FBI Entrapped Flynn With Manipulated Evidence As Clapper Allegedly Issued ‘Kill Shot’ Order: Court Docs

A bombshell court filing from Michael Flynn’s new legal team alleges that FBI agents altered a ‘302’ form – the official record of the former national security adviser’s interview – that resulted in the DOJ charging him with lying to investigators.

Early last week Flynn attorney Sidney Powell filed a sealed reply to federal prosecutors’ claims that they have satisfied their requirements for turning over evidence in the case. A minimally redacted copy of the reply brief was made public late last week, revealing the plot to destroy Flynn, as reported by The Federalist‘s Margot Cleveland.

According to the 37-page motion, a team of “high-ranking FBI officials orchestrated an ambush-interview of the new president’s National Security Advisor, not for the purpose of discovering any evidence of criminal activity—they already had tapes of all the relevant conversations about which they questioned Mr. Flynn—but for the purpose of trapping him into making statements they could allege as false.”

At the heart of the matter is the 302 form ‘documenting’ an FBI interview in which Flynn was asked about his conversations with former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Powell alleges that FBI lawyer Lisa Page edited her lover Peter Strzok’s account of the interview – texting him, “I made your edits.”

The edits explained via The Federalist:

“On February 10, 2017, the news broke—attributed to ‘senior intelligence officials’—that Mr. Flynn had discussed sanctions with Ambassador Kislyak, contrary to what Vice President Pence had said on television previously.” Following this leak, “overnight,” Flynn’s 302 was changed—and substantively so. “Those changes added an unequivocal statement that ‘FLYNN stated he did not’—in response to whether Mr. Flynn had asked Kislyak to vote in a certain manner or slow down the UN vote.”

This is a deceptive manipulation” Powell highlighted, “because, as the notes of the agents show, Mr. Flynn was not even sure he had spoken to Russia/Kislyak on this issue. He had talked to dozens of countries.” The overnight changes to the 302 also included the addition of a line, indicating Flynn had been question on whether “KISLYAK described any Russian response to a request by FLYNN.”

But the agent’s notes do not include that question or answer, Powell stressed, yet it was later made into the criminal offense charges against Flynn. And “the draft also shows that the agents moved a sentence to make it seem to be an answer to a question it was not,” Powell added.

Here’s Powell describing how they know the 302 form was altered:

Notably, Lisa Page lied to the DOJ, saying that she didn’t recall whether she took part in editing Flynn’s 302 form.

Laying the groundwork

Leading up to the interview with Flynn, the text messages reveal that the FBI wanted to capitalize on news of the ‘salacious and unverified’ Steele dossier – and whether they “can use it as a pretext to go interview some people,” Strzok texted Page.

Then, quoting from a sealed statement by Strzok, Powell reveals that over next two weeks, there were “many meetings” between Strzok and [FBI Deputy Director Andrew] McCabe to discuss “whether to interview [] National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and if so, what interview strategies to use.” And “on January 23, the day before the interview, the upper echelon of the FBI met to orchestrate it all. Deputy Director McCabe, General Counsel James Baker, Lisa Page, Strzok, David Bowdich, Trish Anderson, and Jen Boone strategized to talk with Mr. Flynn in such a way as to keep from alerting him from understanding that he was being interviewed in a criminal investigation of which he was the target.”

Next came “Comey’s direction to ‘screw it’ in contravention of longstanding DOJ protocols,” leading McCabe to personally call Flynn to schedule the interview. Yet none of Comey’s notes on the decision to interview Flynn were turned over to defense. Even Obama-holdover “Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates candidly opined that the interview ‘was problematic’ and ‘it was not always clear what the FBI was doing to investigate Flynn,” Powell stressed. Yet again, the prosecution did not turn over Yates’ notes, but only “disclosed a seven-line summary of Ms. Yates statement six months after Mr. Flynn’s plea.” -The Federalist

‘Kill Shot’

Another startling claim in Powell’s filing references a purported conversation between former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Washington Post reporter David Ignatius, which claims Clapper told the reporter “words to the effect of ‘take the kill shot on Flynn,’ after Ignatius reportedly obtained the transcript of Flynn’s phone calls.

