LeBron James Sides With the Chinese in Spat Over Detroit Pistons Coach’s Pro-Hong Kong Tweet

Lakers star LeBron James just sided with the oppressive Chinese government over Americans wanting free speech and freedom seekers in Hong Kong:


That is sick and disgusting.

Reaction was swift and harsh:

The NBA is no longer represents America and has lost its way.



via thefederalistpapers


  1. Did this half wit even graduate from high school.

    What a total dumb ass un american jerk Most of the violence there is done by the police, and there is a suspecion that much blamed on the demonstrators may actually be plants from the mainland.

    James does not have the IQ of a piss ant .

    1. Don’t think IQ is the problem. It’s the application of it. Even a little research into Communist China reveals their continued vicious persecution of various faiths-not just Christians, but also Muslims and Falun Gong. Even where they allow some religious expression it is tightly controlled. Another hideous thing is organ procurement from ‘undesirables.’ Intellectual property theft is huge and longstanding, but pales alongside human rights abuses. The thing I don’t understand about the ip theft is that the Chinese are intelligent enough to invent and devise all on their own, so why steal ? Maybe just because it’s easier and faster ? I thought they were supposedly too proud for that. And let’s not even start on adulterated foods and drugs!

  2. I don’t buy NIKE at all! This is what has become of our Country. MONEY MONEY MONEY…how much is enough? I would like to see empty seats at their games. These people in Hong Kong are fighting for their rights and this person thinks it’s okay what is going on over there. I personally would like to see all these communists loving Americans move to China and stay there.

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