New York Times Blames “Airplanes” For 9/11 Attack

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

The New York Times chose to honor the 18th anniversary of the September 11 atrocity by blaming “airplanes” for carrying out the attack.

Yes, really.

“18 years have passed since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center,” the Times tweeted from its official account.

The tweet prompted an immediate backlash, with respondents furious the Times appeared to be absolving the terrorists of blame and pinning the responsibility on inanimate objects instead.

The newspaper later deleted the tweet and half way apologized, tweeting, “We’ve deleted an earlier tweet to this story and have edited for clarity. The story has also been updated.”

 The Times found itself in hot water only a few days ago for praising Mao Zedong, the Communist dictator who starved 45 million of his own people to death, as a “great revolutionary leader.”

They later had to delete and clarify that tweet. This one, appearing as it does on the anniversary of 9/11, is if anything worse.

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  1. What next ? CNN, NYT, ABC, MSNBC blaming the Klinons, or maybe even the Cardassian’s for 911…
    Worse yet, the mindless Liberals will believe them.

    1. Yes your right on they have Muslims in Dearborn going to school saying on palms of there hands I HATE America WE have terrorism homegrown in our great country democrates they just don’t get it how in the hell Muslims get voted in is crazy

      1. It’s the CHANGE that was promised by the only Democratic Socialist candidate, Barry Soetero. Obama was a “card carrying Democratic Socialist” when he was announced as a candidate by the Democratic Party. The facts cannot be denied.

        1. we sure (the Media) didnt Vette that card carrying Communist. I say he was the worst President EVER. Even though I despised him i never led or belonged to a riot.

  2. Typical Liberal reasoning blaming the Airplane for flying into the Trade Center and killing people just like guns are flying off the shelves and killing people. Never place the blame on people, blame the object

    1. Exactly – next they will be blaming the buildings for being in the way and the victims for going to work. The good thing is that this kind of insanity will not go un-noticed. Is it really a good idea to piss off a lot of people right before an election? The Democrats act more like they are hell bent on committing political suicide.

    2. Amen Mike, they pass off the blame onto an Object,,,, not peoples behavior. Stupid leftists. Liberalism IS a Mental disorder45pM

    3. It is the same people that need to blame their 3rd cousins, once removed for not having a BRAIN. They don’t have one so they must blame someone.

  3. The editorial bias reflected in these almost daily gaffes would be amusing if the subject matter weren’t so important. How can anyone ever consider the NYT a legitimate news organization again after these repeated, obvious agenda-driven narratives, particularly in light of the so-called “town hall” meeting with employees to discuss the failed effort to link Trump to Russian meddling and a soul-searching group hug to plot the next conspiracy on race???? The contempt these self-appointed elitists have for the American people and our republic is appalling.

  4. Makes sense ! Guns are blamed for killings, cars for road accidents. All these inanimate objects apparently have sounds, minds, and can act on their own.
    Ignore that it was a human being flying the plane, pulling the trigger, or driving the car and now it’s the “object’s fault”.
    It all started with lawyers and the idea that no one had responsibility any more and that it’s always someone else’s fault and then logically the objects involved fault. Great setup for self-driving cars because it won’t be the manufacturer’s fault, the seller’s, or the driver’s fault. In fact no one will be at fault and self-driving cars can kill 1000’s through no one’s fault – so insurance companies won’t ever have to pay out a dime.
    The “death of responsibility” which then leads to a lack of morals or ethics,
    and mostly religious beliefs as we totally become a secular society which we
    see emerging.

  5. Hearst Media newspapers ran news items attributing 9/11 as “terrorist” attacks without naming them as Muslim Terrorists. The media still refer to WWII as German Nazi and Japanese atrocities but are afraid, apparently, to name 9/11 terrorists as Muslim. How are present day 18 year old’s to know American history if the media don’t tell the whole story?

