Hasbro Introduces New, Feminist Version Of Monopoly Where Women Have Advantage

You know you are living in a dystopian nightmare when one of the most beloved board games in history has to change to accommodate a nonexistent issue.

Hasbro has decided to create a new board game, Ms. Monopoly, where women have an advantage against the men, CNN reported.

One of America’s most recognizable board games is getting an upgrade. Hasbro is debuting a new game celebrating women’s empowerment — Ms. Monopoly, marking the first time in Monopoly history when a new mascot will be featured on the cover of the game.

The twist? In Ms. Monopoly, female players will get more money.

Unlike the classic game, women will collect 240 Monopoly bucks when they pass “go,” while male players will collect the usual 200. The idea is to create a game where women make more than men, the first game to do so, according to Hasbro.

The company said that the game is a “a fun new take on the game that creates a world where women have an advantage often enjoyed by men.”

“But don’t worry, if men play their cards right, they can make more money too,” the company said in a press release on the new game.

“This game celebrates women inventors as players move around the board collecting iconic things that wouldn’t exist without women,” the description on the Walmart website said.

We are not certain who was asking for a woke version on Monopoly but the Internet, as it usually does, has opinion on it.


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