Giuliani Hits Bidens With New $3 Million “Ukraine-Latvia-Cyprus” Money Laundering Accusation

Rudy Giuliani leveled serious new claims at the Bidens in a series of Monday morning tweets. Chief among them is a claim that $3 million was laundered to former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, via a “Ukraine-Latvia-Cyprus-US” route – a revelation he claims was “kept from you by Swamp Media.”

Giuliani also says that Obama’s US embassy instructed Cyprus not to reveal the dollar amount.

Trump’s personal attorney then mentioned China – where journalist Peter Schweizer reported Joe and Hunter Biden flew in 2013 on Air Force Two. Two weeks later, Hunter’s firm inked a private equity deal for $1 billion with a subsidiary of the Chinese government’s Bank of China, which expanded to $1.5 billion, according to an article by Schweizer’s in the New York Post.

Giuliani then went on to tweet that the Bidens lied about not discussing Hunter’s overseas business.

On Saturday, Joe Biden said he “never” spoke with Hunter about the Ukrainian energy company that Hunter sat on the board of while being paid $50,000 per month. As you’re doubtless aware by now, the elder Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in US loan guarantees from Ukraine if they didn’t fire the investigator probing the company, Burisma. 

Hunter, however, admitted in July that the two did speak about his Ukraine business “just once,” telling the New Yorker “Dad said, ‘I hope you know what you are doing,’ and I said, ‘I do’

Rudy then lashed out at the Democratic party, which he said would “own” Biden’s scandals if hey don’t “call for investigation of Bidens’ millions from Ukraine and billions from China.”

Here’s what we know about Hunter’s dealings in China based on Schweizer’s reporting via our May report:

  • Hunter Biden and his partners created several LLCs involved in multibillion-dollar private equity deals with Chinese government-owned entities.
  • The primary operation was Rosemont Seneca Partners – an investment firm founded in 2009 and controlled by Hunter Biden, John Kerry’s stepson Chris Heinz, and Heniz’s longtime associate Devon Archer. The trio began making deals “through a series of overlapping entities” under Rosemont.
  • In less than a year, Hunter Biden and Archer met with top Chinese officials in China, and partnered with the Thornton Group – a Massachusetts-based consultancy headed by James Bulger – son nephew of famed mob hitman James “Whitey” Bulger (h/t @Guerrilla_Magoo for the correction).
  • According to the Thornton Group’s Chinese-language website, Chinese executives “extended their warm welcome” to the “Thornton Group, with its US partner Rosemont Seneca chairman Hunter Biden (second son of the now Vice President Joe Biden.”
  • Officially, the China meets were to “explore the possibility of commercial cooperation and opportunity,” however details of the meeting were not published to the English-language version of the website.
  • “The timing of this meeting was also notable. It occurred just hours before Hunter Biden’s father, the vice president, met with Chinese President Hu Jintao in Washington as part of the Nuclear Security Summit,” according to Schweizer.
  • Perhaps most damning in terms of timing and optics, just twelve days after Hunter and Joe Biden flew on Air Force Two to Beijing, Hunter’s company signed a “historic deal with the Bank of China,” described by Schweizer as “the state-owned financial behemoth often used as a tool of the Chinese government.” To accommodate the deal, the Bank of China created a unique type of investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST (BHR). According to BHR, Rosemont Seneca Partners is a founding partner.

It was an unprecedented arrangement: the government of one of America’s fiercest competitors going into business with the son of one of America’s most powerful decisionmakers.

Chris Heinz claims neither he nor Rosemont Seneca Partners, the firm he had part ownership of, had any role in the deal with Bohai Harvest. Nonetheless, Biden, Archer and the Rosemont name became increasingly involved with China. Archer became the vice chairman of Bohai Harvest, helping oversee some of the fund’s investments. –New York Post

And while Hunter Biden had “no experience in China, and little in private equity,” the Chinese government for some reason thought it would be a great idea to give his firm business opportunities instead of established global banks such as Morgan Stanley or Goldman Sachs.

Also in December 2014, a Chinese state-backed conglomerate called Gemini Investments Limited was negotiating and sealing deals with Hunter Biden’s Rosemont on several fronts. That month, it made a $34 million investment into a fund managed by Rosemont.

The following August, Rosemont Realty, another sister company of Rosemont Seneca, announced that Gemini Investments was buying a 75 percent stake in the company. The terms of the deal included a $3 billion commitment from the Chinese, who were eager to purchase new US properties. Shortly after the sale, Rosemont Realty was rechristened Gemini Rosemont.

