Here We Go Again: 2020 Dems Call For Impeaching Kavanaugh After New Allegation Surfaces

Several 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have called for the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Sunday after The New York Times published a piece detailing a new sexual misconduct allegation against him.

Kamala Harris, who had called for Kavanaugh’s impeachment in 2018 amid similar allegations by Christine Blasey-Ford, renewed her support for impeachment.

“I sat through those hearings. Brett Kavanaugh lied to the U.S. Senate and most importantly to the American people. He was put on the Court through a sham process and his place on the Court is an insult to the pursuit of truth and justice,” Harris tweeted.

 Elizabeth Warren called the newest de-bunked allegation “disturbing,” and also called for Kavanaugh’s impeachment.

“Confirmation is not exoneration, and these newest revelations are disturbing. Like the man who appointed him, Kavanaugh should be impeached,” Warren tweeted.

Julian Castro and Amy Klobuchar also expressed support or concern about impeaching Kavanaugh, claiming he “lied under oath” during his confirmations hearings last year.

“It’s more clear than ever that Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath. He should be impeached. And Congress should review the failure of the Department of Justice to properly investigate the matter,” Castro tweeted.

The renewed impeachment effort is reminiscent of the left’s crusade against Kavanaugh in 2018, where they afforded him no due process and assumed him guilty until proven innocent, as is the case here.

In fact, the lawyer of Kavanaugh’s main accuser Christine Blasey-Ford, Debra Katz, admitted that protecting abortion was a major motivation of her client leveling sexual misconduct accusations against Kavanaugh.

Additionally, Blasey-Ford attended the far-left Women’s March and donated to the Democratic National Committee, suggesting political motivations may have been in play.

Like last time, this new impeachment effort appears to be nothing more than a political ploy to prevent Trump from shaping the Judiciary.

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  1. The liberals had hundreds of hours to query Mr. Kavanaugh.
    They also had thousands of hours to discus among themselves what to say.
    What was rammed though was two girls that were trained to take him down.
    to most of the American people that was a sham.
    To me, Mr. Kavanaugh is one of the most descent people I have ever heard.
    May the good Lord bless him for all of his life and strengthen him against al
    of the liberal lies and insanity.

    1. RK,
      Anyone can see through this sham. The latest complaint is wll after the last round and congress had plenty of time to say something. They did not. But any try at hurting Trump and Kavenaugh is always fair game. Just another bunch of crap.

      1. What the New York time’s failed to mention was that the woman that this was supposed to have happened to would not even talk to them about this false claim and said she had no memory of this event ever taking place,but the New York Time’s forgot to include that in their so called report,which makes this nothing more than a false roomer,are we not entertained.

  2. The latest on this, is that the so called victim doesn’t remember that Hash-tag lie ever happening….So the NYT and the socialist’s can put that in their pipes & smoke it!

  3. I’m so sick of all this crape, doesn’t this party know any other words than(impeachment )??? God help us all. I thought God only punished the wrong doing,ALL WRONG DOING( the 10 commandments ) for starts. Judge your self first and if your PURE than you can judge others,until than both parties need to work together and keep OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY FREE from wrong doings. I’m sure GOD is so unhappy with the way we are acting. He loves us all, we ALL(that’s every person on this earth) SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT🦋👍🤔

    1. Rita I am with you on the keeping of the commandments,but that is exactly why this has happened to this country and its people,how many people can you name including conservatives who actually make any effort to obey Yahweh’s laws,unfortunately evil is necessary,other wise we could not recognize the Good from the bad,most Christian leaders teach that the Torah is Taboo because Jesus nailed it to the cross and gave them the commandment to love,so they teach Torahlessness for the forgiven,Sin which the transgression of the law 1 John 3:4 is hidden under “Christian grace”because the new Christian definition of Love provides unlimited pardon of willful and repetitive sin,but this kind of Love is Tyranny,because it is based upon tolerance,rather than temperance,selfcontrol,and discipline.

    2. Rita Let me say also that the USA of today would embarrass Sodom and Gomorrah,Yeshua said that Sodom would fair better than some cities that had the truth presented to them but rejected it(matthew 11:23-24),this will not change until its people repent and change their cold and impudent hearts and learn to obey the commandments and reject false religious Traditions and get back to the truth.

  4. The Old Grey Lady, THE NYT, turns out to be a gossip rag like the National Enquirer! Watching CNN and the Times go toe to toe is laughable as to who lies the best…The interesting aspect here is that the media and the Senate had this information about Deborah Ramirez, including Senator Frankenstein and it was not even mentioned… NOT EVEN IN THE SUBSEQUENT FBI PROBE, in other words, the Democratic Senators including Coons and Hirono who have their own sexual dirty laundry knew it was BS and now they will pretend it is the ICING ON THE CAKE to impeach judge Kavanaugh.
    SENATOR Coons threw parties at which cocaine was present in addition to wild drinking and petty crime, according to two former classmates of the Delaware Democrat. WHY AREN’T WE IMPEACHING COONS? Coons attended the wealthy Tower Hill prep school in Wilmington, Delaware, where he graduated with the class of 1981. Coons’ mother married the Gore-Tex waterproof clothing magnate. After moving into a massive ten-thousand square foot mansion, Coons’ mother and stepfather would head to Europe while Coons would host “wild ragers” with “booze kegs” and “white powder.” “Women were everywhere in bikinis,” recalled a former Tower Hill classmate of Coons.
    Senator Hirono is the biggest loud-mouth hypocrite in Washington who sang a different tune in the early 1990s when—HER MENTOR, the late Hawaii Sen. Daniel Inouye—was “credibly accused” of rape and sexual misconduct by 6 women. During the 1992 election, a Republican campaign worker recorded the testimonial of Inouye’s longtime hairdresser, Lenore Kwock, who claimed that Inouye forcibly raped her in 1975 and repeatedly groped her on several occasions after the incident. Kwock’s allegation was largely ignored or downplayed by the media, and the entire Democratic establishment. Horono also failed to speak up in support of any of former President Clinton’s several credible accusers just a few years later. In fact, Hirono wasn’t signing any tune at all, as she remained silent throughout these scandals and most certainly declined to offer any support or an automatic belief to Inouye’s and Clinton’s multiple accusers. What Fu*king double standards and hypocrisy! The Washington Cesspool and the “Deep State” is totally corrupt to its core!

  5. DemonRats…Your lies have finally caught up with you.
    Your credibility is in the toilet, all America needs is someone to pull the handle & flush it.


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