Deescalation: Trump Doesn’t Want "War With Anyone", Wants "Definitive Proof" Iran Behind Attacks

With the war drums beating loudly ever since Mike Pompeo accused Iran of launching the drone strike that crippled Aramco oil production, moments ago the odds of an imminent war with Iran de-escalated materially after President Trump said it was “looking like Iran was behind this weekend’s attacks” on Saudi oil facilities, but added that “he doesn’t want to go war with anyone.”

“It’s certainly looking that way at this moment,” Trump says in response to a question whether Iran was responsible for the attacks.

“I don’t want to have war with anybody” but our military is prepared, Trump says at the White House, where he was meeting with Bahrain Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa. Furthermore, the president said the US is not looking at retaliatory options until he has “definitive proof” that Iran was responsible for attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities.

Still, Trump told reporters in the Oval Office that the US “is prepared” if the attacks warrant a response.

Also notably, when asked if he has promised to protect the Saudis, the president responded “No, I haven’t promised the Saudis that… We have to sit down with the Saudis and work something out.”

Meanwhile, in a separate confirmation that war tensions appeared to de-escalate, the Arab News, the semi-official paper of record of the royal family, reported that the Kingdom’s Foreign Ministry said international experts, including from the UN, will be invited to participate in the investigation to determine who was behind the attack, suggesting that a conclusive determination is at best weeks if not months away.

Preliminary investigations showed that Iranian weapons were used in the attack, which knocked out more than half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production and damaged the world’s biggest crude processing plant, the ministry statement said.

“The kingdom is capable of defending its land and people and responding forcefully to those attacks,” it added.

The ministry said the attack above all targeted global oil supplies and called it an extension of previous hostile acts against oil pumping stations in May.

The Houthis have carried out scores of attacks against Saudi Arabia using drones and ballistic missiles.

Al-Maliki labelled the Houthis “a tool in the hands of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the terrorist regime of Iran.”

The attacks against Abqaiq, the world’s largest oil processing facility, and the Khurais oil field in eastern Saudi Arabia knocked out nearly half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production.

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  1. President Trump is doing the right thing so far, he needs to only respond to this with devastating action. No dickle-doing around. Total destruction of this fungal regime.

  2. We needed to implement regime change in Iran on Nov. 5, 1979 in response to its PUNK move of capturing our people and holding them hostage! We need to bomb Iran ASAP and implement regime change ASAP! Once Iran’s Mullahs are out of power, all the other bad guys (Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, etc)…. will lose their funding and the world will be a more harmonious place!

  3. War with Iran would very quickly lead to WW3! A very bad idea. The real reason is China. If the USA was to go to war with Iran, the Chinese would see it as an effort to seize Iran’s oil and therefore control China’s economy. Something they fear POTUS Trump is already trying to do. The USA can not win a ground war in Asia against China. If they wish, the Chinese can field an army of 200 million men, equipped with modern weapons. Remember also that the Chinese have nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. The only sane decision is no nukes. In a conventional weapons only war, the Chinese will enter the war IF the Iranians loose — for the same reason they entered the war in Korea: China will not allow a superpower on their border.

  4. We are the worlds no. 1 exporter of oil why are we not energy non-dependant. The dimocrats want us to continue to be at the mercy of middle eastern oil producers. The dimocrats made it possible for China to dominate our markets

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