Report: Giuliani Under Investigation for Lobbying Violations

    Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, is being investigated by federal prosecutors in New York for possible lobbying violations.

    That’s according to a report Friday in The New York Times, citing two anonymous people familiar with the inquiry.

    One of the Times’ sources says the investigation is related to Giuliani’s efforts to undermine former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

    Two Florida businessmen tied to Giuliani were charged Thursday with federal campaign finance violations. The men had key roles in Giuliani’s efforts to launch a Ukrainian corruption investigation against Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden and his son Hunter. A whistleblower complaint about Trump’s involvement with Ukraine has led to an impeachment investigation.

    The U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan declined to comment Friday night on the Times report.

    Giuliani has said he has broken no laws, though he admits working with the men trying to find out information on Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, on work he did serving on a board of Ukrainian energy company.

    Giuliani told the Times he did not violate U.S. laws because he was working on behalf of Trump and not Ukrainian prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko when he gathered information on Ambassador Yovanovitch and others to give to the U.S. government and the media.

    “Look, you can try to contort anything into anything, but if they have any degree of objectivity or fairness, it would be kind of ridiculous to say I was doing it on Lutsenko’s behalf when I was representing the president of the United States,” Mr. Giulian told the Times.

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    1. BY the way, WHO is the source?? You people, ie Times, CNN, MSNBC, etc., are VERY GOOD at having UN-NAMED SOURCES to your FAKE NEWS. But NEVER ANYONE that will STAND UP AND SAY what they SUPPOSEDLY KNOW!!!
      WE THE PEOPLE are SO DONE with listening to your garbage!!

    2. It’s all part of the anti American globalist communist socialist fake news propaganda DO NOT BUY IN TO ANY TO THIS BS Hitler did the same thing wake up America! It’s going to get worse and worse they cant win so they will lie cheat and steal !!
      If you love America the land of the free and even if your a Democrat or Republican you can only vote for one President Donald Trump hes trys to save America znd restore the rule of law to all you Democrats out there open your eyes !!! For the love of country and God open your eyes and learn the truth . Your party has been lieing to you for years there the socialist party and there hell bent on distorying America and taking control of your life ..
      God Bless President Trump
      Trump 2020 !!

    3. Demo’s just trying to take down another person that is part of President Trumps inner circle…..they just can’t help themselves…..they are (Demo’s) running scared because they know that all their corruption will be brought pubic and will do anything to stop it.

    4. NYT they always seem to have anonymous people. Doesn’t NYT have any names for people? I wonder how they address each other, hey you, meat head, pea brain, and what other name callings they use. If this were real persons bringing up accusations, they should not be afraid to speak or say their names. According to all those liberal judges they should and will be protected, by their laws. And I believe the person being accused has the right to know who this anonymous persons are.

    5. Well the message is clear. the deep state has power over all in our government. If you do anything they do not like they will get you even if the need to create a witness who of course will not testify in public. Now it seems you can be tried convicted by a letter others claim not the truth but is believable. Surely the militia’s are preparing, God be with them.

    6. The Deep State Slime O Rats and the Socialist Dim-o-rats are so afraid of what he might uncover and expose about them and their dealing that they are pulling out all stops to try and discredit him or rig up some bogus charges to try and remove him from the equation. President Trump has exposed and caused them great harm so far by exposing their crimes for which they by all rights, should be charged and brought to trial to face the public for their crimes and illegal activities.

    7. “WE THE PEOPLE are SO DONE with listening to your garbage!!”

      Right-on. It is high time the Democrat political machinery’s insistent use of smoke and mirrors came to the realization that a rat — nor a donkey for that matter — is equal to the power of a raging elephant.

    8. The timing alone says: “This is BS!” The “unnamed sources” confirms this is BS!” Giuliani is Trump’s personal lawyer and has been doing a bang-up job of showing the Biden family (among other democrats) to be dishonest, connivers, unscrupulous, corrupt and liars. The democrats have to silence him and this is their tactic. They want him to be personally damaged by these “unnamed sources” and their story. Why? It is simple and time tested move. Now that they have shifted attention to him, he will have less time to work on blowing the lid off the Ukraine story as he will have to concentrate on defending himself. Plus, it makes President Trump look bad for having a “person of questionable ethics” as his attorney. The BS is perfect and straight out of Saul Alinsky’s rules.
      Who used to be in charge of the NY District US Attorney’s Office? Can’t remember if it was it Comey or Lynch.

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