Rep. Omar: Biden Doesn’t Have Plan to Tackle Systematic Challenges

Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden doesn’t have what it takes to tackle a lot of the systematic challenges the United States faces, Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., told the Guardian over the weekend.

“There are few people who fit into the kind of progress that we all want to see in this country,” Omar told the news outlet during an event at the Iowa People’s Presidential Forum Saturday. “And I would say he is not one of them.

“I think it has been very clear to many of the people who have been creating the kind of movement that is exciting generations, that we want somebody who really has a plan that is going to tackle a lot of the systematic challenges that we have, and he doesn’t.”

The forum, organized by progressive groups, hosted 2020 White House hopefuls Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg and Julian Castro.

Omar during her speech demanded “a president who realizes we are not just fighting for one election; we are fighting for the very soul of our democracy and what society we want to become.”

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  1. Personally I think our genius founding fathers already instituted a wonderful government plan. The problem is we don’t adhere to Constitution at all. The feds are way out of their lane in a number of areas including education. It’s time for We the People to clean up the mess.

  2. “…kind of progress we all want to see”? Why are those regressive not-thought-through ideas progress? And who is “we all”? Those ideas of which she speaks have not been approved by most of us…which is why her more radical candidate favorites are not the front-runner.

    1. She is a Socialistic Communist! Not an American! She should move back to Somalia where she can presses her IDEAL SOCIETY! We, here in America, we love how our Founders built our Country! We will continue to solve our problems as we have done since 1776!

  3. She has absolutely, no idea what she’s talking about, and most likely, no clue of the subject matter, regarding the venom, spewing out of her mouth
    She hasn’t even, completed her first, full-term in the House of Representatives, yet! So, what the hell is it, that qualifies her as an “Expert” on the subject of ”tackling systematic challenges??”

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