Jill Stein Challenges Hillary To Debate After “Russian Asset” Smear

Authored by Eoin Higgins via CommonDreams.org,

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday made the baseless claim that Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party’s 2016 nominee for president, was a Russian agent—an allegation that was met with derision from Stein and an invitation to debate.

“In light of the latest slanderous allegations from Hillary Clinton, I challenge her to a debate,” tweeted Stein.


“It’s a shame HRC is peddling conspiracy theories to justify her failure instead of reflecting on real reasons Dems lost in 2016,” Stein added.

Clinton, who lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump, made the comments in an interview with David Plouffe on his Campaign HQ podcast.

“She’s a Russian asset,” said Clinton.

“I mean, totally.”

The former secretary of state also claimed that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), a hopeful for the Democratic nomination in 2020, was compromised by Russia.

“She’s the favorite of the Russians,” said Clinton, who also claimed that Gabbard is being set up to run third party. “They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far.”

The comments didn’t sit well with Noah Schachtman, editor-in-chief of The Daily Beast.

“I hope Hillary has solid evidence for this,” said Shachtman.

“Otherwise, it’s an incredibly fucked up thing for someone of her stature to just blurt out.”

According to The Washington Post, Clinton has yet to back up her remarks:

Clinton did not provide any evidence for her claim, though a spokesman later insisted to CNN, “This is not some outlandish claim; this is reality.”

Progressives responded to Clinton’s conspiracy theories with ridicule.

“Hillary’s comments about Tulsi just make totally clear how ridiculous the Russia conspiracy crowd has become,” said journalist Krystal Ball.

Grayzone journalist Aaron Maté called Clinton’s comments “vile” and centered them in the context of the broader narrative of Democrats smearing opponents as “Russian dupes.”

“The delusion runs deep,” said Maté.

As The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald pointed out, Clinton herself is no stranger to conspiracy theory slurs.

“This is on the level of those who accused Hillary of murdering Vince Foster and running a drug ring out of that Mena runway,” said Greenwald. “It’s unhinged and shameful—but completely in line with standard Democratic tactics.”

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  1. We can now say and write with certitude that Hillary Rodham Clinton is certifiably mentally ill. She has now given us proof in her own words by accusing Stein and Gabbard of being Russian agents.
    On, and BTW, Pres. Donald Trump is Stein’s and Gabbbard’s Russian handler. Right Hillary?

    1. She is so deluded she might at any moment say that Pres. Trump has Putin locked up in the basement of the WH. Oh no, did I just give the Dims an idea?

    2. More Dem Party unhinged insanity. They now eat their own. Cant wait til the Dem party implodes. They’ve plunged so far down the bottomless abyss there’s no return

  2. Yes, thank you, HRC, for blowing it 100%. You’ve spent years hiding your mental break downs and ill health, but your arrogance at blurting out the matters you have previously schemed and whispered only in private will end your now. Yes, Joe Biden and Eliz Warren have only been placeholders, but now you are out for good. Good Riddance, too.

  3. Everyone in her eyes is a Russian spy or sympathizer That’s why she paid all that money to try and get President Trump impeached. She’s more commie Russian than anyone

    1. She and Putin are in love~~ not with each other, but with American uranium. Putin wants it and Hillary wants to sell it but alas, Putin couldn’t get her elected as hard as he tried. So, in typical communist style, Hillary accuses everyone else of what she really is.

  4. Where is the realalty to this she has lost her mine it’s like toon town here lately couldn’t look at tv not even Radio they all are pushing this stuff lol but it coughing up to them they can’tkeep up with which one to
    run with but I hope everyone see what the Dems an the Obama’s group has done to our country now we have to rebuild our government an those how toke it upon them self to try an fix the election it was the Dems an Obama’s gang

  5. Deep State traitors are everywhere! The evil corrupted to the core liberal demonrat Commie Nazi’s party, minions, useful idiots and worst of all, the RINOs(Bolton, McConnell, Lee, Moran, Murkowski, Portman, Toomey, Wicker, Blunt, Graham, Collins, Gowdy, Mutt Romney, Rubio and you know the rest of the traitors ) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested swamp, President Trump! Prevent the coup from happening and prosecute to the full extent of the law all these treasonous rats of the deep state! Protect the President and the country patriots like your life depended on it!

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