Professor Says Grading, Good Grammar Are Examples Of White Supremacy

Authored by Evan Weaver via The College Fix,

Ball State University recently hosted a presentation to “engage with the question of how English language practices in college classrooms contribute to white supremacy.”

“Freeing Our Minds and Innovating Our Pedagogy from White Language Supremacy” was the title of the 75-minute guest lecture given on October 14 by Asao Inoue, a professor and the associate dean of the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts at Arizona State University.

“We are all implicated in white supremacy,” Inoue said during his presentation, co-hosted by Ball State’s English department, university writing program, and Office of Inclusive Excellence.

“This is because white supremacist systems like all systems reproduce themselves as a matter of course,” he said. “This includes reproduction of dominant, white, middle-class, monolingual standards for literacy and communication.”

White language supremacy, according to Inoue, is “the condition in classrooms, schools, and society where rewards are given in determined ways to people who can most easily reach them, because those people have more access to the preferred and embodied white language practices, and part of that access is a structural assumption that what is reachable at a given moment for the normative, white, monolingual English user is reachable for all.”

“Your school can be racist and produce racist outcomes,” Inoue said.

“Even with expressed values and commitments to anti-racism and social justice.”

In one of his slides, Inoue states that “grading is a great way to protect the white property of literacy in schools and maintain the white supremacist status quo without ever being white supremacist or mentioning race.”

Another slide dealt with possible objections to his theory (shown below).

As previously reported by The College Fix, Inoue is known for advocating that students should be graded based on the “labor” they put into their work, not the “quality” of the finished product.

“We must rethink how we assess writing, if we want to address the racism,” Inoue wrote in his 2015 book “Antiracist Writing Assessment Ecologies: Teaching and Assessing Writing for a Socially Just Future.”

In another paper, “A Grade-less Writing Course that Focuses on Labor and Assessing,” Inoue argued that writing teachers should “calculate course grades by labor completed and dispense almost completely with judgments of quality when producing course grades.”

During his presentation at Ball State University, Inoue said that in order to succeed in even the most liberal and forward-thinking institutions of higher education today, a person of color has to act, think and sound white to some degree.

Inoue’s call to action was for students to consider the language they use and question how what they do in college is another version of what he described as society’s long-standing inherited, structured, normalized, eugenic, and white-supremacist project.

How do we innovate ourselves out of this historical racist project so that we are engineering together, a bigger, more diverse, more equitable braver, more beneficent, tomorrow?” Inoue asked the audience.

Inoue’s presentation, which included a question and answer session, was in front of a packed crowd. Some students attended as part of a class assignment.

“We have to take field notes for ENG 220: Language and Society, where we relate what we are talking about in class to real life examples, and that talk was one of them,” Hannah Sullivan, one of those students, told The College Fix.

Sullivan said she agreed with what Inoue said about grading in terms of motivating students.

“Grades within themselves often take away from the learning process as the focus becomes more about memorization of information rather than learning and exploring the information,” Sullivan said.

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  1. As far As I can see EVERYONE can choose how they speak, how they pronounce words and are able to learn the meaning of these words…A child starts out not being able to speak at all and learns as they can ANYONE that wants to………No one can control what color they are born… theyCAN control how they want to learn…..No one can make a person speak and sound a certain way…..It is their choice…..end of story…..STOP the racist rhetoric…It’s getting very old and boring….

      1. The a$$hole professor was the director at University of Washington Tacoma, and has worked at the University of Arizona, and is now at Ball State University in Indiana. This guy is nothign more than a crap-stirrer, and is of the indoctrination of young minds. It makes you wonder if he had to move, due to his idiotic belief.

        1. What ever happened since S. I. Hayakawa? Great man. Spoke to my high school assembly in Chicago with a talk, “Antics with Semantics”. He spoke on how best to use the language and even have fun with it (English).

          He later became President of San Francisco State where he personally broke up a radical student demonstration, jumping on a truck and ripping out the wires on their PA system, and booting their useless butts out of the school. Oh to have a college administrator with balls again?

          Later elected US Senator from California. The weenies hated him.

    1. If this professor actually said that “Grading, Good Grammar Are Examples Of White Supremacy”, then he sounds like HE IS endorsing white supremacists. After all, good grades and good grammar aren’t bad things. What a dope. Why do we give these kinds a job in teaching. Are we suicidal? It’s going to get worse here in America, not better, if we keep hiring leftist whacktoids who can’t even make sense in their own short statements.

  2. I’ll give Asao Inoue a grade he richly deserves: FFFFFFF. His are the ramblings of an idiot. If a person was born in England, France, Germany, China, Japan, South Africa or any country, his or her ability to succeed in life has a high possibility of having the requirement to speak the country’s language properly, with correct grammar, spelling and with a reasonable vocabulary. So it is in the United States. To relate this to “white Supremacy” is imbecilic!

