Rep. Jim Jordan Asks 17 Awkward Questions About Pelosi’s “Impeachment Inquiry”

Rep. Jim Jordan has been among the most outspoken critics of the farce that is the Democrats’ “impeachment inquiry,” and tonight, in a series of tweets, the Ohio congressman asks the uncomfortable questions that the media seems unwilling to.

“There has been a lot of noise since Speaker Pelosi decided to call for impeachment before having the facts. Here are a few important questions:”

1. Why did the “whistleblower” write an 800+ word memo describing President Trump and President Zelensky’s call based on second-hand information gleaned from a conversation that lasted just a few minutes?

2. Why did the “whistleblower” wait 18 days to file the complaint after describing the call as “frightening” in their memo?

3. Why and when did the “whistleblower” communicate with Rep Adam Schiff’s staff before filing the complaint?

4. Why did the “whistleblower” hide from the ICIG that they met with Rep Adam Schiff’s staff by not checking the box on the whistleblower form indicating they had spoken to Congress?

5. Why didn’t Rep Adam Schiff tell us his staff had met with the “whistleblower?”

6. Why didn’t the “whistleblower” just give his memo to the Inspector General, instead of a seven page complaint dressed up with extraneous citations and media references?

7. Why is Rep Adam Schiff holding hearings, depositions, and interviews behind closed doors?

8. Why won’t Rep Adam Schiff release the transcripts of these interviews, instead of leaking cherry-picked information that fits his narrative?

9. Why won’t Rep Adam Schiff take questions from the press after these interviews, like Republicans have done?

10. Why does Speaker Pelosi think we need to “strike while the iron is hot,” instead of taking time for serious and thorough investigative fact-finding?

11. Why is Speaker Pelosi scared to have a vote to open an official impeachment inquiry like it’s been done every other time?

12. Why do Democrats keep making up the rules as they go along, instead of following a fair process?

13. What work did the “whistleblower” do with a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate?

14. Why do Democrats and the media keep falsely claiming President Trump pressured Ukraine? President Zelensky has repeatedly said that he wasn’t pushed.

15. Why don’t Democrats trust the American people to choose the President? The election is less than 13 months away.

16. Why won’t Democrats focus on helping the country, instead of attacking the President with this unfair and partisan process?

And finally, and perhaps most importantly…

17. Why won’t the media ask these questions to Rep Adam Schiff or Speaker Pelosi?

And no, these are not rhetorical questions!

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  1. The truth is not in the democrats, no point in asking them.

    Luke 12:2 “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known”.

    Matthew 10:26 “Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known”.

    God’s word is truth, trust father God almighty and praise him greatly.

    1. You seem to know the Bible so well and quote it all the time tell me then with all the sincerity you can muster why oh why did GOD alow HITLER to massacre over 11 million JEWS ESPECIALLY SINCE HIS SON IS JEWISH .

      1. I believe no one speaks on God’s behalf but a prophet. To presume someone that is alive today can answer your question truthfully is somewhat dubious. Quoting Scripture, pondering the actions of Hitler and questioning the unfolding of man’s history at the behest or allowance of God is not exactly rational is it ? Why not just wonder why God allowed the creation and birth of “a Hitler” and there have been many such type persons though they didn’t massacre His people. There are descriptions in the Bible where the Hebrew, the Israeli, the Jew, whatever your nomenclature, were killed in mass. Did you question those actions. Patriot ?

      2. Why do you not get your facts straight, snowflake? It was 6 million Jews not 11. I love how people who are trying to question the existence of God ask these stupid questions. Why did He create this beautiful world? Why did He give people free will? Why did the Germans blindly follow hitler? Why are we asking questions that we will not get answers to and probably don’t need to? I am not God and I do not have all the answers to a lot of questions; but, I am smart enough to know that God is doing what is best for me whether or not I (or you) can see that.

  2. Remember Nancy Pelosi is the one that said “We need to hurry up and pass this (speaking of Obamacare) so we can find out what’s in it. What she really meant was let’s hurry up and pass this because it will be harder for them to get rid of.


