Senate Democrats Force Vote on Trump’s Emergency Wall Declaration

President Trump recently directed the Pentagon to divert over $3 billion in funds from projects to be used for the southern border wall.

The Senate will now vote on whether or not to condemn this move.

According to The Hill:

Senate Democrats are planning to force a vote to try to nix President Trump’s emergency declaration transferring military construction money to fund the U.S.-Mexico border wall. 
Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), making the announcement from the Senate floor, blasted Trump for making a “brazen power grab” and trying to leapfrog Congress. 

“The president’s national emergency declaration was and is an outrageous power grab by a president who refuses to respect the constitutional separation of powers. … Does our country truly have checks and balances, particularly when we have such an overreaching president?” Schumer asked from the Senate floor.

Schumer added that if Congress didn’t nix Trump’s emergency declaration it would set a “dangerous precedent” that could allow a president to use their national emergency powers when Congress refuses to fund a priority.

When it comes to spending military dollars it seems like both Republicans and Democrats can agree that wasting money is ok.

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  1. Power grab? What about your mock impeachment? You have nothing to impeach him on. ALL you democrats want is control of the country and the people. He had a right to declare the emergency because of the mass forcing their way into our country. We are being invaded by terrorists–ie ms13, a new strain of tb, leprosy, measles, mumps, and other communitable diseases, The emergency is real. You know it’s real. You are just trying to destroy our country.

    1. And this old boy is fucting sick of you damn obstructing ass democrats. I just pray that the Republicans take back the house as well as the senate and add more Republicans to the mix !,,

  2. The dims don’t give a shit about the people who live here that are American citizens they only care for the illegals because they know their base is moving away from their radical job killing and government over reach and their obsession with killing babies. They’re no longer an American loving party instead they hate our country and our freedoms and want to take away as much as they possibly can.

  3. Shummer is a liberal clown puppet show for pelosi and the Nazis party Democrats who are irrelevant to me and the American People Go MAGA.

  4. “Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), making the announcement from the Senate floor, blasted Trump for making a “brazen power grab” and trying to leapfrog Congress.”

    “Brazen power grab”? More like the POTUS is taking advantage of the powers vested in him and as far as leapfrogging congress, the POTUS has run out of options due to Congress failing to do the job they were voted in to do by the American electorate. The actions of Congress is un-American. They would just as soon support the Government of Iran rather than America. They are a disgusting lot and must be voted out of office. Get with it American voters, do your job!

  5. Give republicans voting with the democrats. Marco Rubio, Susan Collins, the one from Alaska, two more. Vote them out of office. Chuck Schumer lies and is partner with the nazi Soros to turn America into a Third world country.

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