Fake Hispanic and Gun Grabber ‘Beto’ O’Rourke Drops Out of the 2020 Race

Fake Hispanic and wanna-be gun grabber Robert Francis O’Rourke has officially dropped out of the 2020 race:

So that it for “Beto.” End of the road. It’s all over. Never going to confiscate a single AR-15 rifle.

We’ll miss his fine contribution to the campaign trail showing us Democrats true colors when it comes to guns.

Bye, bye Beto. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

via thefederalistpapers


  1. Thank goodness the “Dildo from El Paso” has bailed out. Good riddance. We will miss his farcical humor, that sadly he took seriously—-obviously another D-RAT with mental retardation!

  2. ” Our campaign has always been about seeing clearly, speaking honestly, and acting decisive”

    Beto YOU have been at or below 1% ALL ALONG!! At what point did it sink into your thick skull that you might as well quit? Especially if the Hildebeast or Tranny enter the race – then you would be the only candidate with a negative percentage of supporters.

  3. Hopefully this ends this turds entire political career. This country needs people interested in uniting this country. The last thing we need are elitists from either side. No more those that only care about themselves and forcing all to submit to their plan. We people that care about the public, and currently we have none. Trump is the closest thing to it, but there are far to many professional politicians in Government all across this country. TERM LIMITS should he in place at every level, having the same people over and over puts us into the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Last fiscal yr we grew the debt over a Trillion with interest payments of 540 Billion that is over 1500 dollars for every woman, man, and child in this country just for the interest on the debt. WE NEED TO END OUR DEBT A.S.A.P.
    If we do not get rid of our debt, the government while very soon be unable to borrow and our government can by law and will seize every dollar all of us have in savings, retirement, and stock. When that happens it will become martial law and thus a dictatorship. WAKE UP BEFORE ITS TO LATE we are doomed if we do not stop the debt crisis which is more eminent than global warming

  4. So we’re rid of the fake Hispanic and the fake Italian, De Blasio. Now to get rid of the fake Indian, fake Black woman, fake Christian, fake Gladiator….. there’s another one or two fakes.

  5. we were NEVER worried if he ran”””he couldn’t win dogcatcher if he tried”’just hope that the good people of his district wake up and VOTE in 2020 to get rid of these asswipes and take back the congress”” GOD BLESS AMERICA’ and our PRESIDENT””’

  6. He’s not the Secret Services responsibility now! If you want to look at a typical full of shit baby butchering party member, this scum is prime example. What he wouldn’t say or do for a vote. That’s the problem with the libs, more than willing to give away taxpayer money if you’ll vote for them. Just saw a report from a not fake news source that said blacks are at an all time low on unemployment. There goes those votes for Trump. When is the USA and liberals going to understand that the US government is not your baby’s daddy? Anyway, that little fake Kennedy acting trash is out.

  7. Indeed ! ! ! People and the media should stop calling him Trump and start calling him either President Trump or Mr. President ! ! !

  8. I am glad Dumbo O’Rourke is out the race. I hope he never shows up again. If he does, He will be opposed big time like Wicked Hillary was. His stupidity and mockery will never make it in any political venue. There was a video of a woman tearing him up at one his rallies. Even the local people can put this Kennedy Elitist Wannabe out of the race.

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