CNN Mocks Republicans Storming Impeachment Hearing As ‘Bunch of White Men’

Everything at CNN centers around identity politics, and even the storming of the private impeachment hearing was made into a race issue.

A panel on the CNN show “New Day” mocked the Republican Congress members who stormed the hearing because of the color of their skin and their gender.

The mockery mainly came from a white CNN senior global affairs analyst Bianna Golodryga who called them “a bunch of white men.,” as if it was an insult.

Rush Transcript:

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Joining us now CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin and CNN senior global affairs analyst Bianna Golodryga.

Jeffrey, the hypocrisy is stunning. Because we remember the Benghazi hearings. It wasn’t that long ago. You know, for Watergate, we have to rely on —“

JOHN BERMAN: People as old as Jeffrey.

CAMEROTA: People as old as you, Jeffrey, to come out and tell us what happened, OK? But with this one, we remember Benghazi.

And they held the hearings in private. And they had their reasons. They stated them at the time. They thought it would be less of a spectacle.

And now three years later, they’re storming the SCIF, the secure room, with their cell phones, which is not allowed, to try to create a spectacle.”

JEFF TOOBIN: Last night on AC 360 there were several references to one of the congressional leaders of this ridiculous protest.

And he’s a congressman from Alabama named Mo Brooks. But I kept hearing Mel Brooks. Because it’s so much sound — I mean, this whole spectacle yesterday seemed like something out of a Mel Brooks movie.

You know, this protest to be allowed inside when many of the members of the protest were actually members of the committee.

They could have walked in at any point. You know, it’s a sign of desperation. You know, they captured a news cycle. But I don’t know what good that news cycle did them, because they looked like such jerks.”

GOLODRYGA: Yeah. You thought Mel Brooks, I thought an episode of ‘Veep.’ I mean, it really looked like a stunt. And you saw a handful of women.

Other than that you saw a bunch of white men. And I just thought to myself, this is not what America looks like right now. Right?

And so I don’t know what the point is they were trying to make by storming this hearing. Serious issues, serious ramifications are coming out of what we’re hearing from the people who are testifying, who are life-long diplomats that have served this country.

And this is what follows. And it comes as you said, two days after the president said that Republicans need to fight harder.

CAMEROTA: Right. [crosstalk]

GOLODRYGA: This is all they have? I’m sorry, you know, the facts speak louder than these public protests.”

TOOBIN: Although it may be enough. I mean — I mean, the Republican Party remains so united behind the president that the prospect for 67 votes in the Senate still seems pretty remote unless I’m missing something dramatic.

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  1. If the Corrupt News Network is Talking about the Republican Party they are only putting up a “Fake Frontal Defense” and they’re leaving someone else alone while scrambling for “Ratings”by their biased,bumbling ,
    opinionated story inventing tale tellers ……………………………………………………

    1. I think it actually is pronounced “gold digger”, if you are referring to the talking head on the Communist News Network.

  2. CNN has a bunch of ridiculous hating staff.
    Always mocking the Republicans and président Trump.

    I am glad they stormed in.
    Why? Because they love to plot lies and are extremely unfair.
    Democrats are very desperate to bring our President down that, they’ll do anything, then it blows up in their face.

    They all need to be taught a lesson.
    One they’ll never forget for the remainder of their life.

    1. CNN is a bunch of racist. All they see is color, and of course if they can put one color against another then they are in hog heaven. Sick….

      1. Steven Turley had a video that says the ratings of CNN and other “progressive” venues are imploding. It can’t happen too soon for me!

    2. The Republicans who stormed the hearing represent yet another example of the inability of the President and even members of Congress to understand the process and purpose of impeachment. Half of them had the authority to attend hearings, at least those on whose committees they served. In addition, Republicans, though in the minority, serve on the committees. The Constitution allows the House to carry on investigations as a lead up to presenting articles of impeachment to the entire House under rules they created. The rules under which they operate were set years earlier. Neither their rules nor the Constitution mandate open or even public hearings. As for the comments made by a few of the House members, they certainly don’t get it. Impeachment is a political not a criminal process, meaning a crime under our laws does not have to exist. Any misconduct that endangers the country or suggests a misappropriation of one’s authority for personal gain falls under “high crmes or misdemeanors.” Because it is not a criminal process, the person under impeachment consideration does not have the same rights as they would have in a criminal investigation. Whether the public has access to either the proceedings in the House or the trial in the Senate, headed up by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (not Mitch) remains the call of the House and the Senate. In addition, by bringing cell phones allowing Representatives to take photos or recordings, they broke security protocals. Overall a stupid and childish stunt.

      1. Thanks CNN staffer. The only misconduct that is currently endangering our country is the democratic party that can’t get over the fact that they lost an election. The fact that they do the same stunts and consider them acceptable when they do it but “endangering” a country when the other party does is shows that these hypocrites are not concerned about the country but just their pathetic party and staying in charge.

      2. time for a revolution in this country the old system isn’t working any more and needs to be replaced
        do away with having Congress as a job twp terms and you are done EVERYONE has to comply
        the divide between people is growing and so stupid to be ridiculous
        Committees need to be held by citizens not politicians their power needs reduced along with the courts
        the courst should ne able to make rulings that only apply to their district and not the Nation

  3. CNN you look like a bunch of jerks! Your reporting is nothing but a bunch of lies & hypocrisy! And quite refering to the term a bunch of “white men”, you are being racist!