      1. seeing your comments here and your screen name,all of it is an insult to “Real American Patriots”. There has never been ,in the real world, a STINKIN democrat, who was a Real Patriot to America ! That’s A FACT ! STINKIN democrats are TRAITOR TRASH ! they are doing their best to destroy this Nation and prove it daily ! They have teamed up with the STINKIN muslimes, which we know beyond a shadow of a doubt,hates America ! So, better to just keep your blowhole closed, than to show everyone that you too suffer from the “L.O.C.S. Syndrome”! It’s called the ” Lack Of Common Sense Syndrome” and every STINKIN democrat TRAITOR TRASH suffers from it ! That’s A Fact !

  4. I haven’t heard a DEMOCRAT or Rhino that I would trust. None of them are interested in our Country. They consume their lives with trying to remove a President who was voted in office instead of doing anything positive for AMERICA. They want free borders, the American taxpayers to support Illegal aliens, free healthcare for the lazy people, including the Illegal aliens, and they want to destroy America by removing our Constitution and making our Country into a Socialism with the DEMOCRATS ruling all aspects of our lives. Socialism is nothing but slavery with the government taking away our rights away; our freedom of speech, our freedom to worship, and taxing us until we have nothing to support ourselves and our families. Only uneducated and completely ignorant people would want a SOCIALIST COUNTRY.

    1. Then your definitely uneducated and ignorant and you might as well add stupid to that chumps tax cuts are the epitome of socialism take from the poor give to the rich never make the top 1% ever pay any tax give 83% of cut to the top 10% meanwhile raise tax on the working stiff it’s called reagennommics just remember they call it capitalism cause your to dumb to know any better it’s been working very good also because for the first time in America’s history the top 10% payed less percent tax then the bottom 90% top tax 23.2% bottom tax 24.3% yes indeed socialism working just as retardicans planed it to work and because the vast majority of our population can’t do basic 1st grade math you’ll never figure it out just re-read your post the stupidity is there for all to see.

      1. If you want the full on socialist experience, go to prison. You will eat the same food, wear the same style clothes and shoes, live in a same size room, with the same furnishings, your health care will be taken care of. You’ll be assigned a job for which you will receive very little and the rest of the proceeds go to state. You’ll have everything you need, for a while, you just won’t have a life. Don’t forget the minders who make sure you’re doing what you should. All socialism does is spread the poor. It uses up all the money generated from capitalism and then collapses upon itself. They only way socialism can be enforced is at the point of a gun, because no one wants to live like their in prison. Socialists see all that money being made and they can’t wait to get their hands on it and stuff some in their own pockets.
        Not to be petty, but before you start correcting others, you might want to take a course in grammar and learn the difference in homophones, particularly your use of ‘your’ and you’re’.

        1. Maybe you should know how to use The or They when making a point.
          Until then don’t try to correct one’s grammar until you can improve yours.

  5. Good questions ! Now Rep Jordan it’s time to step up and get answers. Jail time. Dem do that to Republican all the time.

  6. I would like him to ask these questions at a hearing. Enough is enough. It makes me sick that this is going on. Hillary should be in jail, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden should be in jail, actually most of the democrats should be locked up. And lets not forget Obama he knew what was going on…he is nothing but trash! I feel for the ones that has been harassed by the deep state and their lives ruined. If we don’t keep President Trump in office they could be coming after you, you or me. Get out and vote…TRUMP 2020!🇺🇸

  7. The only thing they run on is, “Get rid of Trump”, because they can’t do anything right because all they know is hate right.
    What will they do for America if they win? Trump would be gone and what will
    foreign affairs, the border, our economy, etc. do?
    America the best thing you can do for America is vote HATE out.

  8. Why won’t the whistleblower make himself known? Is he afraid the truth will come out, it will hurt Hillary, and he’s not ready for an assisted suicide.

  9. You are retarded – socialism has never worked will not ever work or can work – just shut up and go away mr liberal asshole

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