Has Pierre Delecto Killed Mitt Romney’s Political Career?

Authored by Graham Noble via LibertyNation.com,

To begin with an entirely objective statement: Rational people, when considering the worth of any politician, find nothing more distasteful than the politico in question deliberately concealing his or her true feelings, opinions, or policy agenda. All of us want our political representatives to be “real”: to stand on principle, say what he or she means, and mean what he or she says.

How many currently elected politicians measure up to that expectation is debatable, of course, and it is difficult, for most, to judge them fairly. Supporters of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) would no doubt argue that she is entirely principled and honest about her political intentions. Her detractors, meanwhile, would describe her as evasive at best and downright dishonest at worst. Similarly opposing views might be applied to President Donald Trump or to any member of Congress.


Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), who – it could be argued – suffered an almost inexplicable loss to President Barack Obama in the 2012 election, is one of those politicians who has tried hard to portray himself as eminently principled, morally upstanding, and an all-around decent man. To be sure, he has done things in his personal life that lend credibility to such an image. What if it turned out, though, that Romney – until now – had secret social media persona for the primary purpose of defending and boosting the image of none other than Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney

Enter (on Twitter) Pierre Delecto. Sounding more like a 1970s porn star, Delecto is the Mr. Hyde to Romney’s Dr. Jekyll – only, we must presume, without the homicidal tendencies. As Delecto, Romney spent most of his time trying to make himself look good, defending himself to reporters, and bashing Trump. He may or may not also have been delivering pizzas or cleaning the pools of shapely but lonely wives. If Pierre had a PhD, we might have expected Dr. Delecto to be plotting world domination from a secret, high-tech bunker beneath a volcano.

To be fair, the senator is not the first politician or senior government official to use a false identity online. Former FBI Director James Comey, Former Attorney General Eric Holder, and Trump himself have all done so – and they are just a few of the ones we know about. Obama communicated by email with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton under a false name – presumably so that he could deny any knowledge of the latter’s use of private email accounts to conduct official business.

Romney’s Delecto, though, was focused on praising and defending himself and on undermining a sitting president from his own party. This makes the ruse all the more disdainful – especially from a man so obviously concerned with public image.

In fact, Delecto is known to have tweeted only ten times since December 2015, so it would not be fair to make this matter into a constitutional crisis. It is worth speculating, though, about how much damage Romney might have attempted to inflict upon the current president in the run-up to a possible impeachment trial and the 2020 election had Delecto not been exposed.

Tiring Of Secrecy

As popular as he may be within the Republican establishment (and that is no more than speculation), Romney is not at all popular among conservative voters. He has always been a “never-Trump” Republican, which hurts him even more in the current climate. The outing of Pierre Delecto may be the final nail in the coffin of his political future – if for no other reason than the pure ridiculousness of it.

More than ever, Americans are growing wearing of secrecy and duplicity. The feeling that almost nobody within the interlocking circles of politics and media can be trusted is looming ever larger in the conscience of voters: The anonymous sources, the so-called whistleblowers, the leakers, the fake social media accounts: All add up to a widely shared consensus that the nation’s lawmakers and reporters cannot be relied upon to present the nation with the unvarnished truth. Is it not time for America’s journalists and politicians to be held fully accountable – in the court of public opinion, at least – for their own words and actions, without hiding behind secretive informants and fictitious personas?

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  1. I am totally disgusted with Mitt. I actually consider myself a good judge of character and I even supported him in the past. But he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a liar and a traitor to the people who elected him. I wouldn’t give him the sweat off of my butt if he was dying of thirst. All IMO.

  2. TERM LIMITS CONVENTION PETITION, termlimits.com/petition…click on the take action tab.please sign and ask everyone you know to sign. These career do nothing politicians will not even consider term limits and they have become rich off the backs of taxpayers….have spent millions of taxpayer dollars on securing the boarders of other countries and their citizens at the cost of US Military soldiers lives, while refusing to securing our boarders and protect US Citizens and Legal Immigrants. They will stop at nothing to try and destroy our constitution and turn the USA into a socialist country with them in charge-
    Put the USA back into the hands of US Citizens and Legal Immigrants and the only way to do this is through a term limits convention…hundreds of thousands of signatures are required…Take our Country back!! Please sign and ask every one you know to sign

  3. RINO, a pompous ass! He’s a globalist, egotistical idiot & …… shall I go on for 24 hrs non-stop? He needs to resign and go back to Utah.

  4. Actually, Mitt Romney, is from West Bloomfield Michigan an affluent suburb on the Westside of Detroit. “A spoiled little rich kid.” Who went to school back East and Left the Detroit area when they were experiencing “White Flight”
    Mitt Romney’s father was an auto executive, who later became the Governor of Michigan.

  5. i voted for Mitt in 2012 I must admit–He has really disappointed. His anti-Trump nonsense is pathetic. I have no respect for him anymore. Sad for me to admit that but he just was all bout “MITT”

  6. In 2012, Mutt was the Republican choice; I had to vote for him. He is now a has been. He is a “was” in the political sense. He is now a trojan horse, similar to McCain- RINO. When I see my aunt from St. George, I’ll discuss with her.

  7. Mitt the Mutt is a MUGWUMP!

    ImageWikipedia › wiki › Mugwumps
    Mugwumps – Wikipedia
    The Mugwumps were Republican political activists who switched parties from the Republican Party by supporting Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland in the presidential election of 1884. … After the election, “mugwump” survived for more than a decade as an epithet for a party bolter in American politics.
    Political position: Center-right
    Split from: Republican Party
    Leader: Henry Adams; Edward Atkinson; Charles Francis Adams Jr.
    Merged into: Democratic Party

  8. So what’s his next name going to be? I wholeheartedly supported him and Paul Ryan on their run for President/VP. I’m so glad they lost – they are NOT who they portray themselves to be. They are both total sell-outs and the only interests they serve are their own and those of their “donors”. Globalists, elitists, bought and paid for politicians. Disgusting. Drain the swamp. Clear out all of DC. Term limits and no second runs – that would keep people like Romney from getting back into office. He, Ryan, and all of the never-Trumpers just need to sit down and shut up – they couldn’t win and they seriously can’t handle the fact that Trump did. No more fake politicians. Utah, wake up! This guy should NEVER have been elected to office again. Hopefully you make it right the next time.

  9. I remember several years ago a cartoon of a plump bird described as a Mugwumps, sitting on a fence with his/her mug on one side and their wump on the other. Just saying.

  10. Blasted spell checker, should have been Mugwump, not plural, unless one can envision a flock of them on the fence, which isn’t too hard to do.

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