Clapper’s spokesman told Fox News that he “absolutely did not say those words to David Ignatius,” adding “It’s absolutely false” and “absurd.

 Powell claims that Ignatius was given the Flynn-Kislyak call transcripts by a Pentagon official who was also Stefan Halper’s “handler.” Halper – who was paid over $1 million by the Obama administration – was one of many spies the FBI sent to infiltrate the Trump campaign.

Halper, in 2016, contacted several members of the Trump campaign including former foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos and former aides Carter Page and Sam Clovis.

“The evidence the defense requests will eviscerate any factual basis for the plea and reveal the conduct so outrageous—if there is not enough already—to mandate dismissal of this prosecution for egregious government misconduct,” Powell wrote. –Fox News

Lastly, Powell’s filing also notes that US District Judge Rudolph Contreras, who recused himself after accepting Flynn’s guilty plea, had a personal relationship with Peter Strzok, according to text messages.

“The government knew that well in advance of Mr. Flynn’s plea that Judge Contreras was a friend of Peter Strzok and his recusal was even discussed in an exchange of multiple texts,” writes Powell, referencing Strzok-Page texts discussing Strzok and Contreras speaking “in detail” about anything “meaningful enough to warrant recusal.”

“The government knew that well in advance of Mr. Flynn’s plea that Judge Contreras was a friend of Peter Strzok and his recusal was even discussed in an exchange of multiple texts.”

Meanwhile, Clapper – who is now under criminal investigation – is getting nervous…

Perhaps Obama should be too?

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    1. With every layer of the onion we get closer to the truth, at the core is Obama. These rats all made their choices, ignored their sworn oath and committed treason against the United States. A public hanging would be a very good cleansing act to begin the healing. But as the rats squeal the handlers will run.
      The FBI, DOJ, State Department and IRS have all been infiltrated by socialist-elitists who want to rule, the cleansing of our nation is required. No one who believes in this Nation and our Constitution should ever need to watch their own back where the government is concerned, yet this is where we find ourselves. Remember: Our liberties and freedom must be defended and protected, always. Free people are citizens, all others are subjects. It’s always been a simple truth. Love your Country Fear your Government? No, they work for and are answerable to us. This is what they are fighting against.

  1. Let’s keep it simple. We are always told you have to proof or have evidence to matters. And that sounds reasonable. But when you start reading about investigations, transcripts that are being redacted and closed door investigation/interrogations, does it not make one wonder just what is exactly taking place? There was a time that no one could tell me that those in our government could or would be so corrupt, but today, that is not the case. It appears to me that the people in the government positions, whether it is the FBI, DOJ or Congress are just as corrupt as those, who were in the Senate of the Roman Empire. America, you have allowed socialists, communist and corrupt people in office simply because of Party loyalty, whether than placing people in office who believe and support the Constitution of the United States, the Judeo-Christian faith and the culture in which this countries foundation was built on.


  3. These reports are “…full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”–William Shakespeare

    Where are the damn indictments?

  4. The obamanation administration officials committed Seditious and Treasonous acts that they have not been held accountable for. All of these people need to be held accountable for their actions. This goes all the way to the top. obama and hillary were involved in all of it. They need to be held accountable for their crimes.

  5. Lock them all up and throw away the key, the Clintons, Obama, Clapper, Brennon, Rosenstein, Mueller and his possy, Page, Strock, Wray, McAbe, Comey, etc and throw the Democrats out of office that are leading this SHAM impeachment. We have a chance to clean the country up in 2020 of all that took place and that includes getting rid of “all” the SOCIALIST DIMWITTS!

