Report: Iran Launched Drones in Saudi Attack From Persian Gulf

Iran fired more than 20 drones and cruise missiles from the northern end of the Persian Gulf to cripple two Saudi Arabian oil plants over the weekend — and the kingdom’s air defenses were useless because they were pointed in a different direction, according to a senior U.S. official.

The official told CBS News on Tuesday that the locations from where the missiles were fired were in southern Iran.

But Saudi forces, the official said, have been aimed south for months, to protect against missiles coming from the Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen.

Therefore, the Saudi weapons were “useless against the missiles and drones coming in from the north,” CBS reports.

One Iranian missile flew through Kuwait’s airspace, the official said, adding that the U.S. was working with several other countries to analyze data on the attack.

A U.S. team has identified the specific types of drones and cruise missiles fired from their work on the ground at the oil operations, CBS reports.

The wreckage was moved to a location outside Riyadh, the Saudi capital, where it will be used to make “a very compelling forensic case” that Tehran launched “a complex and coordinated attack” on Saudi Arabia, another U.S. official told CBS.

The forensic case against Iran will include reconstructed radar tracks that would show the cruise missiles and drones coming from Iran.

Aramco, the Saudi oil company targeted in Saturday’s attacks, said no workers were injured.

U.S. officials already have blamed Tehran for the assault, though President Donald Trump said Monday that it “looks” like Iran was behind the attack.

He stressed, however, that military retaliation was not yet on the table in response to the strike against a key U.S. Mideast ally.

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  1. it’s good for Trump to wait for a report from our allies along with our investigations about the drone strike because if Trump acts in haste and the reports come back that it was not Iran the leftist mob and the democrat party will be saying that Trump started a war for no reason . Even though these democrat fools in Washington might now be calling him out for not acting at least the option is on the table to take care of Iran with military action once the investigation proves them guilty , but once we start a war for no reason there is no taking that back by saying “oops” we made a mistake. If Obama and Biden were running the country they would be asking Iran if they would accept another 150 billion dollars to stop being naughty.

  2. Trump made a very rational decession. First you have to know who is responcible before any choice is made. It looks like Saudi Arabia needs to revamp their defences. Saudis have a problem of who the enemy in their country and who isn’t. They worked with the US in the past and continue. But I stand with what I said earlier; limited help only with a former reqest the aid with some advisers. NO boots on the ground. This something already in place andwe don’t need to add any more.

  3. POTUS Trump, thank you for the wise decision to wait for evidence . . . Now it time to TAKE IRAN OUT! I’m sure the Iranian populace will welcome it. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. Remember that Israel is also to the north of Saudi Arabia and would very much like to see a US-Iran war and Israel has the capability to have done the deed and left phony Iranian “fingerprints” all over it . The consequences of such a USA/Iran war could very well lead to WW3 because China is backing Iran for many very practical reasons.

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