Inquirygate: Did Pelosi Just ‘Prorogue’ The US House?

Authored by Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth blog,

It took just 4 months after the deplorably failed Mueller probe of alleged Trump links to Russia, for the Democrats to raise the next -faded- red flag, Ukraine. And they do so in a manner that reminds me, personally, a lot of what happens in the UK. That is, the process has now moved on to what is legal or not and who decides what is or not.

Nancy Pelosi apparently has been told by her legal advice that it’s okay for her to move ahead with an inquiry, that she can even label an Impeachment Inquiry, without following established Capitol Hill procedure. Needless to say, them slopes are mighty slippery. Because if true, it would mean she can call the ‘other side’ offside for as long as she wishes.

She would, in effect, prorogate the US House the same way Boris Johnson tried to do Parliament in Britain. And not by shutting it down from the outside (Boris as PM) but from the inside (using her powers as Speaker). It would appear it’s time for every American to pay attention, because this could have grave consequences far into the future.

Pelosi’s plan is to not have a House vote on initiating the inquiry, but to just go ahead and have one, and stealing the name Impeachment Inquiry for it. Why? Because she thinks that way she can have only Democrats ask questions, issue subpoenas etc., while House Republicans could only sit and watch the spectacle (not what they were elected for).

I am not a lawyer, let alone a constitutional scholar, but when I read these things there are a million red hot five-alarms going off in my head. Because this is not about enacting the law, it’s about circumventing it. Just because you have a House majority cannot mean you can simply ignore the minority, or procedure. That would turn democracy into a proxy dictatorship. You don’t want to go there, not even if you’re a desperate Democrat.

But she seems to have made up her mind. So now we face Trump not being allowed to investigate what Joe Biden was up to in the run-up to the 2016 election though his party could turn that same run-up into a 3-year Social Counsel probe, which turned up emptier then .. well, you fill it in. It is something to behold.

At the same time, though, there is no Impeachment Inquiry, even if Pelosi calls it that. The White House today will send a letter to a judge contesting exactly that. A House Impeachment Inquiry has a procedure, and if she doesn’t follow that, the White House will deny it’s actually happening.

Now, if you follow the headlines this week, you wouldn’t know this. because they all talk of impeachment. But you can’t get impeachment without following the official procedure, and Pelosi doesn’t follow it. The media just go along for the ride without caring about procedure.

And obviously you can’t watch this theater and not think that Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff et al have not thought about stretching out this whole tragedy for another year, right on the eve of the 2020 election, or even beyond. That they think allegations about Russia, Ukraine and China will help them win.

Because it’s clear that flouting procedure the way they try to do in the House will inevitable have to lead to court decisions, and eventually to the Supreme Court. They’re counting on the damage they can do to Trump while the courts decide. But it won’t just be damage to Trump, however it turns out, it will be damage to the entire country.

And you would think both sides of the aisle recognize that, if we do, but there are very few if any signs of that. Everyone’s gearing up for a very big fight because everyone else in their echo chamber is. The problem is, whatever happens, and whoever becomes president, the dividing lines will only become deeper and darker.

AG Bill Barr, along with the State Department and DOJ, and whoever else is involved, will release multiple reports from investigations conducted by US Attorney John Durham, DOJ IG Michael Horowitz and potentially others. The Dems and MSM viewpoint appears to be that is was fine to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Trump’s links to Russia, but not Democrats’ links to, well, anyone at all.

And that is just not okay. I saw this very short clip of John Brennan saying:

“I think I suspected there was more than there actually was.”

And that’s supposed to atone for 3 years of incessant smearing? It’s ridiculous. Brennan is ridiculous.

And yeah, I know that’s Fox, and I know I’ve on occasion had to turn to right wing media for news because the MSM have closed ranks and ‘report’ only on one side of the story. Sue me for wanting actual news.

None of this negates the fact that we’re in for ever bitter fights, up to and including at the US Supreme Court, ever more, to decide who rules the country. Just like in Britain.

I don’t think that’s what the Founding Fathers had in mind. At least, unlike Britain, they cared enough to write a Constitution. A lot of good that did.

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  1. Pelosi thinks that she’s the President. No way. Not now or ever. She and all of her co-conspirators can stay up at nights scheming up ways to remove President Trump from the office that he was elected to hold but all of their conjecture, innuendo and misstatement of our laws will get them nowhere. Dump the Democrats in 2020! Keep America Great and Free!

    1. These latest stung of the Dems on the Hill should kill the Dem party for decades. some of dumbest of all times are on the side of the aisle. I thought Water and Shella Jackson Lee (named after slave owners) were nut but they don’t hold a candle to Schiff, Nadar, Pelois, etc.

    2. She could be if something drastic happened to both our President and Vice President. She probably wishes that every day since she is third in line for the Presidency in event of a catastrophic event. How the House members ever re-elected that piece of scum to Speaker of the House is mind-numbing, to say the least. It really boils down to the VOTERS–these are the folks who can remove these scumbags out of office; the only other options are impeachment of the wayward Congressmen/women and Senators or recall by the States who sent them to Washington. Apparently, the public doesn’t want to unite against these elected foes.