    1. Far out in the chain of the Aleutian Islands is Adak. A large military base there is mostly abandoned. It already has barracks and modern housing constructed. Even once had its own McDonalds. Its near a 1000 miles away from any population center. Can only be accessed by ship or plane. Even then its a pretty rough passage by ship. Surrounded by waters infested with sharks and orca. Weather is flat out miserable and cold near 365 days per year.

      What a great location for a federal penal colony.

      1. You are so right on that one! I’ve been to Adak several many times, (my father served there 5 years during WWII, prior to closing the base, or at least a tiny crew out there. The wind blows constantly. Summers are rather nice, winters biter. Yes a great place to send these treasonous people if they are not executed as per our law requires when found guilty.

  6. Mutt Romney and the Deep State traitors are everywhere! The evil corrupted to the core liberal demonrat Commie Nazi’s party, minions, useful idiots and worst of all, the RINOs(Mutt Romney, Bolton, McConnell, Lee, Moran, Murkowski, Portman, Toomey, Wicker, Blunt, Graham, Collins, Gowdy, Rubio and you know the rest of the traitors ) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested swamp, President Trump! Prevent the coup from happening and prosecute to the full extent of the law all these treasonous rats of the deep state! Protect the President and the country patriots like your life depended on it!!

  7. Obama is going to find out just how sleazy the people he surrounded himself with on how fast they roll over on him………..LOL!!! Break out the popcorn………….the show is about to start.

  8. Why are we relying on “302’s”? Why aren’t those interviews recorded so we know exactly what was said in the interviews?

  9. OBAMA keeps saying when he was in office there was no CORRUPTION. Now we find out it was the MOST CORRUPT GOVERNMENT IN HISTORY. I Knew Obama hated Americans and our Country by all the terrible things he did. However, this is just way OUT OF CONTROL!!! The fact that the FAKE NEWS NEVER REPORTED ON ANYTHING OBAMA WAS DOING OR DID, HELPED HIM GET AWAY WITH SO MUCH. THIS CORRUPTION ALL STARTED WITH OBAMA AND HILLARY. I am pretty sure Rodenstein and Mueller were involved in it from the beginning too. Not to mention all the FBI and CIA agents we know were involved. We need to clean the SWAMP AND GET RID OF THE DEMOCRAT/SOCIALISTS PARTY RATS. GET RID OF REPUBLICAN SENATORS AND GOVERNORS WHO DO NOT SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THE PEOPLE, THE TRAITORS!!!

  10. I feel sorry for Flynn and his family as to what they been through regarding what’s happened to there life’s on this setup deal to get the President.It’s a shame that professional people sworn to uphold the Constitutions would lower them self to this leave, i hope these people go through the same anguish that the Flynn been through.

  11. Flynn should be totally exonerated and reimbursed for the money he spent defending himself. The dirty dozen (or more) were using corrupt tactics to frame him of something he did not do. What a shame that members of the FBI, CIA, (others in the Deep State) were in cahoots to destroy this man who served the country honorably and with integrity, something those people don’t seem to have.

  12. Keep praying hard America. The “Fertilizer is about to hit the Air-Conditioner”. Let’s see if the “Honest side of our Government” ? has the cajunes to actually follow through with all of these alien invaders on the “Left” who have sworn to overtake our beautiful country, sabatoge our duly elected President and make every imaginary attempt to brainwash our children from grade school to college into believing that socialism and communism is the best thing for this country. What a frightening thought. Many of our youth are buying it because they don’t teach history in school anymore which makes us very vulnerable to repeat the horrors of the past. Wake up America, both right and left before we turn this country into another Venesuala. Everything Trump has done has had tremendous improvement in all areas of growth and progress but the brainwashed left is either fighting to acknowledge it or are simply mis-informed by the mainstream media who is most likely being paid off by Soros. God Bless Donald J. Trump and his entire family. Please pray for his safety and for his re-election in 2020.

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