Chinese executives lauded the deal. –New York Post

“Rosemont, with its comprehensive real-estate platform and superior performance history, was precisely the investment opportunity Gemini Investments was looking for in order to invest in the US real estate market,” said Li Ming, chairman of Sino-Ocean Land Holdings Limited and Gemini Investments. “We look forward to a strong and successful partnership.

Three years later, a crack pipe, two DC driver’s licenses and other paraphenelia would be found in a rental car Hunter Biden returned to an Arizona Hertz location in the middle of the night.

The morning after the car was dropped off, a phone number belonging to a renowned local “Colon Hydrotherapist” called the Hertz. The caller identified himself as “Joseph McGee,” who told the employees that the keys were located in the gas cap as opposed to the drop box.

Amazing how so many countries would scramble to do business with Hunter – a guy with virtually no experience who was discharged from the Navy after testing positive for cocaine – who just happened to be the Vice President’s son.

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  1. This has got to be one of the worst . Just think how all the american families have suffered with the housing markets and how many families lost their homes. This should be seen as treason against America. This should be researched to the fullest. Thank You Mr. Giulian and Thank you Mr. President. The Banks should support you to the fullest. People lost their jobs, homes,credit and their lives. Again Thank You for this outstanding report.

  2. Biden will not be President. Life as he knew it is over. His corruption and greed has caught up with him, and it has to be weighing on his feeble mind.
    Thanks to the lamestream media’s haste to help the demonrats ‘convict’ Trump with the again-unverified ‘whistleblower’ “scandal”, Biden is in the Justice Department crosshairs.
    We are about to watch the beginnings of the Obama/Biden-era-investigation (What should we call it?), and all the swampy political corruption it spawned. Get the popcorn!

  3. I certainly hope that the Bidens sue incompetent Rudy for liable and slander which should leave the moron penniless, especially after his wife rakes him through the coals I can’t imagine why anyone would pay that bumbling fool for speaches or for legal advice. Oh yeah, I forgot he’s working for Trump for free. I guess you get what you pay for.

    1. I hope the Bidens sue Guiliani. Remember when you sue someone, they can counter-sue you and open you up to massive discovery (e.g., interrogatories, depositions, notices to produce documents, piles of subpoenas, demand for admissions). The Bidens can sue, but the truth will beat out their lawsuit. And, then they’ll have to pay Guiliani for whatever he counter-sues them for, and pay his legal fees, which could shoot into the millions.

      1. Never thought about that; wouldn’t it be grand if we could get even more dirt on the Biden’s. Might even have to depose Obummer to find out if Sleepy Joe was really working on his behalf in withholding $$ if the prosecutor was not fired? Maybe some of h is dirt would be dug up, too!

  4. Richard sounds like a super talented Investment Banker! I’m certain he is not a friend of President Trump, but a devout RADICAL LIBERAL SOCIALIST.

  5. Joyce,
    You are clearly hooked on the self serving narrative spewed out of the White House on a near hourly schedule. To believe anything coming out of Trump’s administration, and I do mean anything, you would have to check your brain at your bedroom door every morning before you tune into FoxNews. Have you ever noticed that FoxNews never, ever reports anything that is critical in any way of Trump, his administration, or the Republican Party? Of course anyone whose sole source of news and opinion is the shamelessly biased FoxNews and their far right counterparts on talk radio will be devout supporters of Trump and his toadies……how could they not be? How could they ever learn the truth about what’s happening in the real world? About the incredible corruption of Trump and his administration? How could they ever come to understand just how incredibly incompetent and totally self serving Trump himself is? And more to the point how would they every learn the extent to which they have been conned, been duped, cheated, lied to, and made fools of?

    1. Hmmmm – is this the same 16 year old being mothered by Neubauer an activist PAID by soros and others….
      Man – Swallowswell still proving he’s a worthless POS…….
      Go Impeach – let the civil war begin because it will Americans will only be pushed so far and ya’ll have done NOTHING to represent your constitutes…..AT ALL…
      You’ve lined your pockets and UNFIT to be in DC and any place in the world….
      PLEASE VOTE DEM – I want to see ya’ll suffer especially since ya threw your support behind them in the past…. Ya’ll need to be outta jobs and on the breadline since the dems demand a recession and are doing everything possible to get it…..