    1. I would have to agree James, Asao is an idiot. Let’s use the “words and grammar are not important” argument the next time we are called into court over a contract that we signed. Let’s see how the judge sees it!

    2. Yep. Continue speaking only French as if it is our native young and you are worthless for most jobs.
      People will become ert especially wn tey ur tat jasbo.
      Do not get mad at me when I use slang. U spos tu kno er you dissien me.

  3. I published my first article when I was 14 have been nationally published for the last 52 years and this man is full of crap. I will never agree to dummy down the English language to accommodate those who don’t want to learn how to speak, write and learn by the system of the USA and standard English standards.. Note, I am not saying that the system shouldn’t be modified or changed to benefit the changing composition of the population but enough of the “white supremacist BS. He is wrong and pandering to minorities.

  4. This is the MOST ridiculous “professor”I’ve heard of yet. First math, as in Seattle, now this. Pretty soon the kids these people teach won’t be able to balance a checkbook or write a note that anyone can understand. Of course you can give a student some credit for trying if you really know they have, but finished product matters. Shall we buy a car that won’t run because the company tried hard to make it, or fly in a plane because a mechanic just “tried hard” to fix it ?

  5. This man is no real professor. Quite frankly, he sounds like a a moron went who doesn’t want to learn good English. Liberals are sounding more and more like lazy idiots. No matter what society you are in, you are suppose to have some standards, values, morals, respect for others and yourself, and loyalty to your Country. If you don’t, then that society collapses. Any intelligent person would know that. That is why the liberals have become complete frauds.

  6. What a racist sob!!! The language he uses to express his opinions is exactly what he claims to to be racist. If you’re going to preach this, then don’t live it!

  7. The author is a junior at Ball State and he is white. That being said, how many white people can deep throat a broom handle to belittle themselves to avoid being labeled a racist? As close as i can get is a toothpick but this extreme idiocy disease has spread so deep into our education system we won’t be able to recover. In closing, that sickness has accomplished nothing but reverse results and since Obama we have been set back to the 60’s in some towns.

  8. What planet is he from? All people in the United States have been taught the same courses or demands on the English language. Whether you be black, red, yellow, or white you are taught the same instructions on learning the language. As for being graded on the amount of work instead of the amount of quality is a bunch of crap. You can work your tail off learning to do something the wrong way does not make it correct. It is still wrong. What if you are wrong in piecing the parts of an airplane wrong will it still fly? No! The plane will crash a d burn if it flies at all. We have to learn the proper words and instructions of placing them in a sentence in order for them to make sense. So, if you cannot grasp the same instructions as everybody else then you could be considered slow, no matter what your skin color.

  9. There are numerous examples of arrogance. In my opinion this professors’ particular example, illustrates the degree of ‘stupidity” that screams from the mouths of the pseudo-academically elite.

    Remember, these are the same critical thinking, pompous ingrates, who believe that “leveling the playing field” merely requires ” ALL ” achieve equality by stagnation for some and minimal effort by others. Imagine that this professor will be establishing a pass/fail indicator of the difference in an Associates Degree and a Doctorate.

    If you can’t think, you can always blame someone else.

  10. You really can’t make this stuff up .. so now if someone speaks intelligently and eloquently they are of white supremacy…. and according to this “educated” professor all other races can’t keep up.. so the answer is to dumb down…. really???…This is what education in America is moving towards … sickening
    MAGA2020. It’s now or never

  11. E bonnics is not a language, most people cant understand it. English is the language of the land and world business community.

  12. Laugh my ass off ARE YOU KIDDING REALLY what a load of BS
    well lets do away with grading so we nave have a nation of idiots who cant talk do math know history and any ting else that may matter
    we are heading that way right now so how about just speeding it up
    People from Europe when they immigrated to America the first thing they did was speak American English
    but now we have to learn their language or we are racist we have to accept their customs and beliefs
    Our Constitution says One Nation Under God wow how racist can you get One God but soon even that will be challenged by all the Muslims demanding to be allowed in our country
    is it not time to return to old core values and make our country strong and united once more
    If we dont there will be a bloody revolution and no one wins

  13. What chew talkin bout willis? dis cracker ain’t sayin nuffin butt da truf, we dun been sayin dis be tru bout 20 yaars now!

  14. Is it racist to note that 90% of NBA players are black, while 90% of the patents filed in the USA are by white men?

    We all ought to appreciate each other for our gifts and talents and what we bring to the table – whether the work of our hands, minds or our physical prowess. According to DNA studies, we all came from an original set of parents. As we migrated and faced different challenges and environments, our ancestors’ DNA adapted to meet those challenges. Black, Brown or White we all adapted and came out with different core capabilities, but still totally human. In between, the Browns built great civilizations with their pyramids, temples, monuments, tombs and cities.

    For the love of God and fellow man, enjoy them, share them, use them for the good of all humanity.

  15. This is where your tax dollars go. No wonder the students have been dumbed down & enter the world with financial burdens. IF U live in China/Morraco/Turkey/Japan/Congo & speak those languages correctly is it “WHITE SUPREMACY”?

