Bolton Sticks it to Schiff and Pelosi, Won’t Testify in House Impeachment Inquiries

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton is refusing to cooperate with Adam Schiff’s impeachment farce, and will not testify in front of the House Intelligence Committee, The Hill is reporting.

Here’s more via Reuters:

“Democratic lawmakers have summoned several little-known U.S. officials to testify this week in their impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump but have their eye on a more prominent player – former national security adviser John Bolton.

The House of Representatives Democrats running the inquiry want to hear first-hand from the mustachioed foreign-policy hawk who, according to the testimony of other officials, was alarmed by a White House effort to pressure the president of Ukraine to investigate Trump’s political rivals.

“Obviously he has very relevant information and we want him to testify,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, one of the Democrats leading the effort, told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, referring to Bolton.

That may not be easy. White House officials have tried, with some success, to block current and former government officials from testifying in the inquiry. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, are among those who have defied House subpoenas for documents, although other witnesses have appeared before the committee despite orders from the administration to steer clear.

The White House says the probe is illegitimate because the House did not hold a formal vote in order to start it. A federal court said on Friday that no vote was needed.

Congressional sources told Reuters last week that they may call Bolton to testify in public hearings that are expected to start in the coming weeks. On Sunday, Schiff said he anticipated the White House would try to bar the former aide from appearing, but did not say whether he would he planned to call Bolton to testify in public or behind closed doors.

Amid the legal roadblocks thrown up by the White House, Monday’s scheduled witness, former deputy national security adviser Charles Kupperman, could fail to show up. Kupperman’s lawyer says lawmakers should wait for a court to rule whether he should comply with a congressional subpoena or honor the Trump administration’s order not to testify.”

Reuters contributed to this report.

via thefederalistpapers


  1. Make it public so that AM. citizens can make up their own mind…instead of being held in private by Schiff and Pelosi who have done absolutely noting but lie and spin their own tales on every thing “President Trump” for almost 3 years now. They do it in private so they can lie and leak – they do not even want to fool with the so called whistle blower now because they know there is nothing there–just like the millions of taxpayers dollars wasted on the “Russian Collusion” with nothing there. They know they can’t beat President Trump at the polls so they will try and take him down anyway because he is to close from revealing their own corruption and this is what it’s all about: Career Politicians corruption and lies to the AM. public

    1. What do u really expect from shifty Adam Shiff who got 4 Pinocchios from a national newspaper for lying to Congress and also the American people 3 different times just for that he should have been kicked off the committees that he was running

  2. Wouldn’t it be wondeful if Schiff-for-brains and Pollutski had to pay back the wasted millions out of their own money ?

    1. 100% yes and the no burger muellah with his 19 crony lawyers, should pay back every penny wasted on the witch hunt. if not, garnish their bank account and sell their assets

  3. Enough tell the cry babies 😭 Democrats the American people are sick and tired of lies and deceit bring the hearing out in the public eye 👁 and not Behind closed doors were they can make up more untruthful accusations. If Barr dose not get them the American people will.

  4. If the corruptocrat’s had anything on president Trump they would have come out of their secret meetings dancing a jig and impeached the president pronto, they have nothing but lies and corruption and would go so far as to use a fall guy ,just to press their sick agenda on the United states of America.

  5. U.S. President Donald Trump was roundly booed by the crowd at Game 5 of the World Series at National Park on Oct. 27, 2019. Reports about that show of disdain at the game between the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals prompted some to ask whether the event really happened.

    Video of the crowd booing was posted by a number of witnesses, journalists and news organizations to social media. The crowd for the Sunday night game went from cheering the troops, to booing Trump, back to cheering the troops, when the presence of each was announced on the jumbotron:

    1. James f barry That just goes to show how low classed the people of Washington DC are,they have no respect for anything not Commycrat,they haven’t figured out that respect is only given when they show some respect for others,

  6. What are we going to do now,must every phony call Trump makes be scrutinized to see if it is politically correct and suits the democrats,if so, remember what ever treatment Trump gets is the same treatment the democrats will get later on,if they should ever get back in power,which they probably will,if they can hook and crook their way back in power,it sure won’t be because of their better idea’s.

  7. Okay but WHY did the DNC do it since 2013 and in 2015 to get trump ??????
    Still – I’m going to wait until Barr and Durham have finished and then Folks —- Civil war….The whole of DC and it’s swamp rats must be dealt with and it’ll be up to WE THE PEOPLE as usual…
    Every Politician..
    Every Judge
    Every lawyer.
    Every POS will and must have Justice served upon them…..
    People MUST become “Citizens Arrest” or “BOUNTY HUNTER’ Knowledgeable…..
    The law permits this but they will claim people are nothing but vigilantes as usual….The system will not go after the scum….

