Intel Community Quietly Scrapped Requirement For “First-Hand Knowledge” Before CIA ‘Rumorblower’ Relied On Hearsay

In the months leading up to a CIA whistleblower’s hearsay complaint about President Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the US intelligence community quietly eliminated a requirement that whistleblowers must provide first-hand knowledge of alleged wrongdoings, according to The Federalist‘s Sean Davis.

Then, on September 24 – days before the anti-Trump complaint was declassified and released to the public – a new version of the whistleblower complaint form revised in August, 2019 – the Disclosure of Urgent Concern” form – was uploaded and used by the CIA employee to file the complaint.

And while the public just learned about this a week ago, the whistleblower letter to House and Senate Intelligence Committee chairs Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Richard Burr (R-NC) was dated August 12, the same month the form was updated.

The brand new version of the whistleblower complaint form, which was not made public until after the transcript of Trump’s July 25 phone call with the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and the complaint addressed to Congress were made public, eliminates the first-hand knowledge requirement and allows employees to file whistleblower complaints even if they have zero direct knowledge of underlying evidence and only “heard about [wrongdoing] from others.”

The internal properties of the newly revised “Disclosure of Urgent Concern” form, which the intelligence community inspector general (ICIG) requires to be submitted under the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act (ICWPA), show that the document was uploaded on September 24, 2019, at 4:25 p.m., just days before the anti-Trump complaint was declassified and released to the public. The markings on the document state that it was revised in August 2019, but no specific date of revision is disclosed. –The Federalist

A previous version of the document provided by the ICIG and DNI until recently declared that whistleblower complaints must only contain first-hand knowledge of alleged wrongdoing – and made clear that hearsay, gossip or rumor would be rejected.

“The [Intelligence Community Inspector General] cannot transmit information via the ICPWA based on an employee’s second-hand knowledge of wrongdoing,” reads the prior version of the form, which contains the bolded heading: “FIRST-HAND INFORMATION REQUIRED, and “This includes information received from another person, such as when an employee informs you that he/she witnessed some type of wrongdoing.”

If you think that wrongdoing took place, but can provide nothing more than second-hand or unsubstantiated assertions, [the Intelligence Community Inspector General] will not be able to process the complaint or information for submission as an ICWPA,” the form concludes.

Old form: 

Via The Federalist

New form:

Via The Federalist

And as The Federalist breaks down – “The Ukraine call complaint against Trump is riddled not with evidence directly witnessed by the complainant, but with repeated references to what anonymous officials allegedly told the complainant.”

For example:

“I have received information from multiple U.S. Government officials,” “officials have informed me,” “officials with direct knowledge of the call informed me,” “the White House officials who told me this information,” “I was told by White House officials,” “the officials I spoke with,” “I was told that a State Department official,” “I learned from multiple U.S. officials,” “One White House official described this act,” “Based on multiple readouts of these meetings recounted to me,” “I also learned from multiple U.S. officials,” “The U.S. officials characterized this meeting,” “multiple U.S. officials told me,” “I learned from U.S. officials,” “I also learned from a U.S. official,” “several U.S. officials told me,” “I heard from multiple U.S. officials,” and “multiple U.S. officials told me.” –The Federalist

And if any doubt remains, the CIA employee told Schiff Burr (R-NC) in their August 12 letter; “I was not a direct witness to most of the events,” which is repeated in the actual complaint as: “I was not a witness to most of the events described…

Meanwhile, the complaint contains several false claims noted by Davis:

While the complaint alleged that Trump demanded that Ukraine physically return multiple servers potentially related to ongoing investigations of foreign interference in the 2016 elections, the transcript of the call between Trump and Zelensky shows that such a request was never made.

The complainant also falsely alleged that Trump told Zelensky that he should keep the current prosecutor general at the time, Yuriy Lutsenko, in his current position in the country. The transcript showed that exchange also did not happen.

Additionally, the complaint falsely alleged that T. Ulrich Brechbuhl, a U.S. State Department official, was a party to the phone call between Trump and Zelensky.

“I was told that a State Department official, Mr. T. Ulrich Brechbuhl, also listened in on the call,” the complaint alleged. Shortly after the complaint was released, CBS News reported that Brechbuhl was not on the phone call. –The Federalist

Following the complaint, the Justice Department (DOJ) and Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) deemed the submission to be statutorily deficient and therefore free from reporting requirements to Congress. Under mounting pressure, however, the White House declassified and released the complaint to Congress on Wednesday evening, hours after they released transcript of the underlying Trump-Zelensky phone call in question which refuted grandiose claims made in mainstream publications such as Trump pressuring Zelensky “about eight times.”

