Here we go: Women LOSE when biological men are allowed to compete as women… and that’s the way the radical Left wants it

(Natural News) The mass “empowerment” of so-called transgenders in this Babylonian society known as America in the year 2019 is negatively impacting women the most, believe it or not. And some of them are finally taking a stand by speaking out about it.

As biological male after biological male decides to join up with women’s sports teams as a “female” in order to steal victories from actual female athletes, many of these biological women are starting to get a little bit irritated by what’s happening to them in the name of “tolerance” – and who could blame them?

Enough is enough seems to be a growing sentiment in women’s sports these days as biological female athletes come to the realization that what many of they themselves pushed for under the guise of “equality” is actually coming back around to bite them in a major way.

By vocally supporting and advocating for LGBTQ “rights” all these years, leftist females, many of them athletes, have inadvertently spawned a whole new breed of gender-confused humans who see a new opportunity to advance in the world using a space where they otherwise never would have had “equal” access: on the oppose sex’s athletic fields.

Biological males who have trouble competing with other biological males can simply self-identify as “women,” allowing them unquestioned access to not just female sports fields, courts, and tracks, but also female bathrooms and locker rooms. In other words, all perverts everywhere now have an easy scapegoat on which to justify their deviant behavior.

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Biological males pretending to be “women” are actually complaining about how “unfair” it would be if they weren’t allowed to steal athletic victories from biological females

There have been many examples of this that we’ve reported on over the past several years, including the case of transgender bodybuilder “Mary” Gregory, who won all nine events at the Raw Powerlifting Federation Event for women. “Mary” also set new “world records” for the Masters Squat, Open Bench, Masters Deal Lift, and Masters Total.

Mind you, “Mary” was born with male genitalia, meaning “she” has much more testosterone inside her body than her actual female counterparts, regardless of how “she” chooses to “self-identify.” The same is true of transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon, who “won” the recent Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Manchester, England.

“McKinnon set a women’s world record on Saturday for the 35-39 sprint, won a 200m gold medal and then complained about how unfair it would be if he was excluded from competing against biological females,” writes Cristina Laila for The Gateway Pundit, noting the deranged mindset of transgender “females” who believe they’re entitled to “compete” on women’s sports teams.

According to McKinnon, and presumably many other transgenders just like “her,” transgenders have a “right” to compete on women’s sports teams. Further, “she” complained to reporters recently that “she” feels uncomfortable every time “she” has to compete because of all the attention “she” gets.

“I’ve thought about giving up about half a dozen times a year at least,” this fragile, gender-confused individual told Sky News in Canada. “It’s so stressful to even show up for me, given the sort of attention I get.”

Poor, poor “Mary.” Meanwhile, high school girls like Selina Soule are having to file lawsuits to try to make things right for themselves, as she and her teammates lose important victories needed to get into college, all because of whiny transgender “females” with male hormone profiles who are thieving them in the name of “equality.” Imagine how stressful that is.

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  1. This is so unfair to these young women. These young women work hard to achieve their goals in life and if these freaks want to participate in sports they can have their own games. Just like Special Olympics!

    1. I agree with you 100% these freaks of nature should have their own division, transgenders only division
      and leave the girls/ladies who work so hard to get to the top of their craft to have these freaks take
      away everything including their shot at a scholarships.

  2. the creeps on the left care not for fairness, they just want special privilege. most of this insanity can be traced back to the Democrat Party. If they have their way, America is finished, and Russia and China will complete world domination. When that happens, they most likely will execute the left wing bastards

  3. Maybe all this is just this generation being so spoiled that they feel the need to destroy everything for others to make themselves feel like they have accomplished something.
    As long as these things are allowed to continue this country will continue to spiral down, until it finally erupts into all out civil war. IT WILL HAPPEN SOON

  4. This is what your Hollywood elitest begged for the transgender lgtbq-lmnop all to be the same the media wanted it, the Democrats wanted it all to be inclusive and get the vote. Now it’s turned around and bit you all in the a$$.
    Transgenders either male to female or female to male should compete in what there original gender was. There are young girls that work so hard to be the best at things and if your going to let men come in and take that award or scholarship away from them, well that’s just BS. You in government and the news and the leftest and Hollywood need to stay out of these things YOU ARE NOT HELPING.

  5. This is what you get when our liberal politicians try to buy every vote either with money or civil laws. Sometimes, people don’t know what’s good for them. Just because the populace says they want something, doesn’t make it that they need it. Our wants are killing our country. It’s amazing our old out dated Constitution will support a bunch of mentally damaged freaks who want to change their penis to a vagina so they can play sports against the opposite sex but it sure as hell won’t support much else if you let the baby butchering party interpret. Come on, it supports a man sticking his penis in another mans ass, but it doesn’t support a cross on display. Our Constitution supports the unnatural act of two women getting married that can’t procreate but they say is from birth and natural. Yet, neither can get pregnant that way and they feel the desire to want kids. You can’t sit back and dream this crap up and screw our brains up as bad as the liberals have done. We’re a sick society thanks to you Democrat trash. To prove liberals do not have people’s best interest at heart they are considering reparations for slavery. Those of you who were slaves step forward. So is it reparations for slavery or buying votes to make sure you don’t lose that 2% negro vote to the conservative party ever again? Insanity can not explain our country. First the lawyers and now our politicians and clergy. We are so screwed up since the hippies came in to power, you can’t explain it otherwise. The 60’s and 70’s, so many cowards, so many drugs, so many drug induced sex acts. Now, they want to JUSTIFY by screwing up the whole dam world. I just happen to take the little poll above with Trump and Biden on it. It showed 5,461 plan to vote for a liberal. Are you a bunch of sick bastards or what? They can’t help clear your conscience. What are you all lazy bastards on welfare and won’t work? Are you all fags or trannys? I know, you got drunk three months ago and knocked up some stranger or you got knocked up and your ready to butcher that baby and the Satanic Liberals support you doing it for your vote. Are you that dam stupid and fall for all of the social issue shell games whole they run free in Congress and the Senate to do what they want to make a buck? How is it we have politicians enter office as middle class and exit as upper class about every time? Our system isn’t broke, it’s like we’re a computer virus and we’ve infected everything in our system. We just need to wipe our hard drive and start over.

  6. Maybe Hillary Clinton should take a look at transgendering to male so she can win in 2020 if she gets on the ballot. She failed as a woman, so in the left’s crazy, twisted logic, she might just have a chance if she runs as a man. Same goes for Warren. This whole thing has become a circus sideshow. Makes me wonder if half this country hasn’t been taken over by evil aliens bent on destroying our civilization so they can have earth all to themselves. Maybe we should look into this.

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