Bill de Blasio Is Considering Requiring NYC Cyclists To Have Licenses And Registrations

Either Bill de Blasio is looking to take the focus off of his poll numbers, which are far below the Federal Funds Rate and may stay that way even if we implement NIRP, or he is now just purposefully trying to come up with ways to annoy his constituents in New York as of some type of sick sociopathic novelty.

Regardless of intent, it’s being reported that de Blasio, having solved all other issues in New York and across the country, is now considering the idea of making bicycle riders get licenses and registrations, similar to automobiles, according to the New York Daily News and the Washington Times.

Bill de Blasio, pondering what else there is to tax in New York City

The mayor is also seen as wanting to expand the city’s safety regulations, which have suffocated its citizens with pointless regulation being paid for by rising taxes that are driving people out of the city in droves. de Blasio has suggested that even people who rent Citi Bikes should also be required to wear helmets.

de Blasio said that the idea of licenses and registrations for cyclists was a “valid discussion” and said he also wanted to crack down on bikers who are breaking traffic laws. This led many to ask: New York City has traffic laws?

And, of course, advocates for cycling think the suggestion is absurd. They argue the obvious: that regulating cycling is going to discourage people from doing it, which is the opposite of what the city should be doing.

Future lawbreaker Bill Ackman, riding a Citi Bike without a helmet

Joe Cutrufo, spokesman for advocacy group Transportation Alternatives said: “Requiring helmets and bicycle licensing is counterproductive to Vision Zero because they’re a deterrent to cycling. When you discourage people from riding a bike, fewer people will do it, and the safest cities in the world for riding a bike are the cities where there are the most cyclists.”

Council Speaker Corey Johnson wrote on Twitter: “We need to be encouraging cycling, not creating obstacles. These ideas won’t help us increase bike riding in NYC.”

In other news, has anyone seen de Blasio’s SUV parked outside of the local YMCA lately?

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  1. when you elect a communist as your mayor, what else should you expect. Also, out of over 17 million residents, real ones, they elected two carpet baggers as their senators. Empire State, no, more like the nitwit state Glad i left

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