Read the rest of the report here.

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  1. What I find fishy is the timing of this… right before a whistle-blower complaint filed on heresay. This stinks. I can’t help but wonder if this was done deliberately to enable this particular complaint. JMO

    1. You wonder ‘if this was done deliberately…’? Are you serious? Of course it was done deliberately to allow 100% second hand information to be ‘legitimately’ included in a complaint. Let’s put this at a personal level. At your place of employment, a female employee who doesn’t like you tells HR that she was told by another woman at the company that you sexually abused her friend. You want to be in front of HR defending yourself against this 2nd hand information?

    2. Dear President Trump,
      Please, please Drain the Fu–ing CIA, DOJ, FBI, Intel Community NOW!!
      Get rid of C. Wray NOW!!
      And you Repub wusses in Congress WAKE THE FU-K UP and START FIGHTING BACK!!!
      Wayne C. Zimmerman,, Sr.

      1. The President was set up especially the changing of the form regarding whistleblowers have to have first hand info was changed immediately before telephone call
        ACHED. i.e. Naidler and Schiff. They have committed a HIGH CRIME!!

      2. To bad there are Not any Congress people like this instead of the afraid of hurting the DemSocialists feelings and letting the USA go down the swamp………

      1. With the blood of tyrants the watering should have already begun. It would be if the Founders were here! Also where’s the military and the so-called defense of our country from enemy within!

    3. Whoever authorized it needs to be put before Congressional hearing and find out who/when/where and how! So Schiff knew about this and said nothing! The little rat-fink needs to be ………, put there whatever you want. I want him out of Congress permanently!

  2. Who approved of this change? They should be fired immediately! Whoever was behind the change is culpable with this fabrication of reality. This entire set up is just that, a set up, and a scam. Now anyone can make up anything without proof or evidence of their allegations. I’ve had things like this happen to me. People have lied about me to superiors. By the time I had an opportunity to defend myself, it was too late, the seed had been planted. This is an attack on our justice system. This is a fraud! We are in a Civil War now. The Left is trying to steal our nation from us. They are trying to destroy our institutions, our Constitution, and therefore our Civil Liberties. This has to be stopped at all cost, and by any means, and that means, any means!

    1. Wasn’t the Russian dossier scam enough for Pelosi and Hillary, that they changed an intelligence form so they can spew out mire lies. Do they think if they throw enough mud, Hillary will win? Whoever concocted this should be indicted for treason. And those who lied need also to be held accountable – the whistleblower should be required to name his sources since ther were so many lies. Then they should investigate Biden and his son. These people are trying to topple our government. Hopefully all US citizens will stand against this.

    2. So any Hearsay Henry or Secondhand Sam can hear gossip and report it under the Whistleblower Statute and receive urgent attention even if they are suspected of political bias or partisanship. Brilliant, just brilliant!

    3. Stan, the tongue can be an evil thing, just like the heart. Gossip is never about good but always about something bad that goes back to ” a friend of a friend of a friend told my friend that you ——- You get my meaning. It is so much better to let gossip stop with the first listener.

  3. If these Demented-Dem-Incompetents were ordinary Shop-Lifter’s they would have been in jail a long time ago, but since they’re privileged bureaucrats they keep their job . . . no matter how stupid they appear to everyone.

    The CIA hay-day was when they were running drugs via Air America . . . all the old dudes must have retired?

    It’s long past time to add the CIA to the Flushing-of-the-Swamp-Act.

    1. The CIA does NOT represent freedom and American values. Long before his death, Harry Truman was sorry for his role in its creation. They have been out of control for decades…and even, many think, may have had a role in JFK’s assassination. There is more work to do than any one President can do…but without Trump, as we used to say in the USN…”we’re screwed, blued, and tatooed!”

  4. This is DEFLECTION to PROTECT Former Vice President Biden Crimes. This is The DEEP STATE OFFENSIVE against President Trump as Senator Chuck Schumer Stated the INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY has SEVEN WAYS TO SUNDAY to GET President Trump we have Just WITNESS The DEEP STATE ATTACK.

  5. This brings to question is the CIA working for the safety and wellbeing of the United states of America or is it politically corrupt and working against the officially elected President of the United States. It would appear that special arrangements by some people in the CIA made document changes in order to initiate the whistleblower submission. Are the leaders of the Democratic party that well connected into the CIA and FBI that they can have documents changed to appease their desired attempt to Frame the sitting President of the United States of America by creating hearsay information. Changing the form to eliminate first hand knowledge and then inserting their own descripting adjectives to try and show intent on the part of the President. What evil corrupt minds democrats are showing of themselves.