  2. All Demoncraps are Lying, Corrupt, UnAmerican, Ignorant, Godless, satanic POS. They aren’t worth the powder to blow them back to Hell from whence they came. These socialist, sycophants of satan have one mission which is the total destruction of America. Beware of the Beast “Demoncraps” they will make a wasteland of your home and theirs and not think twice about it. Shakespeare had to have these Demoncraps in mind 400 years ago when he wrote something which mirrors everything these Demoncraps allege: “A tale told by an Idiot, Full of sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing!…Remember, A Vote for any Demoncrap or RINO(same thing) Is A Vote for satan!

  3. If it’s up to Fuhrer Pelosi, Conservatives will simply be ignored or eliminated. This mad woman has got to be stopped! Where are the Republicans? Why are they not raising hell?

    1. Agreed. Where are the educated conservatives who have a voice and skin in this game of American politics????
      Where are the American heroes and veterans who have given blood to keep our country free of tyranny and socialism???
      We can no longer remain silent and sitting on the sidelines growing obese in our complacency.
      America can not tolerate any aberration of her freedoms. It is the responsibility of all Americans to keep the wolves at bay and protect every word and precept of our constitution. All of our lives and our children’s lives depend on our protection of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
      Stop being politically correct and coddling to special interests that number fewer than several percent of our populous.
      “If we surrender some of our liberties for the sake of security, we deserve neither.”

  4. Pelosi and company will do anything to keep the GOP from responding. But I do not think that will work. I hope the GOP shuts them down. I believe they will if none other than a veto/negative vote. I have been collecting data against the Dems for their underhanded tactics.

    1. Jerry ;
      While there is no doubt in my mind that the data that you have is accurate, no one is going to pay any attention to it because , like me and the rest of “WE THE PEOPLE ” have absolutely no say in what is going on in Washington!
      Our voices will never be heard because WE are not CROOKED people, WE are the victims of CROOKED PEOPLE who only care about not being cought with their hands in the cookie jar !
      Face it Jerry, “WE THE PEOPLE ” DON’T COUNT in the political world!
      So we are basically, we have no say in anything political , we are Deplorable Unpeople!
      And unfortunately we get to sit on the sidelines and watch the game of Lies and Deception by the CROOKS that WE allowed to stay in office well past a reasonable amount of time!

  5. I am sick and tired of one political party or the other, contesting that siince their candidate didn’t win the election for president, they are going to do every thing in their power to block any thing he/she tries to do for the country. By putting their political views first instead of country.., I will vote out anyone and everyone that no matter what party affiliation out of office, until they the office holder realizes that it is the voters that elected them, and can make sure they don’t get re-elected, until they do the will of the Majority of the citizens who voted them in office.

  6. If Pelosi can play these stupid games with semantics and screw up the way Congress does things thereby infecting how they work into future generations, according to this article. My question is, are the Republicans that inept that there is no countermove to take Pelosi down or out? Pelosi is a fine example why there ought to be term limits.

  7. The demonrats do not recognize the Constitution as written. They want to rewrite ,or create an entirely new document that includes all their perversions and limits freedoms, or does away with citizen’s rights altogether.

    The ‘Impeachment’ crap Pill-osi and Schiffty are parading across the nation with the help of their rabid media cohorts is a smokescreen to fool as many dummycrats as possible before the 2020 election. They have been trying in earnest to rid themselves of the big bad orange guy, but nothing has worked. Now she has to pull out the big gun, and hope she can still aim it.

    She is a very shrewd woman. She has learned all the illicit tricks of the corruption trades since she was first elected. She tries to match Trump’s chess abilities; but so far, he has beaten her at every turn.

    She knows what she is doing is illegal, and will be challenged, and she may not get away with it; but all the clamor and clattering that will continue well past the SCOTUS stop-order, by their complicit media whores, will inadvertently sway some errant voters back to their folds. How many we may not know, but they are using time-tested strategies. They know their constituency are sheep, and heavily dependent upon a parental government. The demonrat base (the dummycrats) are disrespected and even despised by their politicians, but they either don’t mind or don’t care as long as they get their freebies. Even Hitlery said, “Democrats are easily fooled”, and Pill-osi said that “a glass of water could get elected in (AOC’s) district, if it were on the ballot”.

    The best way to get rid of these demons is to VOTE RED for EVERYTHING; local, state and federal.

  8. Pelosi and Schiff and Biden are trying to push the impeachment quickly because Pres. Trump is on their scent. He knows THEY are connected to the Ukraine! They are trying to get him out as quickly as possible so that everyone focusing on Pres. Trump and impeachment and NOT on THEIR ties to the Ukraine! And once he is out of office, no one will continue the narrative about their ties to the Ukraine.