  6. They don’t. The libertard schools and leftist Socialist media don’t want our kids knowing history.
    The media downplays the roll of the muslim brotherhood every time they get a chance.
    Modern muslims who follow their theology CANNOT be trusted, yet our media loves them to death (even to their own deaths). They and the Socialists will sacrifice any and all of us to the muslim radicals because they think they will be spared. Shows how stupid they really are.
    All of us are ‘infidels’ to a muslim. Even the “nice” muslims ‘down the street’ in your neighborhood think of you as an infidel. The Koran says infidels must be killed if they will not turn to Allah.
    Funny, the mullahs know how to pick their supporters, and talk them into killing infidels, but they never volunteer to die . . .

  7. The NYT blames the airplanes???!!! Oh, Lord… they are going to try to ban airplanes now!!!! Ahahahahahahahahaaa. You see, I blame the cowards that hijacked those planes along with the airport’s lack of proper security. I am willing to bet that the airplane DID NOT hijack itself. Just like in mass shootings, those guns did not pull their own trigger nor did these planes hijack themselves and wantonly crash themselves into the Twin Towers. Next the liberals will be banning knives, spoons and forks for making them fat! Rational thinking along some good old fashioned common sense would go a long way on these subjects.

  8. Ever wonder why the Jewish population of pre-war Germany didn’t believe the Nazi’s? Just look at the Jewish journalist in America today. They don’t believe the Muslim terrorists want to destroy America and finish what the Nazi’s started and didn’t finish. Wake=pu!

  9. The New York Times has become pathetically laughable. They are so busy kowtowing to the Orwellian Newspeak known as “political correctness” that they have to resort to a headline which claims “Airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center”… how outrageous! What, were the airplanes possessed by evil spirits and did they take aim and fly themselves into the towers? They WERE being flown by “evil spirits”– the evil-hearted Islamist monsters who wrested control of them. But the Times is so Islamophilic and so terrified of transgressing the oppressive dictates of political correctness they have to prevaricate, and by omission, absolve the Muslim terrorists– who were supported and encouraged by Islamic clerics, mosque imams, and Muslim leaders in many parts of the wider Islamic world– of their loathsome, evil, abominable acts, acts with which they in fact intended to kill, if they’d succeeded, far, far more than the almost three thousand innocent people they DID murder. SHAME ON YOU, NEW YORK TIMES! YOU BETRAY YOUR OWN CITY!

  10. If we keep expecting logic and common sense from liberals and their media, we will always be disappointed. Whatever their agenda is, it doesn’t involve facts, but will always be manipulative. As much as I hate to watch this ignorance and stupidity on a daily basis, it is essential to stay diligent and resist because this is what will destroy the Republic in the end.

  11. The democrats are behind the whole thing they don’t care about anything but money and take a lot of it from us and whoever they have already sold out America and have no regrets about it. They must be stoped before we loose all of our rights that are parents and grandparents fought to keep we cannot let them get by with anymore of their crap we need some democide now

  12. It is NOT the airplanes themselves that were the problem, but the terrorists who hijacked the planes that were the problem. What a sick way to describe this horrific event in our history.

  13. Airplanes ARE the problem . . . When they’re piloted by MUSLIM TERRORIST. NYT, you need to get your story straight and TELL THE TRUTH . . . for once. Disgraceful. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  14. Blame the object. The airplanes. The guns. The noose. The car door when it slammed and caught my finger. The kitchen cabinet when I turned around and the cabinet stubbed my toe when I wasn’t looking. The porch steps when I fell down.
    All these things should be declared dangerous and illegal to have in my possession.

  15. Once again, if it isn’t guns it is airplanes. What is next, knives, forks, or even cars, or any other object that can kill? How about hands due to strangulation, or bed sheets like Epstein found? This is an insane plan made by left wing communists to take everything away from our people and the people may just wake up and thumps some sense into your thick heads that objects aren’t to blame, it is the democrats and RINOS who wield them! More mass murders are committed by democrats than anyone! If you want to outlaw airplanes good luck on your cross country vacations!

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