the outcome of a US election couldn’t come at a more striking time. After all, for more than two solid years Americans have been bombarded with fabricated stories about Russians rigging our elections. And yet here is a Federal Reserve official threatening to do the same exact thing – but this time for real!

Whether it’s the mainstream media, the CIA, the FBI, or now the Federal Reserve, more and more Americans are waking up to the fact that there is a Deep State in America and its interests have nothing to do with American liberty. In fact, our liberty is what the Deep State wants to abolish.

When it comes to the Federal Reserve, I stand firmly by my conviction that it needs to be audited and then ended as soon as possible.

America’s Founders were not perfect. They were human beings just as capable of error as we are. But they had a remarkable understanding of the ideas of liberty. They understood that liberty cannot exist with a government that has access to a printing press. Sound money and liberty go hand-in-hand. If we want to enjoy the blessings of Liberty, we must audit and then end the Federal Reserve!

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  1. FYI
    Work on getting Randal to give up drinking
    The future will take care of everything else you don’t need to worry about any of it

  2. The Federal Reserve was created by big bankers to exert power over the country and smaller banks.
    It has failed to prevent quite a number of crashes and recessions.
    If it does not like Trump, it will create a crash before the election to get rid of Trump.
    It is not our friend but a group of large bankers who want their way.

  3. It is one of the reasons to vote a straight Republican ticket in 2020. The more power in Congress and the Senate, there may be more guts to do the right thing. Trump is a visionary genius Patriot. Rad Paul is agreeing with him. We have States Rights, and do not need a central bank. Local banks should be required to operate just like any other business. They should compete and earn business or customers. The demonrats created the central bank to control the public. It’s what helped fuel the ‘swamp’ we have today.
    Only Americans without gumption would seek a parental government. The swamp uses those who would depend upon a parental government to sustain itself, and maintain power.

  4. This is treasonous and flys in the face of the very thing the socialists have been ranting about forever it seems. Are we Americans so stupid that we cannot see that the future of this country has nothing to do with we the people.
    They want more of what we are currently seeing, if this continues there will be a revolution that will make the wars look like child play.

  5. The political influence by people with extreme wealth is rarely exerted with America in mind. Case in point George Soros spends millions to fund anti american groups and has greatly influenced the financial failure of other countries. Are the tech companies really in Americas corner?

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