    This is one reason Biden loses his mind when the media ask him about his son and their connection to the Ukraine. What most people don’t know is that the Ukraine has been investigating Hunter Biden and his company Burisma since 2016!!! That is BEFORE the election! So Trump was not involved at all!
    They are investigating money laundering with Hunter Biden and Burisma!
    They don’t want anyone focusing on them nor do they want to be investigated because they know the truth will come out. They are hiding much more than most Americans know!
    They want Pres. Trump out because he is on to them and their socialist agenda and he’s getting in their way.
    How did the whistleblower law just so happened to be changed from allowing “only firsthand knowledge” to allowing secondhand, gossip, or hearsay and just so happened to be changed right before the whistleblower filed an official complaint???? Coincidence????
    HARDLY! Look into lying Schiff since he lied about talking to the whistleblower at all when we know the whistleblower talked to Schiff and his committee BEFORE filing a complaint. I have NO doubt that the complaint was a group effort and Schiff was the main person involved in writing the complaint. The whistleblower is just a pawn in their game.
    And now that this whistleblower’s complaint isn’t working, they suddenly have a second whistleblower waiting in the wings? Sounds like Kavanaugh’s trial! Blasey-Ford’s testimony wasn’t working so they made up another person to testify. Sound familiar??? It should!

  9. It looks like old big lips big mouth ugly racist deplorable communist democrat Maxine slob pee waters is running scared 😱 get out your toilet paper 🧻 big mouth 👄

  10. MY FELLOW AMERICANS, we all seek justice and freedoms such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Until we take our country back from those who would pervert our culture and freedoms, we will continue to pay for these people. We must end “lucrative political careers”. End taxpayer paid golden parachute retirements. We must end lifetime positions such as judges who remain for many decades. I am not condoning lawlessness, but rather eliminating the possibility of taking advantage of our system and controlling the people against their collective will. Allowing special interest groups and corporations to gain power over the people, we have surrendered our free will and personal freedoms.
    to make America free once again will require each of us rallying everyone we know to take our country back from the fascists who would have us bend to their will.

  11. Have we all forgotten the crimes Hitlery, Obama, etal…have committed against the American people over 4 decades? Have we also forgotten the viscous attacks against those who dared to run against Obama – the slander he and his democratic campaigners systematically used to eliminate his opponents insuring his win into the oval office? I agree; the Democratic party needs to be eliminated period. They have blind sided the American people, robbed us of our money, social security, bankrupted us, dictate what we can and cannot do or have, lied to us, made promises to get elected but never intending to follow through with those promises, stealing our children for profit, taxing our hearts and soles to line their greedy pockets, ignore us when we go to them with any issue concerning any crimes committed against us by their cohorts, and have even murdered many good people who stood in their way. We do need to wake up, stand up, and remove these crooks (while we still can) or our children/grandchildren’s futures are doomed. President Trump has done nothing wrong to incite any of this except to vow to drain the swamp, hold accountable and arrest the crooks in this govt. This is exactly what the Democrats are so afraid of. This is why they are conducting their never ending witch hunts against Trump as well as Kavanaugh and anyone who has any moral sense. The people are the power, and if we don’t use that power to right these wrongs, to deliver this nation out of tyranny and bondage, then we will have no choice – can not cry and whine – when we no longer have any of these rights.

  12. Certain rights kick in only after a formal vote is held in the House to start an “Formal impeachment inquiry”. What Pelosi has going now is NOT what she is erroneously calling it. It won’t BE a formal impeachment inquiry until President Trump’s constitutionally mandated “Due process” rights are respected and provided. Anyone who ever took a civics class knows that the 5th Amendment guarantees that “NO person shall be held to ANSWER for…a crime…NOR be deprived of life,liberty,or property WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAW”.

    Pelosi KNOWS that without a formal vote, the minority (Republicans) as well as the President will not have subpoena authority nor will a minority counsel be afforded.

    Furthermore, It is the House JUDICIARY Committee that handles Impeachment Inquiries and NOT the House Intelligence Committee.

    Pelosi is depriving President Trump of his constitutional due process rights and by so doing is violating her very oath of office. What the Democrats are doing by not following proper protocol and due process is unconstitutional on it’s face.

    If an Impeachment process is not conducted within the parameters of the constitution and due process is not provided to the official being impeached, any part of that process that was not in keeping with the constitution will certainly be REVIEWABLE by the U.S. Supreme Court.

    I suggest that Pelosi take this advice seriously lest she find herself in a legal bind facing an impeachment of her own.

  13. Pelosi’s son, paul, was arrested in 2014 for security fraud. HIS company was corrupt. He somehow slipped thru the noose and went straight to the ukraine where he sat on the board of directors positions for 2 corrupt energy companies….pelosi AND her son…..produced a commercial for the energy company…….how about that…..? Biden, Biden jr….pelosi….pelosi jr….all mixed it with the corrupt ukraine energy companies…and that is not all…..the more these companies donated to the clinton foundation….the more weapons the govt was given…looks like pay for play…

  14. Pelosi has lost her way and definitely her mind. She has got on the short bus to hell like Nadler, Schiff, Cummings, AOC and the rest of lowlifes in the democratic party. They have lost all respect from us as Americans. And they will lose the 2020 elections for the presidency and there seat in office. So to all you dumbass dems go ahead and keep playing your game. We the republicans have already won this pathetic fight that you the dems have started. DUMBASSES!

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