Trump Pounces On Biden-Ukraine Scandal As Whistleblower Story Flips On Dems

Trump’s social media push continues:

While the Biden-Ukraine story has been simmering for the better part of five years under a firm MSM lid, the scandal has been thrust into the spotlight after the MSM peddled a ‘scandalous’ whistleblower story in which a “partisan” G-man reported that Trump made promises to a foreign leader that were inappropriate.

Now, we come to find out that the conversation was with Ukraine’s new president, Volodymyr Zelensky, about reopening the Biden investigation – and that it did not contain a quid pro quo.

And while Democrats’ hopes of finally nailing Trump appear to be melting into their sea of Russiagate tears, Trump is now capitalizing on the turnabout, bigly.

“The Fake News Media and their partner, the Democrat Party, want to stay as far away as possible from the Joe Biden demand that the Ukrainian Government fire a prosecutor who was investigating his son, or they won’t get a very large amount of U.S. money, so they fabricate a story about me and a perfectly fine and routine conversation I had with the new President of the Ukraine,” Trump said this in his opening salvo over Twitter Saturday morning.

“Nothing was said that was in any way wrong, but Biden’s demand, on the other hand, was a complete and total disaster. The Fake News knows this but doesn’t want to report!”

Trump then posted a montage beginning with Biden claiming “Not one single credible outlet has given any credibility to his [Trump’s] assertion.” 

Au contraire Biden:


Trump’s 2020 campaign account chimed in, providing clips of the MSM investigating the Biden claims, along with a report that former Secretary of State John Kerry’s (D) son cut ties with Hunter Biden over Ukraine.

Biden lashes out

On Friday, Biden issued a statement calling on Trump to release a transcript of his July phone call with Zelensky.

“If these reports are true, then … It means that he [Trump] used the power and resources of the United States to pressure a sovereign nation—a partner that is still under direct assault from Russia—pushing Ukraine to subvert the rule of law in the express hope of extracting a political favor,” he said – apparently unaware of the irony that he openly bragged about doing the exact same thing years earlier.

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      1. Thank you Norine for your prayer, President Trump is truly blessed, the prayers are working and he has won over the enemy many times. They even tried to kill him and he is still safe in the arms of Jesus. Amen!

    2. the far Left Dumocrate are the True Russian party in the United State. Literal Communist (Democrates) or using Russian writing by Karl Marx to overthrow the U S government. Down who Dumcrates>

    1. I don’t think Biden deserves assisted living residence, he should go out with the homeless people and get some truth in his head.

    1. DNC is behind the whistleblower hearsay because quite frankly they don’t want Biden to be their nominee just like 2016 they screwed Sanders . How can you attack President Trump on this without acknowledging a blatant recorded quid pro qou centralized by Joe Biden. They put Biden under the bus.

    1. To LMB….
      You can e-mail President Trump and tell him. Why do you Need someone else to do it ?

      Please ” Everyone ” fill up the Demonutz e-mail boxes with How you feel about them and what they are doing to destroy our Great Country.
      I send e-mails Over & Over …..Hope they finally get the message. But Help would be nice.

      PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020……..VP PENCE 2020

  1. Yeah you know what’s a nothingburger when I anti Trump says it’s another Burger so good luck with that MSM trying to always make s*** up as you always do. Now you know why the landslide is going to be huge coming up November 3rd 2020 it’s going to be awesome. To watch the fake news media meltdown once again after President Trump stepped right over them and right back into the White House.

    1. Matt, so correct .When Trump wins again Just think of how Hollywood will melt down and threaten to leave the country but then make fools of themselves and stay. Jerry Nadler will be happy because he won’t need to be laid off because he will have something to do for four more years by holding impeachment hearings and the news media will be crying that this time it was the russians working with Martians from another planet and they landed to vote for trump. Adam Shiff and Chuck schumer will hire Bob Muller to track down these Martians but this time 40 million dollars of taxpayer money won’t be enough for Muller because intergalactic travel will be involved to bring the space men back to testify. Four more years of the democrats and news media shaming themselves and being laughed at by the entire world . (Go Dems )

      1. I love your response Joe, but lets hope the democrat party won’t exist, they will ALL be in prison!!! To save us some tax paying dollars, lets have some of them charged with death penalty.