  8. “What do you mean, Dorothy ? I’m the all powerful, all knowing, wonderful Wizard of Oz ! Take your friends and go,now. Oh no, your dog is….. Dorothy don’t come behind the curtain…..the Great Oz has spoken !”…..Dorothy went behind the curtain, “You’re not the Great Oz, you are Little Adam Schiff……..ugh. Is this a parody?

  9. dumb adam thos people coming to tstafy if even have evedens never will stand in cort u have transcrimt trum thats all court gonna look witness testamony not a avidence opinion never will stand in court dumb s why u westing our time telling lies and lies after with ur made up story do not forget americans not dumb like u only lefty media like u

  10. The people of Washington are a self image of their sports teams. Which by the way are and have been losers for many years. The baseball team came back home all prima Donna’s. Now they are losers like they always were. The Redskins are more worried about keeping their name than winning games. Hence their name is losers. If they have a basketball or hockey team,they must be losers. Never heard of either one. Now the people of Washington as stated are mirrors of their teams. Losers, liars, thieves, and cryers. Pantie wearing stick pricks one and all.

  11. Schitt is a dumb ass pussy with shit for brains. This motherfucker is the one that should be impeached. Cocksucker eats shit.

  12. If he had ‘shit for brains’ it would be more brains that he actually has ! I call pie eyes which was a term for “drunk” years a go. He certainly acts. Nothing he or Pelosi do can be construed az so er intelligence. Can we get all this “Hillary should have won” off the table and focus on the peoples business? I have suggested to Trump that he give me 10 minutes of January’s state of the Union address so I can deliver what I would call a Management Review of the congress, their immature BS and lack of intelligence. I would not show them the respect they think they deserve, which they have to earn.

  13. I love the above comments!
    Adam Shit & Piglosi are both idiots. Then we add the butt Nadler & we have a bunch of dumbocrats that we need t0 be rid of! Now we have poor Hellery who still can’t believe she got her rear kicked in the last election.
    God sparred us from the crappy old bag & he will deliver us again next election.
    Go Trump!

  14. For one whoever reports this garbage, it’s not DemocraTIC law makers when referring to the “DemocraT” baby butchering party. WTF ? Democratic is supposedly our whole process and after Trump was elected fairly by the process, not none of this grass roots effort BS the libs keep bullzhiting us about. What they were and are showing us how to do is overthrow our Republic by destroying our Democratic process. People think the Dems plan isn’t working but most Americans read the headlines and assume the rest of the story by what someone else interprets. “Trump and new Ukraine scandal”! This is true until you figure out President Trump made public a scandal but was not involved in a crime. The criminal old senile shoulder rubbing pervert Joe and his son from the last retard regime committed the crimes and used quid pro quo to strong arm. Then, the Non Observant Jew media was quick to jump and send out incomplete bullet comments so ignorant people would assume. If not Trump or his staff who is responsible to bring to light these crimes abroad, then who? The New York Times? Dumbo’s administration? Remember, they hung our men out to dry in Benghazi. The same muslim regime that paid Iran billions. But to this article, President Trump is impeached in the house because they don’t need a crime, they’re just worried about keeping the gravy train insider trading jobs and are worried about votes. Some lib trash like Schiff and Maxine and Nancy don’t have to worry which is why they run they’re nasty mouths so much. They live in Satans den, they don’t need upstanding citizens when they have the bought and paid for vote.

  15. Arthur, For SURE..You can`t Spell worth A s..t ! But That does not Erase The Fact you Know what you are Saying.,..And KNOW What IS THE TRUTH ! But then, SO does most all of the Citizens of this Country. Justice May be Slow..but it IS Coming. WE Have an I.G. NOW, who will leave No stone unturned…No matter What is Turned up ! And A President who will stop at Nothing…to Get the TRUTH OUT here. ( The Truth WE already KNOW…But.. NOW..We have Someone willing to Speak it FOR US..AND GET Things DONE. ) Please..just print this,,You know It is Exactly RIGHT.

  16. Points on which John Bolton and Donald Trump might disagree: What is in the best interest of the USA.

    Points on which the Democrats disagree: What is in the best interest of a global socialist agenda.

  17. Arthur…YOU< along with many Millions OF American Citizens..Have Already Come to the Conclusion..That ''There Is, nor Ever was.. A whistleBlower ! That IS A Figment OF Little Shifty`s OVER_Taxed Grey-matter…Thought UP..TO Keep this FARCE going until.. Late NEXT YEAR ! When will Shifty ever Come to the conclusion That The Whole World KNOWS him for Exactly What he is ( A Lying Piece OF Dung . That bunch of TRUMP Haters Have bitten off way more than they can even CHEW…much less, swallow ! SOON<<>Enough ?

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