Twitter Paves Way For Trump Ban With New Content Rules For World Leaders

Twitter has announced new rules governing how they will now treat world leaders’ accounts, making clear that certain content will result in “enforcement action,” according to a Tuesday press release.

“There continues to be meaningful public conversation about how we think about Tweets from world leaders on our service. We welcome the conversation and want to share more context on our principles and process for reviewing reported Tweets from these accounts,” reads the statement.

When it comes to the actions of world leaders on Twitter, we recognize that this is largely new ground and unprecedented. We understand the desire for our decisions to be “yes/no” binaries, but it’s not that simple. The actions we take and policies we develop will set precedent around online speech and we owe it to the people we serve to be deliberate and considered in what we do.

Our mission is to provide a forum that enables people to be informed and to engage their leaders directly. We also have a responsibility to the people who use Twitter to better explain why we make the decisions we make, which we will do here. -Twitter

That said, world leaders are still to be afforded far greater leeway than the general population, as they state ” the accounts of world leaders are not above our policies entirely.”

For example, the following areas “will result in enforcement action for any account on our service” regardless of who it is:

  • Promotion of terrorism;
  • Clear and direct threats of violence against an individual (context matters: as noted above, direct interactions with fellow public figures and/or commentary on political and foreign policy issues would likely not result in enforcement);
  • Posting private information, such as a home address or non-public personal phone number;
  • Posting or sharing intimate photos or videos of someone that were produced or distributed without their consent;
  • Engaging in behaviors relating to child sexual exploitation; and
  • Encouraging or promoting self-harm.

Twitter says that in other cases involving world leaders, they will err on the side of leaving content up if there is a “clear public interest in doing so.


“With critical elections and shifting political dynamics around the world, we recognize that we’re operating in an increasingly complex and polarized political culture. These are constantly evolving challenges and we’ll keep our policies and approach under advisement, particularly as we learn more about the relationship between Tweets from world leaders and the potential for offline harm.

This post seeks to provide clear insight into how we address content from world leaders on Twitter today, and will serve as our statement on the decisions we make, rather than our teams providing feedback on individual Tweets and decisions. We’ve also updated our dedicated Help Center page to provide a significantly more detailed breakdown of how we make decisions regarding the use of the public interest notice.

Our goal is to enforce our rules judiciously and impartially. In doing so, we aim to provide direct insight into our enforcement decision-making, to serve public conversation, and protect the public’s right to hear from their leaders and to hold them to account.”

So just how long will it be before Twitter is strong-armed by Schiff et al. into leveraging these new rules to ban one of their most-followed users?

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  1. Wow, to bad they don’t enforce the “threat of violence” for everyone. To bad they only dislike conservatives. I don’t Twitter because they are so hypocritical…

    1. I don’t either and never will – the got that rich because of us and all the advertising Company’s.
      If we want to change anything – “Quit them” period !

  2. Twitter? Why would you want to go on Twitter? A nazi run business. The owner is a dictator. How idiots become millionaire fools is just sickening. The president needs to Twitter to kiss his butt. Hey Twitter owner, how’s it feel to be unamerican and a douche bag?

    1. You do realize, don’t you, that twitter is a private enterprise. Like any corporation, they can make the rules for using their product.

      1. You believe they are doing it for the good of their business? No, it’s censorship of our President. He knew long before election day that the MSM controlled tempo and release of propaganda at their desired times and pitch. He knew MSM was already bought by the left and he didn’t want them reporting or speaking for him. I wasn’t expecting Fox News to start turning into a liberal platform until spring of next year before election but i guess now that twitter has come out and said they are going to censor President Trump, it’s time to change now. All hands on deck for the collusion of the political, corporate and media world to overthrow our President. All we can expect is lies from here on until November 2020. To bad it’s illegal to have a purge of the populace.

      2. Private business? There is no larger PUBLIC forum than the net.. A flower shop or funeral home might B considered private. Twitter is no different from the propaganda.fishwraps IE: Wapo & nyt.. Twitter is just larger much devious/influential.

  3. “clear public interest in doing so.”

    And Twitter gets to determine what is a “clear public interest?” Sorry, but neither you nor your employee minions don’t have the ability to define what that is except to your own liking and internal terms.

  4. Twitter is owned by Google as I understand. It would not surprise me if they block him. They hitched their wagon to China long ago.

    That said trump really doesn’t need them too much. He can walk to the end of his driveway and talk to a crowd. Everyone is a reporter these days, and that’s good.

  5. I only joined Twitter to follow Trump. If he goes. I go and so will millions of others. Twitter, Google, Amazon. They all think they can turn America into a Police State and suppress free speech. Who are they to be the arbiters of what can and cannot be heard?

    1. Carol, you’re talking about private corporations. They don’t make laws, ergo they cannot create a police state. But they have a right to set the rules for people to use their products. If you don’t like the rules, don’t use them.

  6. This is so wrong Twitter is biased against our president Trump cause their is many violent threats from antifas and asshole democrats that is allowed just wrong Twitter you suck

  7. I am hoping that someone would develop an alternative to facebook and twitter for social media, and they alter their bias or lose half of their members.

  8. I would think that president trump can make law regarding censorship and political platforms….Facebook, Google, Twitter, msm, print magazines and newspapers, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN……these are all political platforms. They are not news. They are propagandas. And should be licensed as such. They should have their broadcast licenses taken from them as well as the social platforms who claim they are broadcasting news. They are broadcasting and censoring for the good of their politics..that makes them propaganda. Take their licenses. Trump needs to have their licenses suspended.

  9. Under the “Encouraging or promoting self harm.” rule Twitter should BAN itself because as a organization, Twitter promotes and/or tolerates all kinds of abhorrent behavior associated with LBGTQ, Climate change non-science, loony left idiocy, abortion attacks on the FRST and SECOND Amendments and FAR too many other ding dong nut-works to mention.

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