  6. YES it stinks like the sh_t hole from where it came from the dem,s are running out of things to cry about so now they change laws so they can make up lies till the election in 2020 but you cam full some people some time but NOT all the time people have seen what the dem,s are trying to do and will NOT stand for it so people get out and vote and get all of your family and friends out also TRUMP 2020 all the way

  7. I wonder why they are called an “intelligence “ committee?
    They sound stupid to me.
    Vote Trump. Join the NRA. Make the “ intelligence committee “ Mad.

  8. What we know for sure is that Joe Biden bragged openly about extorting a foreign government to fire one of their prosecutors in order to get financial aid from the U.S. As the chief law enforcement officer of this country, President Trump has more than reasonable cause to investigate . The Democrats are constantly trying to deny this particular President the powers given him by the Constitution. Biden is NOT the presumptive nominee in 2020 as his slide in the polls proves. Their outcry about this is farcical; but then, so is their whole party.

  9. I think it’s time to throw this bunch of corrupt communist democrats out of the country. They are bought and paid for by george sorros
    Anybody with half a brain can see this anti american corruption and at this point I do not see any other way for the American people to keep our freedom than to drive them out of the country.

  10. What an absolute corrupt Dem party. Run and OWNED by Geo Soros. The Dems create “facts” to fit the crime they are claiming was done by Trump. All of our Intel /Justice Agencies are so infected with crooked /lying Dems. So right before they bring forth this fiction document of Bremmers CIA agent who wasn’t there. Says he heard. They change the rules that the “whistleblower” does really have to have REAL knowledge. Just Heard. So Someone changes the rules of what a WHISTLEBLOWER must actually. In this case this one actually knows nothing. But the CIA agent evidently is for sale to the Dem Party… and the Dems don’t care for truth and honest.M8

  11. I guess the Dems can be corrupt and that our President does not have the authority to investigate their corruption. Wow, to say their is a “double standard” in their politics is an understatement! They must think ALL voting Americans are stupid. Warning: WE ARE NOT! If Trump can’t drain the swamp, the American people will with their voting! The Americans are getting tired of their stupid accusations; they need to do their jobs, that is paid by taxpayers!

  12. Whats really amusing is the democrats have pulled out all the stops in their failed attempts to take down Trump and in 2020 Trumps wins by a landslide the house falls back into republican control, They know they wont be able to beat him in 2020 so impeachment had better work or its game over for them.

  13. My old granny used to say, “You just can’t cover up the stink of a dead skunk.” In this particular case, she’s right on. This whole scenario stinks to high heaven. It’s strange to me that in a court of law, “hearsay” is inadmissible as evidence in a crime. The witness in a court case must have direct knowledge of the crime or his testimony is tossed. Yet, in this instance, our own Us intelligence community has become suspect in the sudden and covert revision of the required complaint form. The closer you get to the skunk’s carcass, the worse it smells. The timing of the complaint form revision is extremely suspicious as it comes right at approximately the same time as the whistle-blower” letter, dated August 12, 2020, was sent to the chairpersons of the House/Senate Intelligence Committees. To add to the stench, the whistle-blower’s lawyer claims it is wrong to demand the actual identity of the culprit–that he deserves anonymity. This in the face of the Constitution which states that the accused has a right to confront his accuser. Concerning this new bogus attempt by the liberal progressive socialist Democrats to destroy the duly elected president, I would have to say–“There’s not enough air freshener in this country to cleanse the decadent smell of the Democrat Party and their vengeful attempts to negate the votes of the American people.”

  14. Lets find out the name of the “whistle=blowers” name & just HOW did he get this information? Until then its bulls___t.

  15. We the People, why can’t we file a Class Action Suit against the Dems for filing FALSE, FRIVILOUS LAWSUITS, that are only intended to promote & convince
    the AMERICAN PUBLIC, by means of RUMOR ONLY, and NOT FACTS, against President Trump……..TIRED OF WAITING FOR THIS TO END THE DEMS,

  16. Hearsay evidence is not legal in courts nor should it be in accusations. If it were that reliable all of the former administration would be in jail now.

  17. This whole whistleblower garbage was created by one of Geo Soros many corrupt groups. They spend years planning how to destroy this country. Dems just waiting for orders from Geo on who to destroy next. Remember the woman chasing Flake into the elevator protesting Kavanaugh. She was a Soros employee paid a $6 figure salary… Just a protester off the street.There is no way that this “whistleblower” should have been accepted. And now he is making $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ by GO FUND ME. Easy way for the Dems to pay their stooges.

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