"What Were You Like At 17?": Bill Maher Defends Brett Kavanaugh In Fiery Exchange With Guest

On his show Friday night, Bill Maher and his panel wound up getting into a heated debate over the “new” allegations about Brett Kavanaugh – yes, the ones even his accuser can’t remember.

Maher surprisingly turned on his liberal comrades, adopting the position that rehashing events from when Kavanaugh was 17 years old hurt the Democrats in 2018 – and could hurt them again. Citing polling from 2018, Maher said that Democrats could have done better in the midterm elections had it not been for the Kavanaugh hearings.

“People did not like going after a guy for what he did in high school. It looked bad and now Democrats are talking about impeaching him again?” Maher said. 

Guest Andrew Sullivan seemed to agree. “He probably did some shitty things in high school drunk,” he said.

And when liberal guest Heather McGhee tried to jump in, asking “May the woman please speak about what this felt like?”, Sullivan shot her down immediately: “Please don’t play that card. You’re making my point.”

When Kavanaugh’s temperament was brought up, Sullivan responded:

“You try maintaining a good temperament when you’re being accused of something, you had no idea it was coming at you, came at the last minute, and that happened years and years and years ago.”

As McGhee tried to make the point that being a Supreme Court justice isn’t just a “normal job”, Maher immediately fired back: “So you’re saying at 17 you have to have your fully formed character?”

He continued:

 “Live in reality, man! That’s who they put up. We don’t have the votes, and now we lost seats! Are we gonna do it again? Ruth Bader Ginsburg said glowing things about him… What were you like at 17?”

You can watch the full clip, via Mediaite here:

via zerohedge


  1. The Dems are lost. They have no leadership, no platform, no solutions.
    They cling to their hate-fueled , jealous attempts to bring down the best president in history all because they can’t accept defeat.
    Interestingly, they have successfully driven away moderates from their own party, not to mention independents and defectors from their disgusting, failing party.
    Keep it up Dems, your antics are assuring a Trump re-election and you losing the house in 2020.

  2. Democrats just keep that shovel digging. The hole has become so deep,no way they will crawl out. We now have the Socialist party of GENOCIDE. Demanding everything that will create massive crime,results in death,civil war, a rulerng class of elites and slaves. The HillBillys started it with the treasonous deep state. OBAMAO WAS THE MARXIST WHO ENHANCED IT. EVERYTHING THAT IS HAPPENING IS WITH MALICE TO DESTROY THE REPUBLIC. AOC,OMAR ,BETO,SANDERS TIOLS OF THE HATERS. THEY KNOW WE ARE NIT STUPID,NOR DEPLORABLE. WE JUST KEEP HANDING THEM THE ROPE. AND THEY ARE TERRIFIED THEIR AGENDA IS NO LONGER VIABLE. WE ARE ANGRY FOR THEM DENIGRATING OUR FREEDOM.

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