    2. Excuse me, but I was a Democrat until I signed up for their e-mail and saw what their “featured writers” were writing. Deepak Chopra wrote horrible articles in which he condemned everyone in Alaska and everyone in small towns of America. This is a second-generation JERK.
      But everything that comes out of the Democrat Party is pure garbage. They are like children. Tit for tat, constantly. And Nancy Pelosi’s father was a politician known for having a very friendly relationship with the MAFIA and he owed them favors.

  6. Hunter (“Cokenose”) Biden has been operating illegal business activities for a long time. Total conflict of interest-he and dad need to go to jail.

  7. Hmmmm – is this the same 16 year old being mothered by Neubauer an activist PAID by soros and others….
    Man – Swallowswell still proving he’s a worthless POS…….
    Go Impeach – let the civil war begin because it will Americans will only be pushed so far and ya’ll have done NOTHING to represent your constitutes…..AT ALL…
    You’ve lined your pockets and UNFIT to be in DC and any place in the world….
    PLEASE VOTE DEM – I want to see ya’ll suffer especially since ya threw your support behind them in the past…. Ya’ll need to be outta jobs and on the breadline since the dems demand a recession and are doing everything possible to get it…..

  8. WOW! Biden is done. He should be charged…why is this familiar….pay for play…..hmmm… familiar…..wasnt it the IRS that brought down the mob? Why isnt the IRS forensically auditing the Bidens….? The only thing that is surprising here is that they were so freaking STUPID……if Trump had not won, these people would be continuing to rape the world… people i mean biden, clintons, far left globalists…but the clintons and bidens are really freaking evil doers….greedy, disgusting.

  9. This Biden corruption was brought up in the past and nothing was done. Just like the Clinton Email Scandal ,Benghazi , Fast and Furious and we could go on and on. What is wrong with this picture? Hmmm

  10. I think Pelosi and the Dems in the House should be more concerned with the ‘very likely’ possiblity of some serious crimes of a heinous nature, alledgedly, involving the former Vice President Biden, along with, his son; Hunter Biden, as possible perpetrators.

  11. Forget accusing us of watching Fox as our only source. I watch NBC CBS ABC so I know and see the total spin on things and you sir Reverend? can believe the dots they try to connect and bullshit they spew are just the sheep they prey on. I have democratic friends that if you try to discuss what’s going on, they are clueless and merely mouth something the media has told them but have nothing to offer to substantuate what they are saying. Every democrat in congress that votes for impeachment needs to be looking for a new pay check next time they are up for election.

  12. Interesting that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats just instituted the beginnings of an impeachment inquiry as Biden and his son are being exposed for the Ukraine and China dealings. I think Trump has them by the “balls” and it’s going to be a field day by presenting the documents and information to prove it in the impeachment proceedings. Trump played the Dims like a Stradivarius.

  13. Yhou, dude, mon. Mafuckin Bidens is guilty as sin. Cocksysuckrs need to be prosecuted, convicted and then sentenced to the butt fuck motel for a lot of years, mon. These mafuckrs need to get butt fucked in the motel, dude. Woo, woo, Biden bitch boy!!!

  14. Never trust a Democrat. They write hateful articles and send them out every morning. I saw their e-mails and realized they are terribly RACIST against whites. Being half-white and half-Asian, I could see that their party was not the party for me.

    1. Hey, agree all you said , guess who am I : I am black man from Africa. All my life , I was taught that there is racism against blacks in America. But contrary to that , the first night I landed an airport in America , I sow opposite of this , which is racism in America reversed. I sow white are pushed down and they can’t say word for fear of accussed racists. And it is an old wisdom , which say. ” The day you fear to say the truth is the you became slave” I am man of color , but let us be fair for every race. In my young days I used ot hear world shouting South African white , who were in power that days. The motto or slogan was ” Majority rule” and finally it happened . But question is : if world compled South African white regime to gave power to majority to rule, Why there is no majority in America.The question is ; who is resposible , what is happening the white who will be replace in demographically soon if what is going is not stopped ? No one except the whites themselves , who hate themselves.

  15. Billions of us(tax dollars) of foreign aid were directed by obama to Biden/Kerry sons Ukraine company. The independent auditor in Ukraine, reported $2.3 billion of the U>S> tax dollars vanished from the company. thanks to Biden bringing Manafort to Ukraine in 2009, to show their crooked politicians how to use shell companie to sneak $ out of the country. Yes, Manafort has been DNC Tax dollar swindler since Clintons hired him in 1997. He also created the Clinton Foundation and secret cash conduit system!

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