        1. I don’t believe we have enough prison capacity for such. Traitors should be given a fair trial and then sentenced to in live ten years in some socialist country as far as possible away from the USA, stripped of a passport, a place with no airport or boats available.

  2. When this topic arose with Trump having a “whistle blower” against him, this Biden story has been floating around out there for years where Biden threatened the Ukraine government that America would withdraw the money promised if the prosecutor was not removed form the case that involved Biden’s son. Now, it appears that this Trump whistle blower is another attempt at deflection at its finest from the Dems, in my opinion.

  3. You know….occurred to me that Trump or one of his staff could have cooked up this whistleblower farce as a means to force the lib media to address Bidens dirty laundry. If so….it worked!

  4. It is now so clear that Trump is playing the democrats and the spies that they have embedded in his administration like fools. They are not smart enough or have the common sense to know that they are now the biggest new comedy act in the country but their material is getting old. When Trump holds a rally he has so much material to choose from to roast the democrats and the Trump hating media that we could tune into trump and learn the truth about how the country is doing and get our fill of comedy at the same time thanks to those democrats playing the role as his puppet fools. Keep up the good work democrats, Hollywood and news media Trump haters because all America needs is a beer and you fools to provide all of the entertainment we need .

  5. At first I thought Oh No! Did they find something real this time. But 24 hrs later the Dem’s are lookin like fools again and Trump puts into motion an investigation into Biden. Brilliant!!!

    1. And he also has his lapdog, Barr, block any release of the rull whistleblower complaint. The ONLY way anyone with sense will believe that it is absolutely false is for the report to be forwarded to CONGRESS as required BY LAW. Trump’s defoection, if that is what it is, is 100% ILLEGAL.

  6. Woo, woo, Biden, mafuckr. Ya one guilty cocksuckr, bitch. Ya need to spend some time in the big house. Ya git butt fucked in there, hombre. Maybe ya little boy can spend some time with ya in there. He can git butt fucked too. Yoo, yoo, mafuckr.

    1. It’s one thing to HAVE an accent, and cuss like a sailor; it’s another to WRITE it.
      Are you trying to show the world a particular view of conservatives?

  7. Adam Schiff is going to go down in “The Annuals of The Anuls”. Right behind him is Soros, the Clinton’s and the Obama’s, along with their plot to destroy AMERICA. All because Hillary Clinton lost “her election”, and tried endlessly to overthrow PRESIDENT TRUMP, offering “BOUNTY MONEY” to those helping to dethrone OUR SITTING PRESIDENT! DESPICABLE BEHAVIORS BY RADICALS. They have earned the title “RADICAL LIBERAL SOCIALISTS”, and not Real AMERICAN CITIZENS.

    1. Saw where England gambling houses are betting more on Hiltery than all the other can’t-idates combined. She’s not even running (officially). Wonder if our ally knows something we don’t?

  8. Joe Biden is his own worst enemy-he absolutely can’t keep his mouth shut. Who the hell brags about using his office to force the firing of a prosecutor who is investigating his son? Does he not know this is illegal pay to play or does he believe he’s above the fray and untouchable? He actually did the same thing as Crooked Hillary, but she was smart enough to bury the evidence deep and way too smart to ever say a word about it. He openly admitted to the crime and now denies it-does he not know that in this day and age absolutely everything said by a politician is forever recorded in history (film at 11:00)? If Biden thought what he was doing back then was legal and acceptable, why is he denying it now? It is a typical Democrat ploy to break the law and then accuse another person of being the lawbreaker-Biden is accusing Trump of illegal activity for bringing his criminal activity to the forefront.

    1. All of the above . . .
      If they scream about it, or point fingers, it’s because they have experience.
      It’s human nature for people to see the faults of others before they recognize or admit their own; but demonrats have honed it into an art-form.
      Biden obviously has become accustomed to the security of the Deep State; where anything goes, as long as you tow the line and allow corrupt corporate politicians to bilk the country.
      Remember what your mother told you about bragging? He didn’t listen . . .

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