  4. CNN is a total corrupt bunch of non-reporters whi hate our President and dont care about our country. They should be shut down for their fake news corruption.

  5. I was beginning to think someone super glued their buts to the chair. First time the Republicans got off it in three years. I thank them for finally getting up. The Democrats have not accomplished anything in Three Years either. Because have one thought Lie About Trump. We need the whole bunch gone so we can get back to having a working Government. Beginning to believe in One Term. Maybe they can stay awake for few years.

  6. You all should remember it was the White People that gave the Poor Colored people the Black People the African People a free life and free education and free Medical and free Medication and free housing and free transportation and gave them a free Life and your still not happy your now mocking the white people who see violations in Law and stepping up for the way life should be under the laws of this country, remember it was the White men who gave the Black community all they have today you were poor with nothing and starving and we gave you SSI and your now living off that SSi now doe over 60 years and the White man gave that to the people that had only 72 % of the intelligence of the White man, the smartest Black man the smartest Colored Man has 28% less in the mentality of any White man and is over 50% Smarter than any African and your still not happy now your attacking the people that gave you Life, that gave you a Free Life to live in America, you each should be ashamed of yourselves, and maybe it is time for all the colored and Black men and all African People to go back to their home countries and leave the white people alone because it comes to not one of you are worth the trouble the White people had gone through to give each of you a free life, and you better not hope we have another Revolution because all you Africans and Black people and all You colored people will be exported from America we are sick and tired of taking care of free loaders. That is all each f you are and the media should awaken from the illusion you too cannot be touched as there is a rude of wakening coming for each and every one of you!

    1. Mr Sadowski, most of your anger is justified, but I think you need to calm down and consider some of the things you are saying. Surely you don’t believe your doomsday scenario could ever come out. I have had some good interactions with black Americans while serving in the USN. I have also had some TERRIBLE occurrences when my family and I lived in an urban environment. Terrible! But somehow we’ve all got to come together in faith, and believe in healing and restoration. I have no reason whatsoever to believe you are anything but a decent man who has become fed up with frustration. Be well, sir!

  7. next to pocahantus and crazy eyes, cnn is the next biggest laughing stock……they call the race card when they have nothing else….being a person of color, I am tired of their race card rhetoric….Glad I am no longer a dem!!!

  8. you cnn people are stupid if you were watching it was not only white men there were women also women of color so quit your lies and if anyone is raceist its you haters at cnn.

  9. What is wrong with the dems? They keep lying and KNOW they are lying with a straight face. The dems have caused this unrest in our country; Obama really did a number on us true Americans. I don’t care what your ‘color’ is: a patriot is a patriot, and dems have humiliated themselves by stirring up a pot that was perfectly “mixed” until their HATEFUL comments reared their ugly heads. Do your jobs, dems, or get out!

  10. Crappy News Network (CNN) IS not worth listening to, they should lose their license to broadcast anything. They are owned and operated by DEMENTED DEMONCRAPS. They are not worthy to even be called a News Network. They will meet in Hell with most of the Demoncraps. when the end comes for them.

  11. Is CNN even relevant anymore? Does anyone over school age even watch them? I know at my gym they have a CNN dedicated tv in the eliptical corner that the young college girls salivate over, but otherwise I don’t think anyone watches them. I know they pay places to have them on, and seeing them makes me want to vomit. The way Big Brother Anderson Cooper stares down at his viewers like a Mount Olympus god on high, I dunno I guess they know their viewers are stupid.

  12. CNN is a racist network and the Federal Election Commission should look into their undocumented inkind political donations to the DNC.

  13. Just by using the term “…bunch of white men” is racist in itself. This is what we have learned to understand what cnn is all about. The sooner they are off the air the better this country will be.

  14. I’m ALMOST sorry for cnn that the puppet masters make them look so STUPID…….They really are stupid if they think America can’t see through their LIES…LOL Stupid is as STUPID does!!

  15. When children are in their playroom and all is silent it would be a pretty negligent parent who didn’t go to check on them and see if everything is alright. Schiff and his buddies need regular monitoring to make sure they don’t harm themselves or others.

  16. It’s going to be interesting as to how the bias new’s media will handle the event’s of the up coming criminal investigation concerning Obama and his henchmen will be reported It sad that an industry that the American people relied upon has gotten to this point because of an individual The President which is going a good job,upsetting Clinton’s apple cart. The Democrat’s in Washington are seeing what a business man in Washington can do (Make American Great Again) There nothing i would like to see is Adam Schiff in stripe’s

  17. At this point I feel that cnn and the rest of the msm are actually domestic terrorists. I say that because they instigate racism and violence , especially against whites and men in particular.

  18. CNN mocks everyone who doesn’t
    agree with what THEY say! Such integrity
    For journalists who don’t necessarily believe
    what they say but PRINT what they’re Told!

  19. Just more gum flapping liberals playing at adulthood. Had it been the other way around they’d have been praising the commie party for their bravery.

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