  16. This non-sense created today’s Democrat Party. Exhibit one Fancy Nancy has trouble stating a coherent sentence. From the way, he talks Charles Payne must be Lilly white. The man that wrote this article is an idiot of the highest order. I rest my case.

  17. Dr. Inoue’s lecture is proof of a number of things: First, it shows how much academia has cheapened the value of a doctorate degree. Next it shows that the professor obviously had a speech problem in his youth as he appears TOO SENSITIVE to spoken language. Thirdly, he has confused diction and/or accent as a direct indication of an individual’s with and value in the market place. For a fourth indictment he is grossly insulting any and everyone who has come here and learned American English (spoken and accented in various ways in the various regions of the nation ( Boston versus East Texas )). The ability to communicate information clearly and intelligently is the mark of an educated woman or man, so it appears the good doctor wants us to devolve to monkeys! I think the doctors is advocating academic and informational chaos. I notice he is of Japanese heritage, I suggest that he would not do very well in Japan with such inane theories. Of course he has a right to his opinion and has the right to promote it under the Constitution. I wish him good luck!!!

  18. Excellence is touted as a requirement in all sports. Excellence is the tool where those teams with physical and mental abilities win.
    Words are the tools that reflect effective and meaningful communication between people.
    As a school teacher of 40 years I have seen a degradation of attitudes and relationships. One example is the filthy language I see in some comments. It shows me nothing but ignorance. Self centeredness is another one. “Me and her don’t get along,” not only shows lousy grammar but an unhealthy and subliminal priority on self.
    The professor is full of “IT”! If you look around, even the modern teachers are derelict.

  19. The kids are not gonna have a chance in life with somebody like this teaching them. This guy is a disgrace to the teaching profession. All kids need to learn the correct way. What they do afterwards would be on them but at least they would’ve known what was right and wrong. What this fool is saying is that the kids are not intelligent enough to learn the correct way.What does race have to do with this?. We are not a Third World country yet and hopefully we won’t be

    1. So with the illegals flooding our country I guess it doesn’t matter if they speak English or not right. That’s at least what I’m getting out of this. This is pathetic. We are supposed to be a civilized nation. But I’m guessing they don’t want us to be.

  20. How frightening to go to someone who became a doctor because he tried hard but was unable to grasp the material. When I die because of misdiagnosis or inability to treat my symptoms I guess my last words should be “Well he tried very hard”.

  21. How you use grammar and how you pronounce words correctly shows instantly your level of intelligence. It says nothing about supremacy or slavery, etc. You want to speak to and listen to others who you can communicate with on a level you are used too. I earned my living proof reading. It meant that if you took an ad out for your business and there were misspelled words or transposed numbers you would lose money. No one wants to deal with an incompetent business or people. Stop trying to dumb down others. It seems you want to be the superior one if this is how you see proper usage of the language. Uplift yourself and others by proper communication.

  22. Asso Inyou…if that is how you pronounce you name in proper English, YOU are the racist and the supremacist if that is the way you think. People like you need to be locked up and away from reasonable people.

  23. It saddens me so to realize there are people, such as this professor, who are intent on dumbing-down our standards, and with that attitude – doing our youth such a disservice. This professor…though I would question his true credentials… is apparently blind to the damage and dangers his idea of “success” can wreak. Most students will undoubtedly embrace the idea of grades and tests being obsolete. However, they are unaware – Employers (bosses) – are looking for quality, success, and knowledge. Simply saying – “I tried” – wont cut it in real life. No cursive writing – how will they read the constitution?? If they don’t like someone else’s opinion…they have the right (Obligation??) to shut them up. If they are upset by others’ positions..schools provide a “run to crying room”.
    What legacy are we passing down???????????? A belief that each of us must strive to do our very best, to accomplish all that we can, and that improvement is a goal?? According to the AUTHORS PHILOSOPHY –
    NOPE!!! Sad……very very sad!

  24. Is this professor(?) saying that minorities are to stupid to make it in college unless the college standards are lowered? And that minorities should just be given degrees without ang work on their part????

  25. This professor’s stilted academic phraseology is a butchering of the fluent English tongue. But here’s the essence, professor. The purpose of language is to communicate and communication is facilitated by standards adhered to and understood by all who speak the language. I’ll wager in India the best speakers of English adhere to standard English because they want to communicate with other speakers of the language world wide.

    As to effort versus results, the best objective way to measure effort is through results. But even so, in big people’s world achievement is measured by results. You can try all you want, but that doesn’t mean you’ll make the professional grade.

    1. Exactly. I have to wonder which village this idiot is from. All he’s pushing is ignorance at all levels. Effort that only gains you a participation award doesn’t prepare for life on your own. That’s done only by pushing to improve your skills so you can compete in YOUR life to move ahead. Communication is an absolute necessity along with math that’s also been called racist by another loon.

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