San Diego Officials Confirm NEW Wall is Working

Democrats will not be happy with a recent revelation made by officials in San Diego.

The new wall is working.

According to Fox News:

In November last year, a caravan of hundreds of migrants approached the U.S.-Mexico border near San Diego and faced old landing-mat border barriers erected decades ago. Border agents say the migrants simply trampled over it as they sought entry into the United States to claim asylum as part of migrant waves that would overwhelm authorities.

How effective it is being in terms of both deterring migrants and stopping crossings is tough to calculate. One thing that is clear is that the erection of the barrier is coinciding with a sharp decline in apprehensions, although correlation does not necessarily equate to causation. In August, there were 3,326 apprehensions in the San Diego sector, down from 6,880 in March and 5,884 in May.

That reflects a border-wide trend that has seen apprehensions along the border as a whole drop almost 65 percent since May, as part of a multi-faceted strategy from the administration that has included not only barrier construction, but also agreements such as the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) — by which tens of thousands of migrants have been returned to Mexico while they await their immigration hearings.

Harrison said that while the wall makes a significant difference, it is hard to state categorically how much of the decline can be attributed to the wall alone.

The new wall not only lowers apprehensions but allows the border officials to make the arrests closer to the border and not in border communities.

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  1. The Democrats want crime and murder to rise that’s why they fight to contain illegals. They are going to let terrorists cross to spite voters and our President. They will destroy America to fill their lust for power. When they get it this nation will be as hell. The commies will rule with an iron fist.

    1. That is the reason why the war needs to get started now. We need to get rid of as many of the democrats as we can. They are devil worshippers and we can no longer live together. If we don’t do it a lot of people will be sorry later. I’m old enough that it might no affect me but for you younger people it will makes the difference between living free or living as a slave.

      1. I have to revise this a bit. I’ve been noticing the last month or so a lil bit of a change in the way the people on CNN & MSNBC are asking questions. It’s very slow and subtle. Friday night on Cooper Anderson 360 with Kamala Harris she says that Rudy Giuliani has broken a lot of laws and Cooper ask her which laws he had broken? She got to stuttering and said she didn’t know yet they would have to find out. A month ago Cooper would have never put her on the spot like that. Whoopi Goldberg said on the view the other day that some conservatives has done some good things. Are they finally coming to their senses or is God changing things coming out of their mouths. Maybe God doesn’t want a war after all maybe we should leave it to him to fix things. We know that everything the democrats have tried against Trump has back fired on them. Matt 19:26 tells us with God all things are possible. I’m thinking more everyday that God will take care of us. I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t want for us to jump the gun ( no pun intended )

  2. Deep State traitors are everywhere! The evil corrupted to the core liberal demonrat Commie Nazi’s party, minions, useful idiots and worst of all, the RINOs(Bolton, McConnell, Lee, Moran, Murkowski, Portman, Toomey, Wicker, Blunt, Graham, Collins, Gowdy, Mutt Romney, Rubio and you know the rest of the traitors ) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested swamp, President Trump! Prevent the coup from happening and prosecute to the full extent of the law all these treasonous rats of the deep state! Protect the President and the country patriots like your life depended on it!

    1. I remember in the 60’s Krushchev warned us that communism would conquer America “from the inside”, after the cold war resulted in nuclear stalemate and military takeover was not possible. It does seem like they have permeated every aspect of American society and government. YDR5

  3. But you know we can’t just sit back and wait for God to fix things.
    We need to start walking and doing so God can guide our steps, protect us and bring us to victory. We have to take dominion over the earth, show our mastery in problem solving, evolve our soul.
    Because God has gifted us with free will, we need to pray and invite him into our affairs if we want intercession.

  4. I am a proud Hispanic American that grew up in and loves this country for all it has given to me and my family.
    Just so everyone knows lot of Hispanics support the wall because like everyone else we see the inherent dangers of just letting anyone into our country without knowing what their intentions are.
    For decades everyone knew that you could come into the America the right and legal way but these people have chosen to ignore our laws and with the help of Socialists like George Soros they have tried to cause upheaval in our country.
    If you really want to know what is really going on in our country watch the video on utube by Glen Beck called the Democratic Hydra, it will explain why the Socialist Democrats what to get rid of Trump before he causes any more damage to their movement. After you watch it tell everyone you know about the video so it can get out to the masses because utube is trying to hide it.

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